Using customer testimonials to promote print on demand business


Customers' feedback affects not only the reputation of print on demand companies or their online stores but also the search engine ranking. How does it happen, how the site can reach the TOP, as well as how to integrate with Trustpilot - we’ll take a look at all these points in the article.

Using customer reviews in marketing has undergone major changes. It was primarily based on providing the necessary information about a product or service to make a decision by the buyer. Currently, a potential client prefers to read a reasoned review as a person who has already bought a product or service can directly influence the choice.

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Why do testimonials matter?

Getting customer testimonials 

Integrating with Trustpilot

Social media feedback

Other testimonial related marketing tools


Testimonials work because they are a strong view of social evidence. That's called the notion of cognitive ease. Actions that someone has taken before us seem to be the most correct. With a high degree of probability, we'll go the same way that someone else did before.

Feedback also affects perception. Credible product comments will influence the choice. According to this principle, a person will choose the best print on demand option among many sites.

  • The choice depends not only on the client!

Testimonials are one of the ranking factors in local search engine results. The reviews number, cooperation assessment, trust degree form the profile rating on the Google maps - it's usually marked with 1 to 5 stars. The ratio of positive and negative reviews, their age also is taken into account.

The company's grade determines the probability that a potential customer will choose it, then go to their website and use the services. So, according to Nielsen statistics, 70% of people read reviews before buying.

  • Brand reputation

72% of potential customers refer to the positive opinions of people who have previously worked with the company. Thus, a brand's reputation is directly dependent on live critique and not just on promotion.

  • Increase in sales

Reviews affect 88% of consumers' buying decisions. A large number of positive surveys leads to a sales increase.

  • The site position determines in the search results

Mentioning a website on the network increases traffic and the number of conversions for branded queries. However, the site's position can also lower when ignoring any comments and refusing to respond to criticisms. Giving feedback to customers, you'll win the affections.

When users leave their opinion on the site, its owner receives regularly updated content. It's essential for promoting and maintaining leadership positions. Increasing indexing of new pages, as well as making changes to old ones, add extra ranking points. Search engines assess this as a constant web resource improvement, so the confidence in it is growing.

Comments related to the site work, company personnel, and product quality are low-frequency queries since they characterize the search object. It's enough only to mention the product features, and the shopper could immediately find your offer.

You can also get an attractive snippet in the search results (if microdata is configured). The rating with the number of votes will improve the buyer's behavioral factors. They increase the level of trust in the page, thereby influencing its promotion. Your clients want to be confident in you and know that your service is the best.

That's why customer reviews are incredibly effective, especially in the print on demand world.

To create successful print on demand stores, link to credible comment sources, thereby enabling buyers to choose.

Trustpilot is a website that publishes companies’ characteristics from all over the world. The resource claims to be honest and authentic. To display surveys or ratings on your site, you should create an integrated Trustpilot logo and image widget.

Certain content requirements that must be respected:

  1. Create your server system where you can keep review data and assessments.
  2. Update data by configuring webhooks. So you will be able to receive instant Webhook notifications about new reviews or their removal, viewing.
  3. Display your rating using TrustScore and total comments.
  4. Indicate the order in which you’ll post the reviews.
  5. Create feedback with Trustpilot to read the testimonial.

According to statistics, about 2.82 billion people use social media. Among them are your potential clients for print on demand companies. Social networks are a gold mine for business development because it allows people to interact from all over the world! Their opinion becomes known to everyone. To increase the activity of your profile on social networks, use such tips.

  1. Link to your survey to increase visibility. Collect responses using the Net Promoter Score.
  2. Use the convenient Chatbot on Facebook. This tool makes it much easier for customers to interact with your service.
  3. Almost all social media platforms support direct messaging. It helps you to get valuable feedback.
  4. Run contests that increase the engagement of your target audience.
  5. Collect reviews on Instagram Stories, one of the most popular platforms in the world.
  6. Don't forget about social monitoring. Linkfluence app presents its convenient version. Measure people's moods, track how customers are sharing reviews on social media by creating a hashtag with your business name.

Happy customers act as preachers for your brand. These are the people who write the most organic print on demand companies’ reviews. Don't hesitate in personal correspondence to ask them to leave a comment about your brand.

By using all of the above tips, you could collect valuable live feedback. After all, people who use your product or services will always interact and give feedback. Thus you'll learn about clients' preferences or what they don't like, about their fears and hopes.

how feedback influences the business

Shopify suggests using your actual clients to check out future purchasers. While starting a business using print on demand, learn how to maintain relationships with your best clients. Because they will eventually become the top fans of your company. Contact them and ask for feedback on your collaboration.

To simplify the collection of reviews, you can integrate special applications for the platform: Yotpo,, Shopify Product Reviews, Loox.

KudoBuzz: collects surveys from Yelp and Google+, social media for free.

EVM Testimonials and Simple Testimonials: allow you to moderate comments for a small fee.

Every day, clients publish their reviews on different sites. At the same time, you may not even know which of them will have a new comment. Make sure that you collect all of them.

  • Quality testimonials, assessments, and reviews are significant to place on every product page.
  • Track any mentions of a brand on social media while using names, hashtags, keywords.
  • Create a testimonial page.

 In 2021, for a print on demand business that runs on e-commerce platforms, it's profitable to spend some time collecting and organizing reviews. Regardless of how the process of finding comments is automated, try to identify your customers' sentiments. Guided by their preferences, you can win the trust and love of customers. Satisfied shoppers are the best advertisement for your brand. Their comments are a valuable resource for new ones. The result is going to get increased sales and successful brand promotion.

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