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Casual games are one of the best ways to have fun and also seek relieve after a tired and hectic day. MPS designs mind-blowing casual games which offering fun and social entertainment enjoyable on mobile phones, personal computers, video game consoles and a host of other devices. We take pride in creating exciting games which meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.

We have all the experience and expertise necessary to turn your gaming ideas into amazing and super-fabulous applications. We have a team of developers who are experts in the development of the following genres of casual games.

«Artillery» Games

artillery games

One of the earliest encounters with PC gaming was “Scorched Earth”, a game where players need to use stationary tanks to destroy their opponents from a long distance. At MPS, our casual game development and design expertise include “Artillery Games” which share a similar mechanism with the “Scorched Earth” game.

We create classic and dynamic “Artillery Games” by utilizing 3D tank models as well as exploding particles effects to make them intriguing and insanely entertaining.

«Match Three» Games

MPS displays an amazing casual game development and design expertise in the development of “Match Three” games. These games involve the matching of three similar color, shapes or patterns together so as to score some points and also unlock new levels and win amazing prizes.

MPS builds various “Match Three” games which comes with different features such as melodious music which keeps players engrossed in the game, awesome graphics which makes the games attractive, various levels to keep players engaged, lots of bonuses and much more.

We understand that such games are enthralling and involve players from all age groups, the kids, as well as the grownups, are crazy about the games so we put in an extra effort to satisfy everyone at the same time.

Slot Machines

MPS casual game development portfolio consists of classic slot games which have mind-blowing designs coupled with exciting graphics. When you walk into a casino, it’s almost impossible to avoid being lured by the slot machine. Although slot machines are mostly associated with gambling, they are fun and millions of people play them globally, with or without involving real money. MPS has shown great expertise in casual game development and programming which includes slot machines. We are committed to design slot machines which work well on mobile phones, and desktops. Our slot machines are endowed with unique designs and trending functions.

The attractive graphics design, bright light, and cool music are few of the features that come with the enticing slot machines created by MPS which makes them extremely difficult for players to avoid.

Card Games

Card games are the oldest and also the most popular form of casual games ever invented. MPS have been designing card games for many years and have displayed great expertise in casual game development and programming.

We inject some game design elements into our applications which give them the complexity and strategy needed to hook players.

«Endless Running» Games

“Endless Running” games are action-packed games which throw obstacles in the way of players as they duck, jump, and even weave their way through various themed adventures. MPS are fully committed to the development and programming of breath-taking “Endless Running” casual games. We design these kind of games with amazing graphics, perfect sound effects, and challenging gameplay that captivates the spirit of the players. Get players to warm their virtual feet because the race of their lives is waiting for them right on our games.

What we offer with ready solution

  • Affordable and cost-effective casual games. Our casual game development cost is pocket-friendly. We deliver high-quality casual games at very low prices. There are no hidden charges and our fee schedule is fully transparent.
  • Dedication and commitment. MPS is dedicated to the design, development, and programming of sophisticated casual games. Our commitment to market research as well as ongoing product innovation keeps us at the forefront of our industry.
  • Customizations. We strive to understand local specifics and the needs of our clients. We design games which are tailored to your specific needs and requirement. With MPS games, you will always stay ahead of your competitors.
  • Timely Delivery. We create and deliver our casual games in a timely manner. We never miss out on the deadlines. Once we give you our words, you can bank on it.
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