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How Much Does a Progressive Web App Cost?
According to DataReportal, in 2020, the number of mobile internet users exceeded 4.5 billion. This stimulated the growth of demand for mobile sites, which are not inferior to mobile applications in terms of page load speed and usability. The popularity of regular mobile apps, on the contrary, has noticeably dropped [...]
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For Clients
How to Create a Mobile App with Angular and Cordova – a Brief Tutorial
Learn how to convert Angular to Cordova in order to implement a new crossplatform, high-performance solution.
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Hitting It Big with Print on Demand Design: Clues to Note
The contemporary globalized world is rapidly turning into an overstandardized one. Being used to a certain set of amenities, a lot of people don’t relish the idea of parting with their habitual environment even if they have to travel a thousand miles to another continent.
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Big Comparison Angular vs React, Vue, Node, Ember, Knockout, Polymer and others frameworks
Digital technologies reign supreme in the contemporary world. With the number of smartphone users quickly approaching half of the planet’s population, there is no other word to characterize these gadgets’ proliferation than “pervasive”.
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Angular vs. React: Which Is a Better Choice in 2020?
Have you noticed how much time modern people spend on their smartphone? Its alarm clock wakes them up in the morning, access to social media allows them to learn the latest news at breakfast, and Viber group updates inform what to expect at work or in the university.
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The Best Educational Apps for Android and iOS in 2020
Currently, educational apps on various topics are gradually stamping offline express courses out of the market. This tendency is accelerated by the prolonged quarantine situation.
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The Complete Guide to Push Notifications 2020
Notifications are one of the most accessible and effective methods of communicating with the target audience of a business. They allow you to keep the user’s attention on a product or service, increase their interest, provide necessary information support and stimulate sales.
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