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Multi-Programming Solutions team has been there for me every step of the way for this huge project! Martin Martinez
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Multi-Programming Solutions delivered on time, within budget and precisely to the brief – everything a client could wish for. Luke Mitchell, Managing Consultant, Reach Students
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I have been working with multiprogr for about 4 months now. The programming and designing has been second to none. I have used several developers and designers over a 3 year period. multiprogr is the Dane Westo
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Software Quality Assurance and Testing Services

Quality Assurance and Testing is usually an aspect that suffers from the lack of attention most of all other processes in Software Development Lifecycle.
When budget is limited or the product needs to be rolled out quickly until it's relevant on the market, testing is usually the first to be cut from the budget or schedule.
Such neglect is a major mistake, as software defects have a direct negative impact on profitability. It can lead to serious financial losses, extra work and frustration of users.
According to the experts, bugs found and fixed post-production cost up to 100 times more than those found and fixed before the launch; and a  single task of usability-testing and following the recommendations for improvement can increase the ROI by 135% or higher!
We at MPS have a team of skillful quality assurance engineers who ensure smooth and bug free operating of software we produce.
Apart from in-house testing we can also provide testing services as your independent software testing partner. Performed by our team, independent testing will increase quality and value of developed product, as well as solve software development operations’ problems.

Quality Assurance Process


Software development quality assurance process undergoes the following phases:
1) Requirements: defining project goals, building test roadmap
2) Analysis and creating test cases
3) Manual Testing
4) Issue reporting and bug tracking: documenting defect status and test results
5) Regression Testing

MPS is a quality assurance company providing a full range of it quality assurance services resulting in a close to perfect performance of the software tested.
MPS has developed clear and logic procedures for product quality assurance that include the use of special software and manual checking operations. After the completion of any testing type a progress report and recommendations for improvement is prepared.

We deal with:

1. Mobile application testing (for iOS/Android devices)
2. Facebook app testing
3. Website functionality testing including website cross browser testing, mobile website testing, website application testing
4. Automated website testing
5. Website and application regression testing
6. Test design specifications creation
7. Analysis and design of test cases
8. Installation testing
9. Usability testing
10. Build verification testing.
If you need a qa quality assurance for testing your website and are looking for independent quality assurance organizations for testing your product or a dedicated quality assurance tester you can go no further and choose our company for any type of testing services. MPS offers quality assurance professional services to bring perfection to every project in which our company is engaged.

We guarantee perfect results for all of our test cases. Moreover, MPS provides quality assurance and testing services for not only the projects we develop in-house, but also for the ready projects, provided by the third parties, so do not hesitate to contact us, we’ll provide you professional advice for all your testing needs. 

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