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Mobile Game Development Services

Mobile game application development is one of the fastest-growing spheres of the game development industry over the last 10 years.

Mobile game applications still concede capabilities of personal computers and home consoles, though mobile platforms are quickly becoming the preferred choice for gaming.
Mobile games become smarter and more graphical with every month, having developed from simple black and white arcades into real-time multiplayer games with artificial intelligence and 3D environment giving their players amazing gaming experience.

Mobile game development differs from the web application development as it requires even more creativity, skills, technology and what is the most important - best mobile user experience practices.

Multi-programming Solutions is a well-established mobile app development company that offers mobile game development services: 2d mobile game development as well as 3d mobile game development. We are capable to provide a full-cycle of game development services based on your idea and your game development goals.


What mobile game application development starts from?

Defining your requirements and business goals.

Requirements gathering

Developing any mobile application starts with an i
nitial discussion of your ideas, business goals and objectives. We document all your requirements and make sure we understand all your needs and are in consonance with your vision and expectations.

Creating design.  

graphic design

When it goes about design creation for mobile game it is not only about beautiful art, but also the concept that contains uniqueness. Also it is about intuitive and functional user interface and user experience. That all is called 'Playability' when we talk about games creation for mobile devices - the degree to which the game is fun to play and usable.

Mobile game programming. 

programmingProgramming phase usually undergoes different phases and engages a number of mobile game developers  specializing in different spheres: database development, server side and back-end development, art implementation, 3d modeling, system administration, etc. We at MPS have all needed resources for handling complicated projects that require integrations with PHP or Java back-end systems and work on MySQL or MongoDB.  We’re consistently on the alert for new technologies and systems updates, so our applications are always compatible with the most recent versions of all mobile operating systems.


quality assuarnce

Mobile game testing is a time consuming and costly development phase, though it is urgently important as ensures your users have a positive experience when playing your mobile game. It is critical for you to make sure that the game play is smooth and user experience is great for every player every time they use your application and on every device.


publishing on app store and google playJust like delivery of a web project means transferring and setting it up on the client's web server, delivery of the mobile application means submitting it to App Store, Google Play and any other public app stores. If you'd like to distribute your app through the Apple and Google Play app stores you need to follow their rules, otherwise you app won't be approved. We know the rules well and will ensure you game application is published and running successfully.

Android Game Development

Android became the most popular mobile platform and the main reason for that is a huge number of Android-driven mobile devices at affordable price.
The fact that approval process for Google Play is simple and fast makes game producers prefer Android over any other platform for developing and publishing their games.

Hire the best android game developers

We at MPS have a team of experienced Java programmers, Unity developers and 3D modeling specialists experienced in android mobile game development who are able to provide high quality android game development services applying the latest technologies in all our projects.
We provide:
  • Android 2d game development

  • Android 3d game development

  • Unity Android game development

Our android game development company will deliver the full range of services required for successful running of your mobile game – starting with the idea and ending with publishing the app on Android markets.

iOS Game Development

iOS is one of two most popular mobile platforms. Unlike Android with its open-source nature and easy publishing process, iOS has a closed system and strict approval process that entails less pirate applications and generally more quality content.
As the result, iOS applications producers make more money, as Apple users are ready to pay for more high-quality apps, and make more in-app purchases than Android users.
Another great thing is that iOS game development cost is usually lower than Android game development. This is reflected in a number of code lines, and accordingly, in men-hours - iOS will require 30% less working hours for delivering the same functionality.

Hire iPhone game developers

Multi-programming Solutions is a team of experienced iOS game developers ready to deliver iPhone and iPad game development services of any complexity and scale meeting your highest expectations.

We provide:
  • iOS 2d game development

  • iOS 3d game development

  • Unity game development for iOS

Our iPhone game development company consists of best iOS game developers, quality assurance engineers, professional artists and user interface designers.
Don’t hesitate to contact us today for building another great iOS game application!

Unity3D Mobile Game Development

There's nothing more exciting at work than building games. Game programming with Unity is something magnificent!
Unity 3d is an outstanding platform for games creation, as you can create anything with this dynamic and unique platform - your imagination is the only limitation.
Unity development environment represents a complete ecosystem required for building and deployment a superb gaming experience for the most sophisticated gamers.
Unity 3D has become the most popular engine. The first reason for that is great development opportunities Unity provides, another reason is its cross-platform nature. There are plenty of platforms you can deploy to with Unity having built the content just once!

Cross platform mobile game development

Unity mobile app development is one of our main directions. Game development using Unity allows us building applications of the next level due to its great tools and flexibility. The fact that Unity applications can be deployed to multiple platforms makes the technology to be highly demanded among our customers.
As a Unity game development company we are ready to provide high-quality unity app development services. Platforms we deploy to:
  • iOS

  • Android

  • Windows

  • Oculus Rift

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