Top Digital Marketing Tools That Could Help Your POD Business Succeed


Given the dizzying pace of technological progress, it's not surprising that all industries should move as rapidly. Digital marketing is no exception. With the new methods and algorithms arrival, marketers can keep up with trends and thus stay at the top of the game.

The global T-shirts print on demand services market is estimated at the US $3.64 billion in 2020. Moreover, such a phenomenal industry development won't slow down soon!

This article will discuss the best digital marketing tools that will help the POD business succeed.

Table of contents

How are a business and digital marketing connected?

Reasons why your company needs marketing tools

The list of most necessary tools for you to succeed


Many people have access to the Internet. Whether it's browsing the news feed or working in a cafe from the laptop, they spend hours on the net every day. If you want to attract more potential buyers to your website, go where you can find them. Today it's possible using digital marketing. It refers to any online effort to get and keep customers and includes all the tools and techniques of marketing, advertising, and promotion in online and offline digital media.

Why is it important to business development? There are some reasons that we'll discuss next.

Your competitors are on the alert!

Ignoring online marketing leads to the strengthening of the competitor positions. After all, they plan to take the lion's share of the market with a formed digital strategy. Retail is in decline, but e-commerce is gathering momentum. By 2021, global e-sales will grow to $4.8 trillion.

Study your potential clients

A large number of consumers from different demographic groups may have different perceptions of your brand.

To understand your potential purchasers and attract new ones, use a variety of marketing techniques. For example, contact by email, Facebook, or Instagram, interact with Google Ads, etc. You can find a large amount of information about your audience, track its interaction with the brand. With facts and insight towards your customer, you'll understand how to reach out to your audience.

Create value for your offer

Recently, the Internet POD market has focused on personalized goods. They distinguish generations in which the same product can cause opposite feelings. The value of the offer is different online and offline. If it doesn't differ, then it’s unlikely to become necessary for new customers and open up opportunities in other markets.

Optimize your online store

Digital marketing software can change the rules of the game. To determine your next goals and the plan for interacting with the potential clients you should:

  1. analyze activity using Google Analytics;
  2. optimize the pages through which most of the traffic passes;
  3. study the path to the product;
  4. understand at what stage your clients are converting or even leaving the resource.

Digital marketing allows you to build a global business in a POD market. You'll understand how to localize your company without depleting resources, as well as how to optimize the biz.

The number of digital marketing innovations is astounding. You can now experiment with a myriad of effective marketing tools and processes.

Many companies use advertising, mailing, and analytics. There are many more such tools. Let’s review some of the best.

Bulletin board

Benefit: attracting potential purchasers and referring them to a concrete page.

Examples: landing pages and social network advertisements.

Social media

Benefit: establishing interactive relationships with consumers.

Examples: blogging, posting, messaging, tweeting, bookmarking, commenting on a website.


Benefit: helping the business owner identify the product and improve its quality. 

Examples: reviews and quizzes on social networks, video product reviews, etc.

Google Analytics

Benefit: the tool gives you an idea of where your potential clients are coming from and who they are. It helps to set conversion goals.

Examples: organic CTR click-through rate, page optimization, implementation of A/B testing.

Address mailing list

Benefit: targeting specific potential customers.

Examples: direct marketing, B2B mailings.

Media monitoring instruments

Benefit: online marketing tools scan the Internet and inform you about conversations related to your brand or product.

Examples: Factiva database, which contains information on 36.5 million companies worldwide.

You'll increase your product awareness, reduce the spread of negative PR, and encourage the customer to buy again using all the above tools. After all, attracting a new buyer will cost seven times more than an existing one.

online marketing techniques for POD

The right marketing instruments will help your company become successful. It also saves the marketer time. Here are some top digital marketing tools of 2021 that will help plan, communicate on social networks, and understand the potential buyers' desires.

Google Drawings

Any marketing campaign begins with the planning of strategies, terms, resources, and budget. This instrument helps the marketer visualize every stage of the project, create graphics, infographics, and mind maps, which facilitates teamwork.


Most of the teams are still working remotely by 2021. Thus, the project managers often face the disparate activities that other members perform. Trello board maintains transparency and simplifies workflow organization.

Google Analytics

It’s one of the best free digital marketing tools that help you predict your ad campaigns' results, understand purchaser preferences, and increase the ROI. An updated version of the program has been released recently. It provides more accurate information about the traffic volume and sources, the potential customer’s behavior, the demographics, as well as track the path from product acquisition to conversion and retention.


The average conversion of site visitors is from 1.84% to 5.31%. But how to attract the remaining 95% of the audience? SendFox allows you to control leads, plan and automate the email distribution, make and modify landing pages.


The landing page shouldn't have a high bounce rate and low lead generation. Thus, the biz is likely to lose the ability to scale. The clients can leave it for different reasons: because of the excess or lack of information, its relevance, etc. Using Unbounce, you'll be able to make landing pages that increase conversions. Also, the tool integrates with CRM systems, analytics platforms, and emails.

These are some instruments accessible to run successful online marketing campaigns. We also advise you to pay attention to the content design that you're going to publish. Here is a list of the programs that are also noteworthy:

  1. With Crello you can make interesting project designs
  2. InVideo is a store that lets you create awesome videos
  3. Loom will help you coverage leads with personalized messages
  4. SentiOne is an AI listening and analytics instrument for social media


Stellar business expansion plans can get even closer if implemented with the right software. After determining your goals, it will be much easier to choose the right and most effective marketing campaign tools. Experiment, change, speed up your print on demand business with digital marketing. After all, success also depends on flexibility and the ability to adapt to the situation!

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