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Success Story

Our inception traces back to 2006 where we came up with the idea to produce trustworthy and long lasting IT services and software for markets. We comprise of a team of outstanding engineers in this field, hardworking and entirely driven to discharge excellence.

We work together as a team and combine the skill and experience of our professional developers to bring you the highest quality solutions.

We are constantly evolving and always ready to embrace positive changes, we strive to stay updated on all innovations to offer our customers the best solutions on the market.

Whether you are a start-up or a larger company, Multi Programming Solutions will help you to take your business to the next level by focusing your goals and creating IT solutions that will enable your business flourish.

We value quality not quantity. As the matter of fact, quality is the first point we pay attention to. We have the best specialists in the area of our expertise and simply outstanding client care.

The Market of Digital networks is diverse yet unique; however, an issue may arise when getting the right tools and people to get your work done. Many people deliver underhand jobs, projects that definitely won’t get you what you need to boost your enterprise.

Multi Programming Solutions has come a long way in the market and has built a lot of strong bonds that cannot be afforded to be tarnished, which is why our primary objective is ensuring that our clients are completely satisfied with our work.

Our Team

Alexander Mochalov

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Olga Rybtsova

Head of Delivery

Vitaliy Suprun

CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

Valentina Korotchenko

Project Manager

Daria Holovnina

Project Manager

Anna Sotnikova

Marketing Manager

Maria Kharabet

Sales Manager

Alena Kateba

HR department

Sergey Ukolov

Full-Stack Engineer

Maksym Teslenko

Full-Stack Engineer

Volodymyr Palamarchuk

PHP developer

Maksym Do

PHP developer

Maksym Bondar

Unity Developer, Team Lead

Vadym Usachev

Unity Developer

Alexander Pogrebnjak

Front End Developer

Daria Lvovich


Marina Vasilyeva


Olga Gavrylko

UI/UX Designer

Konstantyn Kashin

System Administrator

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