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BigCommerce is an e-commerce platform to create online stores which are popular among UK and USA entrepreneurs. The main audience of this platform is small and medium businesses, large companies and entrepreneurs in the field of sales and services. Thanks to the HTML editor, here you can create a landing page, a blog, a banner or a discount coupon. The platform will also catch an eye of programmers and everybody who has knowledge in this area, e.g. freelancers and bloggers.
Being started in 2009, the platform works with more than 60,000 web shops today. A huge undeniable advantage of BigCommerce, compared to its contenders, is its plainness and an absence of the need to deal with the integration of plugins and editing HTML / CSS or other stuff.

BigCommerce offers many tools for online marketing: SMM, email marketing, coupons and discounts, multi-channel marketing. Each page of the site is created taking into account SEO-optimization. An availability of various templates allows you to create catching and successful online stores. It is also possible to change the store look and adjust it to the individual characteristics of the business.

  • no additional transaction fees;
  • all website templates work immediately on both the desktop and mobile versions;
  • works with email marketing, coupon codes, delivery, analytics;
  • you can easily connect your online store to Google shopping, eBay and Facebook.

BigCommerce Development and Design Services

This online store platform gives everybody an opportunity to develop and accelerate your e-commerce business. It offers designs that are reasonable for entrenched stores, and for quickly developing brands. The primary objective of BigCommerce is to give the attachments you have to level up your business. It is exceptionally convertible and has noteworthy features that help their products.
Each BigCommerce customer will get AdWords credits to begin promoting his/her store, just as the capacity to utilize the inherent long range of social network apps and get emails of their customers. Speaking about inventory management, you can allocate various classes to your items and procedure every single approaching request. On account of incorporation with sellers, for example, shipperHQ, you can even oversee item hunt and following.

At long last, BigCommerce coordinates with different applications and programming, which will encourage the service of day-by-day store processes. For instance, this is QuickBooks, Olark Live Chat, Optimizely and some more.
Despite the fact of simple using the platform, clients often face the problem of not making all the features work properly. We, at Multi-Programming Solutions, can help to implement all Bigcommerce options to an online store.

What We Offer

BigCommerce theme developmentBigCommerce theme development
BigCommerce mobile app developmentBigCommerce mobile app development
BigCommerce payment gateway and integrationBigCommerce payment gateway and integration
BigCommerce customization servicesBigCommerce customization services
BigCommerce supportBigCommerce support
BigCommerce theme development
BigCommerce theme development

When visitors are easy to navigate on your site, easy to find the desired products, easy to add them to the cart, and easy to find the necessary information without having to switch to a separate page with the order, you have a sharply increased chance of selling. We, at Multi-Programming Solutions, understand the importance of design and theme development. Our engineers will help you to set up the most responsive template with simple navigation and comprehensive logics.

BigCommerce mobile app development
BigCommerce mobile app development

The mobile version of the site allows you to reach the users of mobile devices and to increase the ranking in the search engines by increasing the number of visitors. We offer BigCommerce mobile app development solutions which are developed for Iphone (iOS) and Android smartphones. Our company builds applications with extended functionality including Facebook ads, app engagement tools, etc.

BigCommerce payment gateway and integration
BigCommerce payment gateway and integration

The integration of many different ways of paying for goods and services is a long and complicated process. Despite this fact, payment gateways really increase the chance of product purchase. We can help to integrate the store with major payment gateways such as Stripe, PayPal, Apple Pay and others. Also, we assist in dropshipping and warehouse integration which allows you to download free images and descriptions, monitor the availability of goods at the supplier’s warehouse and successfully manage your orders.

BigCommerce customization services
BigCommerce customization services

Our company is always interested in creating new experience for our clients with exclusively fresh innovative technologies. Thanks to product and theme customization, the store will become more engaging for purchasers. If you feel that Bigcommerce is your meal ticket, Multi-Programming Solutions will help you to save your style and uniqueness during the whole migration process.

BigCommerce support
BigCommerce support

In order to investments in a web project to be paid off, and the site to become a source of stable profits, you need to regularly engage in its development. Site support is an important component of this process, which includes a set of actions aimed to service all the needs of a web project. The Multi-Programming Solutions technical support team can provide development and design improvements and changes to your site. Supporting a site is, first and foremost, not only updating the content on the site, but introducing new features, refining new sections of the site, optimizing the site, fixing bugs and server crashes.

Team of Dedicated BigCommerce Developers

The demand for highly qualified talents in the development of BigCommerce exceeds supply. This creates an impressive shortage in the market. Some companies may find it extremely difficult to find and hire a devotee BigCommerce programmer.
Multi-Programming Solutions is a BigCommerce development agency of experts, located in London (UK). Given the increase in the necessary level of entrepreneurial culture of self-sufficiency and flexibility, a progressive business sector and a variety of English-speaking specialists with technical skills and resources have emerged. Our BigCommerce designers and developers are good at not only solving theoretical problems, but have practical and real development experience of BigCommerce.

At MPS, we are convinced that the success of our business largely depends on how happy our employees are, no matter what we develop, invent or sell. We completely trust our professionals and their growth in our organization, at least, because every day they perform plenty of creative and client-oriented solutions.

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