Why you should use Google Trends when creating new POD product designs


If you've ever felt uncomfortable with plenty of options, then know you aren't alone. After all, the more options there are, the more likely a person won't choose anything.

Print on demand products have incredible opportunities. Many things stay relevant for decades. A successful design is everything you need for creating a bestseller. But often, searching for popular products and analyzing them takes a lot of time and effort.

Google Trends is a handy tool to make it easier for entrepreneurs. It allows you to find out certain product trends for key phrases. Take into account seasonality, territorial affiliation, and other parameters.

We hope that the print on demand business tips collected in this article will inspire you to create original products and sales ideas.

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Google Trends Advantages and Limitations

Google Trends and SEO

How to create new print on demand design ideas


An e-commerce business requires constant tracking due to the changing demand trend. It's important for entrepreneurs not to miss hot trends but also to analyze interests in different regions to identify seasonality. All these features are available in the accessible Google Trends tool. Of course, this is not a completely traditional way of searching for demand. It allows you to evaluate the most competitive print on demand niches.

Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of this free tool from Google!


Google Trends is a free addition to any business

Its main advantage is affordability. Now everyone has access to global data. You can track trends, forecast sales, and your business development without spending a cent.

It's possible to assess the collected data as "the opinion of the people majority"

Since Google search is dominant (92.47% of the market share), Google Trends represents a large percentage of all people who have access to the Internet.

Google Trends data is continuous

The value of this data is that it isn't categorized by date, language, or geography. This creates a trend that unites all queries. But which product will sell best? The next paragraph will answer this question.

Tracking google trending products based on user requests

Google Trends has columns 'Related topics' and 'Related queries' to help you understand which products are best to work with. They show what users who searched for your query are also viewing.


Google Trends may show different results

Google requires a lot of traffic to process the results, but less is available to the site. Thus, it's likely that you'll see the presentation of the correct results. Due to the random page selection, the results reproducibility is reduced.

Search context is unclear

When we search for keywords, Google Trends shows specific results. But in this case, the context isn't checked. After all, there are many reasons why certain individuals may look for a particular term. Lack of information about a person doesn't allow the evaluation of the target audience.

Absolute numbers are missing

It's the main program drawback. It becomes impossible to compare data and generate specific statistics.

Google Trends is a fast and affordable way to check search results data.

Rand Fishkin pointed out that keywords on site pages play an important role. They determine the page ranking and its place among the search queries. In Google Trends, you can do keyword research.

Let's analyze the print on demand request. You may see that the number of searches for this phrase from the beginning of July 2020 tends to be stable. That is, the demand for this service isn't falling globally. This means that you can make money selling this service. Using the query tracking feature, you can identify words that are losing popularity. You'll avoid unprofitable print on demand merchandise or services in your business.

The 'Related topics' and 'Related queries' columns let you see words that are closely related to your search. The program shows the percentage of the popularity of the requests. It's important to rely on these trends because they aren't competitive. Therefore, it becomes quite possible to occupy one of the slots before someone has used it.

The only drawback of this analysis is its unreliability. More precisely, it may turn out to be the fads of ordinary users, but not the target audience's wishes. T-shirts, face masks, clothing, in general, are popular. It means that it makes sense to create a design for one of these products.

Let's analyze the most popular search queries. The Shopify and Amazon platforms are very popular. Also, people are looking for top print on demand companies that can provide printing services. It'll be extremely profitable for online store owners to integrate their products on these platforms.

Pay attention to the geographic presentation of the service market. This way you can estimate in which regions the product is in demand, and get laser targeting using an SEO strategy.

Write product titles and descriptions using keywords, identify search blind spots before your competitors do, plan your content plan with this helpful calendar. Armed with this knowledge, you'll be able to attract more traffic to your site, as well as gain more sophisticated data for your SEO strategy.

top print on demand designs

How to create new print on demand design ideas

You can also use Google Trends to create best-selling print on demand designs. The key phrase shows the maximum user engagement throughout the year. The breakthroughs of the year are animal designs as well as Fennec fox.

Therefore, to increase your sales and be in trend, you need to create an original design with this cute creature. Most likely, the customer will buy this thing from you. Take another look at the program and decide what to print.

Last year was the epitome of comfortable clothing. Street style has won a special place, and new items in sportswear have also appeared. That is, hoodies, sweatshirts, joggers surely will be in trend. McKinsey & Company’s study indicated that 49% of people spend money on basic wardrobe purchases, by the way.

It’s worth noting that T-shirts have also been a popular item for many years. For example, over the past five years, it has remained practically unchanged and remains stable. You can embody even the craziest print on demand design ideas on T-shirts, and they will be in demand.

If you're still wondering how to create designs for print on demand, then you can use the following programs:

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Canva
  • GIMP
  • Krita
  • Inkscape

Depending on your skills, choose any of the programs mentioned. Also, before you start designing, check out the mockups of the platform you will be working on. They have many free layouts that you can use for printing as well.

For your online store to become successful, use statistics. But, for its search and collection, there isn't always a lot of effort and time. Google Trends is a great tool for analyzing data around the world. Its advantages are obvious. Free of charge, an entrepreneur can predict the sales of his goods and services in a matter of minutes, and develop his business.

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