Progressive web app development (PWA)

Are you ready to take on the market with a progressive solution?

Progressive web app development

Progressive web app development requires an innovative, expertise-driven approach. Only experienced field specialists know all the nuances of how to properly deliver an unusual web-functionality solution that doesn’t even need to be installed. We have just the professionals that have been building PWAs to boost profits for years. Are you ready to take on the market with a progressive solution?

What is a PWA?

PWA is a type of web applications based on a stack of web and mobile innovations (JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and Service Worker). PWAs look and interact with the client as native applications. Advances in the improvement of browsers, cache, and push-interfaces allowed to get such applications installed on the home screen right from the browser, get pop-up notifications, and even use them offline. This is an absolute necessity for organizations working in the eCommerce, Shopify segment, where keeping up consistent communication with the client winds up one of the keys to be the best.

The main PWAs features

Works for any user, regardless of browser (Firefox, Safari, etc), since the main principle here is a progressive improvement.
Suitable for any form of devices: desktops, smartphones, tablets, or anything else.
Using the service worker, it can work offline or on slow networks.
Always with new information thanks to the update process of the Service worker.
Transmits data over HTTPS to prevent interception or spoofing of data.
Although it is referred to as an “application“, the W3C manifest and register the service worker to allow search engines to find it.
Attract users to an application is easier thanks to features like push notifications.
Fast to installFast to install
Enables clients to ‘spare’ the most helpful applications on the home screen, without utilizing the application store.
It is anything but difficult to impart to the assistance of the URL, it does not require a full installation.
Similar to an applicationSimilar to an application
For the user it feels like an application, with all its interactions and navigation, as it is based on the app shell model.

Why Build a Progressive Web App?

Progressive mobile applications are a product of the joint evolution of the mobile site and the native application. Simply put, a hybrid that incorporates the very best of its predecessors. Now, the ease of installation and opening of the mobile site and the functionality of the native application (push notifications, GPS-navigation, and other native functions) became united.

The technology benefits both customers and users.

  • Progressive web application development comes out several times cheaper and faster than native engineering, which opens up many new opportunities for small companies.
  • For users, the benefits are no less significant: a PWA doesn’t take up space in the phone’s memory, there is no need to download the application from app stores.

One of the top advantages of PWA over native apps is that there’s no necessity to upload software to App Store and Google Play stores. Progressive web technology applications are completely standalone. Developers no longer need to stick to the established rules and policies of Apple and Google while users get simplified installation procedures. In order to open PWA, it is enough to go to the company’s website from a mobile device, and the linked web application will open automatically.

At the same time, you can add the PWA icon to the phone desktop. As opposed to the full-on installation of native apps, here, all a user has to do is agree to “install” an icon. The PWA icon is a picture with a link to a web application that opens through a browser, with which the user can launch the application he likes at any time. Another important difference between the PWA and the ‘heavy native’ is that PWA occupies almost no space in the user’s phone memory.

PWA case of studies results: Encouraging

Google has published case studies of companies that have implemented Progressive Web Apps. Their results are encouraging:

  • AliExpress increased the conversion rate for new users by 104%.
  • United eXtra Electronics showed a 4-fold increase in visitor returns and increased sales from users by 100%, which comes as a result of interacting with pop-up notifications.
  • 5miles reduced the bounce rate by 50% and increased conversions by 30%.
  • Konga uses 92% less data for initial loading compared to downloading their native application.

Our PWA Building Approach

Building progressive apps single-handedly or with the help of inexperienced freelancers means building a software foundation based on outdated info, with an amateur approach. The best idea for developing the PWA is to hire progressive web app developers from the top agency who face related tasks daily. The MPS team is well aware of all the difficulties that could appear in the project, e.g. iOS and Android limitations, caching, etc.

At our PWA development company, we have in-depth expertise and experience in implementing projects via the following technologies:

Framework designed specifically for developing responsive applications and dynamic websites with advanced UX
Programming language
Service Worker APIService Worker API
Technology that transforms a website into a progressive application
Tool for creating web styles.pages
Language and set of styles for work with UI

MPS - Your Trusty PWA Development Company

Currently, the ratio of progressive web apps in the eCommerce segment is 40 out of 100 applications. This means that there is a fairly promising opportunity to attract the maximum of the target audience and make its interaction with your company as efficient as possible.

When we create PWA for your particular needs, we start from the understanding that the solution should work equally adequately on all operating systems. For 2 years, Multi-Programming Solutions has been dealing with developing high-quality PWAs and this experience allows us to get a clear understanding of all the development steps and stages. Since we know the problems that we will overcome during the building process in advance, we get to significantly reduce the time and costs dedicated to the project.

Make Multi-Programming Solutions a progressive web application development company of your choice - message us or call our managers from San Diego, USA and London, UK to get your first PWA.

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