How to Start a Sports Betting Company


start a sports betting company


Starting an online betting website has never been easier. You only need 2 things to get started – funding and a reliable online betting application. Once you have them, you can launch a decent size online betting app and generate regular income from it.

Online betting usiness

Running an internet betting business does not require massive manpower, infrastructure, or a sizeable enterprise. In fact, a well-motivated individual can start and run a sports betting company all by himself or herself. If you bring a family member of two into the circle, then you’ve just hit a sweet spot of regular income that requires a few hours of work per week.

The most attractive aspect of a sports betting business is its profitability. An average player ends up losing as much as $4,000 to the house. So, even if your business lands just a couple hundred active players, then you are already a booming business. And, attaining a 200 strong customer base is quite easy and will hardly take a few weeks, if you spend a decent amount of time choosing the right software and marketing your online betting site.


Clearly, there is a high incentive for anyone starting an online sports betting business.

How to run a betting book

As we discussed before, you need two things to run a betting book – a betting book and funding. Here’s how you can get both the things.

A betting book

In the world of online betting, an online betting application does the job of a betting book. You can get a custom online betting application built from the ground up by a casino software developer. This will allow you full freedom in choosing the features, the look and feel, the functionalities, the games, and other aspects of the betting site. However, this is the most expensive option, and it requires a great deal of money. A small scale online betting app can no way muster those many resources. The alternative is Pay Per Head Betting Software.

betting book

The Pay Per Head Betting Software is a complete turn-key solution offered by various casino software developers. They provide the software to the internet betting businesses for a nominal upfront fee. Then they are charged based on the number of active monthly players on the platform. This way, internet betting businesses only have to pay when they are getting income from their players, and not when their players are inactive. If the business booms, the fee increases proportionally, and if the business is slow, then the software fee will also be low.

Get funding with sports betting business plan

A business plan is a meticulously designed document that clearly states your business aims, the amount of money required for various business activities, and how those activities will generate revenue and profits for the company. If the document is professional and thorough, then you should have no problem finding a good source of funding. If you are having problems courting investors, then you can borrow some money from family members to get started in the business. Even with a small amount of money, you can get a fairly decent sized business up and going. You can list some simple betting games and easy betting games to get started then they scale up your operations as you make some money.

Betting website for sale

If you think that Pay Per Player Betting Software is uneconomical and hiring a gambling development team to build an entirely new betting website from ground up is too expensive, then you have a third alternative. You can buy a betting website from another internet betting business that is shutting the shop. That’s right, there are always sports betting businesses that are going bankrupt. They will be happy to sell all their assets at a fraction of their original value. So, it’s a great way to land incredible deals on not just the online betting app, but also everything else related to the business. In fact, if they already have a sizeable fan following, don’t even change anything. Just continue the business as if the ownership hasn’t changed hands. Perhaps, plug the issues that sent the business into bankruptcy. Other than that, retain old clientele and continue business as usual.

Make it sell

If you are planning to get into the gaming betting business, then you have to understand the value of marketing. Fans love their sports icons and have a huge emotional attachment to the tournaments of their favourite sport. You can leverage your sports betting website to make them an active part of the game. Now, they can feel involved in the game and win at the same time. You have to offer them spot bets, different wagers, and more to keep them interested. All of your offerings should be explicitly displayed on your website. Moreover, your marketing campaigns should be timed right so that you are able to rope in the maximum number of people to try what you have to offer.

make poker game

A big selling point for any online betting website is its security. So, pay attention to the security protocols and make sure that you tell your prospective customers about it.

Be active on the social media and post regularly. A potential customer who has been looking at your posts will find it easy to trust you. You will see the users slowly trickling in and when they do come in they will have one awesome website ready to invite them.

Sports betting is lucrative

Sports betting has tremendous potential. The sports industry is huge and the fan base that they have often runs into hundreds of millions strong. All of those people are your target segment. So, there is definitely no dearth of takers for what you are offering. You can catch their pulse, if you employ the right tools in your business and get the word out there. Make sure that the customers know about your sports betting business and do not forget to offer them a lot of variety. If it hits the right spot, then you will be milking this cash cow for a long time.

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