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are becoming the most important component of business in the modern world

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In recent years, web applications are developing rapidly, gradually replacing desktop solutions and becoming the most important component of business in the modern world. Increasingly, companies are resorting to web-application development services to effectively solve a wide range of business problems.

What is a Web Application?

A web app is a client-server application, the main part of which is contained on a remote server (server-side),
and the user interface (client-side) is displayed in the browser as web pages.
To run the web application, the user doesn’t need to install any additional programs; it runs on any device with a browser and Internet access.
The client-side work doesn’t depend on the operating system installed on the user's computer, so when developing web applications there is no need to write separate versions for Windows, Linux, Mac OS and other operating systems.
Depending on the tasks facing the business, you can order the development of the necessary web service. Such apps aim to solve internal operating problems, such as a lack of automized work with documents, a need in systems to simplify employees’ communication and interaction, a demand in improving mobility and efficiency of the staff.

All the web applications are divided into several types:

Corporate portalCorporate portal
Electronic commerce systemsElectronic commerce systems
Corporate portal
Corporate portal

It’s a multifunctional web service that allows the Client to conveniently and efficiently optimize business processes.
It solves these issues:

  • Improving the quality of customer service
  • Improving employee performance
  • Strengthening and improving relations between company departments
  • Convenient and efficient communication with partners
  • Increasing employee mobility
  • Remote work with documents

It’s a powerful tool for automating customer relations, effectively solving the problem of successful control, planning and development of any client-oriented business.
There are issues which it aims to solve:

  • The integrity and safety of the customer base
  • Getting sales analytics
  • Increasing sales
  • Effective staff optimization
  • Paperwork reduction

The development of an ERP system (or Enterprise Resource Planning) is necessary for large enterprises of all forms of ownership to open up new opportunities for business.
There are tasks to be solved:

  • Standardization of reporting forms and information systems
  • Improving collaboration between departments
  • Process control and synchronization
  • Integration with contractors
Electronic commerce systems
Electronic commerce systems

Thanks to e-commerce, service and product providers can offer products to potential customers online, receive and process orders, manage the status of applications, etc.
Such apps solve specific problems:

  • Obtaining detailed information about the requests of each individual consumer
  • Reducing transaction costs
  • Reducing the path of goods to the consumer

Why Your Business Needs a Web Application

We, at Multi-Programming Solutions, think that every business should take the idea of creating web applications on board because it is:

  • Available from any device
    The Client can work with the web application anywhere in the world from a computer, tablet or smartphone connected to the Internet.
  • Flexible
    Native applications need certain OSs when web applications work on any operating system (Windows, MAC, Linux, etc.) and any browser (Internet Explorer, Opera, FireFox, Google Chrome, etc.).
  • Lack of client software
    Cheaper and easier to install, maintain and upgrade the client interface. Updating to the latest version occurs the next time the page loads.
  • Secure
    The web system has a single entry point, which can be protected and configured centrally.
  • Scalable
    With the increasing load on the system, it isn’t necessary to increase the capacity of visitors inflow. Web application allows you to process more data, usually only by hardware resources, without rewriting the code and changing the architecture.
  • Data loss protection
    User data is stored in the cloud which is covered and protected with hosting providers who are able to help if the hard disk of the computer is damaged. Also, MPS development team sets and controls back-ups and monitors the system 24/7 to avoid the data loss at all.

Web Application Development Process and Approaches

Web application development contains basic key stages as for every project which comes to MPS engineers to work on. The process of creating a web application, in general, involves six main steps:

  • Discussion of goals and objectives of the project;
  • Development of site architecture;
  • Development of design layouts;
  • Html-layout;
  • Programming;
  • Quality control;
  • Launch;
  • Maintenance and Support.

Each of these stages is sufficiently independent, which allows you to choose a work scheme for each of them. Our company prefers working on Sprints which allows us to control the development progress at any stage of the working process and immediately react on the issues to fix them.

Technology Expertise

We choose technologies for developing a web application based on the specifics of a particular project and the wishes of the client. To create the server side of web applications, such programming languages ​​as: PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, Perl, C / C ++, Java, Python, Ruby, NodeJS are used. To implement the client-side, we use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax.

What Web Application Development Services We Provide

MPS expertise in the field of web application development includes the development of both technically complex, but ergonomic and user-friendly applications. We offer a full cycle of web application development: business analysis, design, implementation, quality testing, deployment and support. We guarantee the implementation of best practices on all projects of our customers. Our company offers web application development services, including:

Hire Web App Developers

The success of our client is our success, therefore, we develop each web application with high attention. MPS specialists are always ready to advise or provide assistance on the project. Our UI/UX engineers constantly gain knowledge in the field of the latest technologiesand use an innovative approach in their work.
To speed up the development process, we use the following JS platforms and libraries: Angular, React JS, etc.
We create custom-made back-end solutions using various programming languages ​​and libraries, such as Java, PHP, Python, .Net, etc.
Our job is to solve the problems of your business with the help of successful web applications.
Regardless of the volume and complexity of the project - be it a catalog, content management system (CMS), or warehouse accounting system - we issue not a template, but a full-fledged, ready-to-go result.

Do you have a project in mind?

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