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Сross Platform Mobile App Development Services

If you are trying to find real native cross platform mobile development services you will hardly succeed. There are no and can’t be native cross-platform technologies for creating applications available through all the mobile platforms. 
The reason is the programming language required for a particular platform. That is all about specific syntax and libraries that can’t be just translated into another language. 
This can only be achieved by wrapping things by native binaries. 
All the products that development companies may recommend and claim to be native cross platform solutions are actually some kind of wrapping and usually use a second language as a layer to call the native functions. 

Cross-platform development provides plenty of benefits that are:

  1. Greater reach. Cross-platform applications development allows covering more platforms at once. The more platforms you cover, the more people you will reach. 
  2. Easy maintenance. Whether it goes about design change or adding new functionality, with cross-platform solution you will have to make those changes once as a single code is running on all platforms;
  3. Reduced development cost. You build the application once and then wrap it for all the target platforms. That fact eliminates the need of multiple skillsets – your team only needs to be proficient in a single technology so to be able to solve problems across different platforms.
Though cross-platform development is not always the best choice - choosing the right development strategy should consider the type of your application and its goals. Here are some disadvantages of cross-platform development:
  1. The chosen cross-platform framework might not support every feature of an operating system; if operating system is updated with new additions you will likely have to update your application as well to support those additions.
  2. Code might not run as fast as it should run on mobile devices. It will likely run slower than if developed with native means.
  3. You will likely be limited in implementing high-end graphics and 3D, unless you develop with Unity.
MPS cross platform app developers provide such cross platform mobile development services as:
  • Adobe Air mobile apps development (Adobe Air Android apps and iOS apps)
  • Unity 3D game applications development (Android, iOS, Windows)
Unity mobile app development is one of our main directions and best choice for cross-platform gaming application development.
Unity allows us building applications of the next generation due to its great tools and flexibility that allow unlimited graphics and 3D effects.  Unity applications can be deployed to multiple platforms and that fact makes the technology amazingly great.
Platforms we deploy to:
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows
  • Oculus Rift
Tell us about your project and MPS developers will provide their recommendations and extensive information about the development strategy that will best meet your projects goals. 

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