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How much money do you need to start a successful print on demand business?
The year of 2020 has created the preconditions for profound structural changes in eCommerce businesses: the revenues of their non-traditional segments exceeded analysts' expectations, but the costs for their development also increased significantly. Multi-Programming Solutions team has found out how the current status of the market economy affected low-cost print on demand and would like to share these details with you [...]
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Benefits of Using Mobile Apps in the Education Sector
Only a few years ago, one of the main parenting problems was convincing your child not to be distracted from homework by playing games on a smartphone and whatnot. Today, however, thanks to the rapid development of e-education, a huge variety of applications that turn the tables around have appeared. How exactly do e-education applications help schoolchildren, students, their parents, teachers of schools and universities cope with the avalanche of information everybody needs to teach and learn in an efficient manner? [...]
12 Best Progressive Web App (PWA) Templates 2021-2022
Software templates hold a special place in our hearts in this digital prevalence. Besides them being a convenient tool that saves tons of time when building an app for a new business or transforming an existing one, templates make us feel like we’re in a store, choosing a candy. And a current variety of website and app templates sure does help that feeling.The same goes for progressive web app templates. PWA’s popularity skyrocketed during the last couple of years due to a widespread realization that this combination of the native app’s feel and the web applications’ functionality and accessibility is highly efficient and reduces the development costs. This, in turn, led to the spread of a large array of application templates [...]
How to Make a Successful Print on Demand Store on Wordpress?
Even the most seasoned entrepreneurs can be intimidated by the prospect of building a WordPress website. But in the modern world, running a successful business without a website is like driving a car without an engine. You can only move on mechanical shocks from outside, implementing advertisements, and making cold calls [...]
How Does WooCommerce Print on Demand Work?
Expanding the boundaries of the business, an entrepreneur constantly needs to master the principles of working with new channels and software. There’s always a choice: either a quick creation of an online store on Shopify, Etsy, etc., or setting up WooCommerce plugins if you’re tech-savvy. When starting your research on WooCommerce, you’d know that this is an open-source WordPress plugin for worldwide sales. The system stands out among dry statistical facts and is impressive in its scale: the number of downloads is over 82 million. It's active on more than 3 million websites, 68,000 of which are considered the best ones in the world. WooCommerce is the most popular choice among entrepreneurs ahead of Magento and Shopify [...]
A Comprehensive Guide on how to Start Selling on Amazon with Print on Demand
If you’re a beginner and the print on demand business seems like know-how, and the technical side is fearsome, then you need help selling merch. Even with an omnichannel strategy, the experience of integration with different sites will be different. For an entrepreneur working in such a specific industry, it’s essential to conduct targeted effective trading on large platforms and use less popular ones as additional income. Since more than 200 million people visit Amazon every month, it’s easier here to start your journey in promotion, primarily by selling “evergreen” products - T-shirts [...]
Beginner's Guide on Selling Print on Demand Clothing on eBay
eBay isn’t just a platform in the Internet space but a whole country without borders and language barriers, uniting millions of sellers and buyers from all over the world. It may not be as popular or easy to manage as Amazon or Etsy, but there is a ton of traffic to make decent sales. Shopify store owners often face long wait times to access platform account limits, UI difficulties, or strict product listing guidelines. Despite this, the white label clothes innovativeness, delivery, and gross merchandise volume differentiate eBay from its competitors. Take the last aspect: in Q1 2021, GMV was $27.5 B, and $3.0 B revenue. Based on this, it turns out that selling print on demand with eBay provides enough resources to ensure stable conversion rates and customer loyalty [...]
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