Martin Martinez
Multi-Programming Solutions team has been there for me every step of the way for this huge project! Martin Martinez
Luke Mitchell/Managing Consultant/Reach Students
Multi-Programming Solutions delivered on time, within budget and precisely to the brief – everything a client could wish for. Luke Mitchell, Managing Consultant, Reach Students
Dane Westo
I have been working with multiprogr for about 4 months now. The programming and designing has been second to none. I have used several developers and designers over a 3 year period. multiprogr is the Dane Westo
Matthew Campbell
Fantastic job, with intuitive understanding of functionality and proactive recommendations. Matthew Campbell
Benjamin Melki, Kaeria CEO
Excellent job again. Benjamin Melki, Kaeria CEO
Ken Kimble
This team is awesome! Ken Kimble

About Us

Multi-programming Solutions is an experienced mobile&web development company that specializes in the following types of projects:
  • High load websites development
  • Mobile applications development (iOS, Android, Cross platform)
  • Unity games development
  • Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality
  • Social games & applications development
  • Java server-side programming
We value quality not quantity. As the matter of fact, quality is the first point we pay attention to. We have the best specialists in the area of our expertise and simply outstanding client care.

MPS provides individual attention to each and every project. Small projects (up to 500 hours in length) that have a ready specification, mock-ups or well-defined descriptions of the features are first of all easy to be estimated and we take such projects for development basing on Fixed Price cooperation model. This implies Estimate and Project Payment Plan documents creation. These documents are the basis of our mutually beneficial cooperation. In case the customer wants to change something when the project is already being developed or there are additional features to implement, we issue an additional invoice to cover new functionality implementation.
Some customers address us with large-scale projects that are still being on the stage of planning. Such projects often have undefined list of the needed features and there’s a possibility that some of the features will be changed in the course of time. We use Agile Methodology for development of these types of projects. Agile methodology is widely used in wide spectrum of companies today. It is especially effective and indispensable in the development of unique technologically sophisticated web-based applications.

Agile Methodology has the following peculiarities:

  • People and interaction is more important than processes and tools;
  • Working code is more important than perfect documentation;
  • Cooperation with the customer is more important than contractual obligations;
  • Reaction to change is more important than following a plan.
Our activity turns into answering the following questions:


We carry out our main task – create new products and services in the context of perfect design and technology trends.


What for?

We make comfortable internet solutions for companionship, partnership and networking, creating the conditions for effective interaction and communication of people, companies and brands.


We use design and Internet technology as a tool for creating websites, design works and applications that solve specific business problems. Our solutions work because we create interesting, easy-to-use, convenient websites, games and applications.



We recognize the importance of regular communication. To be heard, you need to speak in plain language, to make the information accessible, popular and attractive. We are helping to clean up and properly submit any information. We know how to design, create and visualize any content.

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