Martin Martinez
Multi-Programming Solutions team has been there for me every step of the way for this huge project! Martin Martinez
Luke Mitchell/Managing Consultant/Reach Students
Multi-Programming Solutions delivered on time, within budget and precisely to the brief – everything a client could wish for. Luke Mitchell, Managing Consultant, Reach Students
Dane Westo
I have been working with multiprogr for about 4 months now. The programming and designing has been second to none. I have used several developers and designers over a 3 year period. multiprogr is the Dane Westo
Matthew Campbell
Fantastic job, with intuitive understanding of functionality and proactive recommendations. Matthew Campbell
Benjamin Melki, Kaeria CEO
Excellent job again. Benjamin Melki, Kaeria CEO
Ken Kimble
This team is awesome! Ken Kimble

Mobile App Development Services

Nowadays a constantly increasing number of people are using their smartphones and tablets to surf the net. Checking out emails and Facebook became a routine that we do not want to switch our computer for.  Mobile internet usage has actually overtaken desktop internet and the reasons for this are obvious. There’s no need to explain why any business needs a mobile-optimized website or mobile application these days.
The second though much more important direction is entertainment.  Development of mobile apps is enormously popular and demanded. Statistics says that only 10% of time on mobile is spent in browsers and 90% is spent in apps. Overwhelming part of that time goes for gaming and social networking apps. This fact explains the demand for mobile software development.
Multi Programming Solutions is a mobile application development company that deals with mobile app outsourcing and provides the following types of mobile app development services:

Mobile applications development

Custom mobile apps development helps to solve various business problems: from attracting and retaining customers to selling the application as a product.
Our mobile application development agency deals with applications development of the following types:
  • information applications;
  • applications for social services and networks;
  • advertising and promotional applications;
  • integrated solutions (integration with a web site, CRM, ERP systems, etc.);
  • educational applications;
  • photo effects applications;
  • applications with augmented reality elements;
  • geolocation apps

Mobile games development

With passion and ardor to mobile games development our company is able to crate dozens of valuable products that entertain hundreds and thousands of people worldwide. We specialize in cross-platform mobile solutions as well as in native app development.

Mobile app development process undergoes almost the same phases as any other project. However, there are some things that you should pay attention to more precisely than you used to do developing web applications.
One of those things is UI/UX that refers to User Interface design and User Experience design respectively. The user experience is extremely important for mobile application – inconvenient and not intuitive interface may ruin all your expectations towards the app’s success.
For this reason, UI/UX design becomes an additional expenditure.

Another thing is delivery to market (publishing on the App Store, Google Play or Windows Store). When submitted to the App Store the application goes through a review process to ensure it meets all the requirements for quality and content. 

Mobile app development cost is usually bigger if compare with web application of the same complexity. The reason is that mobile phone application development is so demanded nowadays, and finding a really experienced developer for affordable price could be a challenge.

If you are trying to reduce your development expenditures you can outsource mobile app development to our company – we provide cutting-edge development services for affordable price.

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