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Before starting your print on demand business, you need to know your competitors. More precisely, prosperous players in this area who have succeeded. What materials do they use, what vibrant, distinctive things do they produce, or do they even use some winning combination of website, design, and free shipping? Watching new products and rebuilding them in your way, creating a unique brand story, you'll awaken the audience's interest. 

Credence Research predicts that the T-shirt printing market will exceed US $10 billion by 2025. That means that the industry isn't going to reduce its positions in any way. Its basic concept remains relevant. A variety of products, the POD platforms’ accessibility, the ability to easily implement trends on store pages, and simplified management allow you to expand sales channels. 

If you finally decided to open your online store or are already doing business, but for some reason, it doesn't bring the desired results, we are going to inspire you for future achievements with examples of the best print on demand stores.

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The inspiring examples


TAMGA Designs

This sustainable brand was created with the ambition to change the world. Two future spouses, Eric and Yana Dales, arrived with a UN mission in Bangladesh shortly after a garment factory collapsed. The disaster claimed more than a thousand lives, leaving a fashionable clothes pile on the ashes. The couple saw how major market players behave by depleting human and natural resources without even feeling remorse. The evidence of injustice was both heart-breaking and inspiring at the same time. 

So, a company with a story takes care of each employee by creating decent working conditions. It makes things from environmentally friendly materials, takes care of their identity and uniqueness. Their partner creates unique textiles from beech and eucalyptus wood. Each product design focuses on vibrant colors and ornaments with oriental motifs that strongly echo the Boho-chic. Feminine silhouettes and flowing shapes make clothes lighter and airier. TAMGA Designs delivers its products to over 25 countries, with free shipping for some orders. 

Consider their POD online store on Shopify. What makes it user-friendly?

  • The home page presents the products
  • A concise menu makes it easy to find information
  • High-quality photos attract attention
  • A detailed description of each product
  • Easy to place an order
  • Convenient and simple CTA button
  • A section called Our Environmental Impact enhances trust in a sustainable brand


The brand has a story that inspires and supports millions of people around the world. 

Little Owen was ill and could only breathe through a ventilation hole in the trachea. His family started using the T-shirts as a rallying watchword of support and love to maintain a kid.   

The brand offers at first glance quite ordinary things: overalls and T-shirts for different age groups. But each design has its distinct style. 

Through social networks, the couple developed communication with their audience. By the way, this is one of the few print on demand store examples created with the use of the Shopify template and free apps. 

  • The site has a branded favicon, which is the very special hatch of the brand
  • The home page immediately allows you to select a clothes collection and revise the recommended products
  • Minimalism in details - that's what this site is about
  • Detailed product descriptions
  • Ease of making a purchase, the ability to see and edit the cart contents


Among print on demand websites with comic overtones is Iconspeak. It was opened in distant 2013 by Georg and Florian in their friend's garage in Switzerland. They create pretty epic and stylish T-shirt prints. The viral growth of such products has become an incentive to perform serious business. 

Also, the company gained even more popularity when it served 7 orders in 1 minute. Incredibly, this rather unusual competition paid off their persistence.

What makes this online store example great?

  • An interesting enthralling game "Spin to win" which is the sales funnel part
  • Minimalism and accessibility of every element on the site
  • Extensive description for each product and customer reviews
  • Large selection of products
  • The ability to easily make purchases and go to the cart

Black Fathers Exist

Negative society stereotypes assert that many black men neglect their children's company and don't participate in their lives. Black Fathers Exist is called upon to overcome this. The company created a movement used as a uniform for its T-shirts. The combination of two colors, yellow and white, creates a contrast against the black background of the T-shirts. Each inscription on them is unique and echoes the theme of paternity.  

pod stores examples

The home page of the site has several leads for potential customers. For example, the opportunity to get a 40% discount or a gift for Father's Day, play roulette, and try your luck. But what makes this print on demand store different from other examples?

  • Bold and unusual typography
  • This site is an example of how to place many elements on a page without cluttering it.
  • Even small products' selection outplays the brand story and community mission
  • More than 400 customer reviews with real photos

We Rate Dogs

If you're a dog lover, then this site is for people like you. We Rate Dogs is more of a social phenomenon. Its main idea is to honor good dogs (although they are all good), to share stories, improve their lives and help them. 

You can trace the entire history of starting a business from the very first tweet. Many controversies and jokes pushed Matt (that's the entrepreneur's name) to create a new viral fashion called We Rate Dogs. The site began to monetize after creating pod stores accounts on Shopify and Twitter. So the brand offers not only clothes but also all kinds of trinkets and gifts for every taste. 

What makes the online store interesting?

  • Playful typography
  • Fun and concise copywriting
  • The home page shows donation projects
  • Lots of real product photos
  • Acceptable prices
  • Many reviews
  • There are only two sections in the side menu: About and the Store

Here are a few more strategies that best print on demand services use. 

  1. Variety of offered products. Without overloading the attention of site users with a choice abundance, companies increase conversions.
  2. Adequate product cost. Price is the deciding factor while buying.  That's why it pays to run sales and contests and offer free shipping already included in the price.
  3. Detailed descriptions and reviews of product quality will provide answers to key questions of your customers in advance.
  4. The scalability of fulfillment locations will reduce delivery times.
  5. Product mockups supplemented with real photos. That will help buyers understand what to choose and what to expect.
  6. Targeting a specific niche. Targeting everyone is ineffective, but certain groups of people create a permanent business asset.

Starting a business may seem like a daunting task: but at least it's worth it if you’re adept at managing your products and website. With the menu settings, the site design will be splendid! Thus, arm yourself with the knowledge and start reaping the rewards on the trading platform!

While 2020 was turbulent and challenging, it was successful for print on demand stores. There has been another increase in the global POD market. To maintain leadership positions, stores must invest all their efforts in the product assortment, website design updating, and brand promotion strategy. Learn new things from the competitors' examples to make your business even more effective. 

We created this article to inspire you with stories from popular brands and explain why they became interesting to your audience. It's pure coincidence and luck, a desire to help and maintain, or an opportunity to unite?

PODApril 19, 2021
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