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Multi-Programming Solutions team has been there for me every step of the way for this huge project! Martin Martinez
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Multi-Programming Solutions delivered on time, within budget and precisely to the brief – everything a client could wish for. Luke Mitchell, Managing Consultant, Reach Students
Dane Westo
I have been working with multiprogr for about 4 months now. The programming and designing has been second to none. I have used several developers and designers over a 3 year period. multiprogr is the Dane Westo
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Fantastic job, with intuitive understanding of functionality and proactive recommendations. Matthew Campbell
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Excellent job again. Benjamin Melki, Kaeria CEO
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The latest web design trends in theory and practice

June 2016, 01
web design tendencies 2016

Each year brings us new tendencies in whatever is around, and web design is no exception. For over 20 years it has been constantly changing and evolving with so much to offer for the user. Today we only expect more improvements and tricks from web designers in creating clean sites that load instantly and preferably fly, with robust ideas of how it can be done best. In 2016 history repeats itself, yet this time there is also something new on the table. This year graphic design majorly focuses on such website design trends as logos, user interface, animation and color solutions.

minimalism in Logos

Today logos are minimalistic as ever. They are flat because they both look clean and display decently in basically any web browser. They are handmade which reflects individuality and certain intimacy, and kinetic – dynamic logos allow for breaking data down and simultaneously put the newest ideas into action. Web designers carry on working with vintage style and mixed techniques, experiment stacking texts together and use negative space in various prospectives. User-friendly fonts play an important role as well – scalability is everything when it comes to sharing info online for any customer-related business. Last but not least, the use of lines in design creates certain charm to it with nothing in excess, and designers are well aware of it now.

neat User Interface

Interaction is an integral part of UI and a web design trend in 2016. The link between users and devices is created through various apps both mobile and stationery, for games and office programs, and generally everywhere. Videos that have become really fast in streaming for the past couple of years are now getting a cinema flavor – their quality is on top, they tell an entire story which draws the user’s interest and makes them loyal customers in the future. Navigation is full-screen on most websites. This enables potential clients to look deeper into the site as they play around with all the buttons and special effects. Fashion for split-screen layouts that started in 2013 is still on. Such a direction of UI helps you lead the user to the necessary information all through the website, simultaneously creating intriguing activity. Card style in design has finally become classics due to its simplicity and the history of actual use for plenty of users. Personification continues this year as a way to make users quickly find their personal data on a page they’ve been before. This feature is especially neat for ecommerce businesses and social networks.

gestures Animation

The hamburger menu is still a thing, but there is talk that it isn’t as efficient and awesome as it first seemed. It’s often totally unintuitive for a lot of users, and modern designers do not always realize that. Buttons that expand are popular this year along with side-scrolling design which has a lot of space for development as of yet. Gestures animation in UI has been present for some time and it’s going further in 2016, stepping into both gaming and browsing UX. Flip animation, however, isn’t as popular as the rest but it’s still one of top design trends this year. It is somewhat crude but it allows to keep the design in 3D and has big potential overall.

faded Colors

In 2016 colors as trends in web design are not bright but quite peaceful and relaxing with a touch of urban contrast and unusual combinations. There is no such thing as men’s or women’s shades this year – it’s all unisex. You will mostly find Snorkel Blue , Limpet Shell , Serenity , Rose Quartz , Peach Echo , FiestaIced Coffee , Green Flash and Buttercup in this year’s contemporary designing products. Blue shades represent peace and harmony, red are passionate and vivid, green stands for health and freshness and yellow associates with sunny warmth and optimism – something everyone’s eye expects to see for inspiration.

Each year fashion brings new digital trends. In order for companies to keep up with the latest technologies of the IT industry, it is absolutely necessary to upgrade their websites on a regular basis. Multi-programming needed such an upgrade of design that had been already outdated for a few years. So the team of designers got down to work and is currently optimizing the corporate website, the design of which was done back in 2012. The main purpose of this optimization wasn’t about pure changing of what had previously been done, but about making it more responsive and up-to-date. Thus we are taking care of mobile adaptability, enlarging fonts and icons and generally simplifying the structure.
Below are the examples of the design improvements implemented:
  • Adaptability in terms of mobility:

    mobile ready

  • Complex hand-drawn icons were changed to simpler flat ones:

    flat icons

  • Replace some massive text information by visual schemes: 

    visual schemes
  • Simplified structure of the website avoiding a side menu:

    simplified structure
Based on our own experience we usually recommend our clients to stop using photos and instead switch to customized graphics or video. We also suggest that they agree to replace sophisticated data sections with visual schemes and images that would most certainly help them involve more users.
As per trends in 2016 – there are in fact many more. You’ve probably experienced most of them by now and got a solid idea of what works best for your business. Tell us in the comments – we’d love to exchange opinions!

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