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Getting the best of education application development

Very often a certain period in the history of mankind is branded in accordance with the dominating technological trend. The 1960s were the Era of Space Exploration, the 1990s are known as the Computerization Epoch. Our time can be described as the Age of Apps.

This type of software "living" inside our smartphones enables people to revise our views on practically all personal and social activities and adopt novel approaches in a wide gamut of spheres – from dating and communication to shopping and entertainment. Education is one of the domains that displays an exceedingly robust pattern of leveraging this state-of-the-art technology, with both teachers and students enjoying the benefits of learning app development. The vicious onslaught of the global pandemic has made remote education a topical issue, which only increased the demand not only for ed-tech apps but for learning platforms and all kinds of digital solutions in the education and e-learning industry.

Multi-Programming Solutions as a competent educational app development company realizes the growing need for such products and is ready to offer our customers a broad range of educational app development services that will suit any taste and wallet size.

What we do for education?

Our company has the requisite skills to create an educational app of the following types:

  • Apps for toddlers, pre-schoolers, and junior school students;
  • Gaming apps for kids of any age;
  • Parents apps;
  • College/University apps;
  • Online training and exam apps;
  • Language learning apps;
  • Tutorial apps;
  • Subject-specific apps (math, science, history, etc.);
  • Teacher/student portfolio apps;
  • Apps for coaching classes;
  • Students with disabilities apps;
  • Course and university selection apps;
  • E-book library app.

While developing an educational app of any type, we make it a point to customize our products to the utmost degree. At the same time, Multi-Programming Solutions considers it essential for our apps not to stay put on the virtual shelves of app stores but to be actively utilized by all stakeholders of the learning process. That is why the apps by our developers are high-quality products that conform to all educational standards and official requirements applied to software in the industry.

Multi-Programming Solutions isn’t just an e-learning app development company. The scope of our expertise in the field extends far beyond building applications. In addition to mobile learning app development, our specialists can create learning management systems – full-fledged education software that encompasses a step-by-step learning procedure to master theory, slews of practical assignments, and various instruments of testing and control that enable checking the academic performance of students.

This universal algorithm can be even fine-tuned to allow moving on to the next topic or level only after the previous one has been successfully completed. In case learners can’t pass the test, they are offered revision exercises.

Essential features of our education apps

Instant ChatInstant Chat
Screen & Project sharingScreen & Project sharing
Video streamingVideo streaming
Live presentationsLive presentations
Management toolsManagement tools

When we create e-learning app, we go all lengths to make UX with it a comfortable one. It means not only an attractive and wieldy user interface but the availability of features that turn interacting with the app into a satisfying and fun activity.

Typically, an education app of ours has a secure login to protect personal and financial data of tutors, institutions, and students, a user-friendly search and navigation system, efficient content management, wide integration opportunities (video, audio, images, blogs, forums, etc.), and multi-platform compatibility. Moreover, each app type we build is equipped with a unique feature set vital for its smooth and efficient operation.

Thus, virtual classroom solutions are provided with attendance and discussion systems, instant chat, screen and project sharing, video streaming, live presentations, archiving, and various classroom management tools.

Remote learning websites have such functions as signing up for a course, course catalog, reporting and data analysis, brand integration, news/blog, secure fee collection (receipt downloading included), online exams and live feedback on them, mock tests, etc.

Institute management software includes school/college information, events publication, e-book repository, schedules for each class, uploading course content, research and development topic listings, and so on.

Any kind of software we build is highly customized, so we can tailor the app to fit your content requirements and design vision.

Our tech stack

The know-how we leverage allows us to excel at mobile learning application development, creating projects of any complexity. Being well-versed in contemporary technologies, Multi-Programming Solutions is shaping its approach with a view to the pioneering innovations that keep cropping up in the digital world almost every month. Although today native apps still reign supreme, a ground-breaking novelty is gathering significant momentum in the realm of mobile software – progressive web apps (PWAs).

These are websites that are revved up to behave like native apps, beating the latter in many aspects. PWAs don’t require installation, weigh a little, can be run on both iOS and Android-powered devices with any screen size, are SEO-friendly, work well if the internet connection is intermittent or even absent, and cost much less than their native counterparts.

Keeping in mind all the boons that PWAs bring to all parties to the educational process, we recommend creating an e-learning progressive web app. By obtaining one, you will be able to reach out to the maximum number of users and provide them with native-like UX without splurging on it outrageous sums.

Why hire us?

Being a seasoned player in the IT market for one and a half decades, Multi-Programming Solutions has accumulated valuable experience and earned a reputation as a reliable partner that delivers high-end products at a reasonable price. We practice a personalized approach to cater to the needs of each client and manifest utmost flexibility to meet our customers half-way in order to establish long-term relationships that would satisfy all stakeholders.

Contact us to commission an e-learning project of your dream.

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