Martin Martinez
Multi-Programming Solutions team has been there for me every step of the way for this huge project! Martin Martinez
Luke Mitchell/Managing Consultant/Reach Students
Multi-Programming Solutions delivered on time, within budget and precisely to the brief – everything a client could wish for. Luke Mitchell, Managing Consultant, Reach Students
Dane Westo
I have been working with multiprogr for about 4 months now. The programming and designing has been second to none. I have used several developers and designers over a 3 year period. multiprogr is the Dane Westo
Matthew Campbell
Fantastic job, with intuitive understanding of functionality and proactive recommendations. Matthew Campbell
Benjamin Melki, Kaeria CEO
Excellent job again. Benjamin Melki, Kaeria CEO
Ken Kimble
This team is awesome! Ken Kimble


A first-rate educational app that will allow to widen your child’s horizons, as well as bring joy to anyone hung up on life’s little details!

Pockets can fit many, many interesting things! Who invented the first ever notebooks, what kind of pocket was needed for Alexander Bell’s first telephone, what does everyone in Holland have in their pocket, what trinkets bring good luck, how can you fit teapot in your pocket – all these answers as well lots of other interesting things you will find in our interactive app “The Little Things of Life”!
The text is voiced-over by professional Ukrainian, Russian and English speakers, which in combination with the astounding visuals is guaranteed to bring your child many happy times and a lot of useful new knowledge. 


* 35 fully illustrated and animated pages
* Exclusive high quality visuals
* Numerous interactions 
* Available languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian
* Text fully dubbed in English, Russian, Ukrainian 
* Narrated by professional American and Ukrainian actors
* 2 reading modes: "I read by myself" or "Read it to me"
* Exclusive music and sound effects
* Numerous coloring pages
* Turn pages manually and move back and forth through the story as you wish or resume where you left off

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