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HoReCa stands for Hotels, Restaurants, and Cafes and its business model implies hospitality, high-quality service, and customer-friendliness. This is what print on demand and HoReCa industries have in common. HoReCa products are all about uniqueness, so it is a good way to make your business stand out and be remarkable for new and existing customers. That is where print on demand printing services come of assistance to create HoReCa brand identity, to attract new customers, and to create memorable logos to be associated with particular vacation places or food. The following material observes the HoReCa business model, its need for print on demand services, and how POD business owners can make the advertising successful for different industry branches.

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Why HoReCa needs POD products in 2020-2021

Print on demand for hotels

Print on demand for restaurants and cafes


Print on demand is a multi-aspect industry that plays a significant role in the HoReCa sector. In 2020-2021, the necessity of building brand identity increased interest in customized printing. The new and established organizations related to HoReCa usually focus on food and product deliveries, this is where brand awareness plays the major role. If your brand can’t be easily identified, if you don’t show your customers you care about their satisfaction and loyalty, your company’s life will not last long. So, the company’s uniqueness caused the growing demand for customizable printed products. This trend's primary goal is to emphasize the exceptional views of this brand and set a dialogue between the company and its customers. As the COVID-19 situation is lingering, the majority of HoReCa businesses suffer from the decreased demand. As they establish new, socially-distanced services, they must identify themselves so that their customers feel the support of their favorite brands. As a result, POD products and HoReCa are well-combined as these two industries tend to support each other.

HoReCa marketing is where print on demand products are most-needed. In the case of hotels, print on demand products create a positive customer experience, inspire positive reviews and new bookings. As hotels adapt to this reality, they simultaneously suffer from the decreased demand due to COVID-19 pandemics. The bold and reliable print on demand products for interior establish safety, sanitary measures, and a customer-oriented approach. Thus, items such as tablecloths, place cards, waterproof menus, door hangers, tent cards, vouchers, floor, and window stickers are just some of the numerous customizable products that positively affect customer satisfaction.

According to the Print Authority Journal, on-demand hospitality printing boosts business figures in the hotel industry and allows saving costs for public advertising on TV and other media sources. Therefore, printable items play along with the key HoReCa sales strategy – to make themselves recognizable. Hotel business cards and memorable guides/booklets are good examples of customizable items the clients will likely take with them in their ongoing trip. Consequently, they will likely return on their repeated journey as they will already associate quality service with a pleasant place they stopped at. Another option is guest checks and business stationery that is a common trait of luxury hotels. In the end, the familiar graphic design of your hotel website or a sign is vital to create a good impression on a potential guest. Focus on soft, attractive colors that will linger in the guests' minds.

why horeca needs print on demand


The food industry is another option for print on demand products. HoReCa sales products can be multiplied if you use their advertising features correctly. As restaurants and cafes are forced into the deliveries, they need to maintain their brand identity. Thus, the potential buyer should be able to memorize the successful delivery and return and order again. COVID-19 pandemics equally resulted in some new printable items such as plastic dividers, shields, and masks as security options for diners all over Europe.

Restaurants and cafes equally need to print an enormous number of disposable items.  Menus, tablecloths, floor stickers, and waterproof clothing are printed to keep the restaurants recognizable, while eco-friendly materials emphasize their conservative environmental treatment. What is more, such an approach outlines the safety precautions. These activities keep them agile and compliant as they follow new requirements. Freestanding banners equally help clients to keep their distance and receive quality service without any potential dangers. Flyers and brochures with daily menus and news create a positive impression as they serve as a real commercial for both the returning and the new clients. Print Solutions offer nutrition facts, food allergy alerts, and other medical information to keep your customer updated and supportive of the sanitary precautions. As some cafes work for takeaways, only their table tents can be equally customized to make these places recognizable from afar. In the end, the branded packaging is also important as people pay much attention to the way their meals are treated. Thus, up to 52% of consumers return for a new order if their packaging looks attractive, personalized, or branded. 40% are even ready to share packaging photos in their social networks if they find it interesting. As we see, print on demand services perfectly fit small businesses like fast-food restaurants, diners, cafes, etc. to embrace their brand uniqueness and become identifiable.

To conclude, the HoReCa industry and print on demand work is the perfect combination to maximize profits, gain new customers and build your image. When speaking about the hotels, personalized brochures, business cards, and stationary create an efficient advertising mechanism for a returning customer. What is more, the satisfied customers will most likely give positive feedback about the beautiful and cozy place he visited - on social media, to his friends and family, on your website. As for restaurants and cafes, the ability to personalize everything with a unique print enables customer inflow and social network sharing. That is how simply good food becomes a memorable brand that will likely rise above its competitors. Overall, the HoReCa industry becomes brighter and more individual with print on demand services. 

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