The Best Accounting Software Solution for SMBs: BOOkSTER

Streamline your small-to-medium enterprise accounting with a single all-in-one accounting tool for business that ties things up - discover BOOkSTER.

BOOkSTER - the Ultimate Business Accounting Software

A sturdy business today must have its accounting refined and run in a well-managed, highly available manner.
The most reliable tool that helps companies in any niche centralize and streamline accounting is a proper digital solution.
BOOkSTER may as well be the best accounting software for small and medium-sized business structures of any purpose.
Take a look at what this ultimate solution for SMBs has in store to see for yourself.

What is BOOkSTER All About?

BOOkSTER is a flexible financial accounting system tailored to the needs of small-to-medium service-oriented businesses that allows them to smoothly and productively handle a range of business accounting tasks.

You may easily integrate the system with a fitting IT environment, connecting to it data flows from your Jira, Wise, PayPal, Google Drive, Quickbooks, etc., for streamlined, centralized accounting.

Ultimately, BOOkSTER is your small business software accounting made simple and straight.

Who Needs BOOkSTER?

BOOkSTER is an easy-to-use accounting software for small businesses with employees not exceeding a couple of hundred at the most. However, its accessible nature makes it a great piece of accounting software for self-employed specialists, too.

Business OwnersBusiness Owners
IT ContractorsIT Contractors
Business Owners
Business Owners

If your business accounting is centered in Spreadsheets, BOOkSTER can make your CFO’s life easier by eliminating the need for manual table filling, saving at least 50% of the time usually consumed by the task. Both CFO’s and CEO’s performance can be streamlined by segmenting data flow management access, which makes it a great accounting software for business owners.


If you have just launched or are about to launch a new enterprise, BOOkSTER can help you organize your accounting toolset and centralize financial management to provide for and monitor business health from the early stages, which makes it a fitting accounting software for freelancers.

IT Contractors
IT Contractors

If you are a serial entrepreneur who must launch and manage multiple businesses, BOOkSTER can assist you in acquiring financial analytics both for every other project and for the merged activity of all enterprises, which makes it an efficient accounting software for IT contractors.

Accounting Software Features of BOOkSTER

BOOkSTER features a wide range of functionalities and opportunities for versatile business accounting and financial management.

Contractors managementContractors management
Contractor bonus accountingContractor bonus accounting
Payroll managementPayroll management
Contractors managementContractors management
Bank accountsBank accounts
Chart of operationsChart of operations
Contractors management
Contractors management

All financial interactions with a contractor in one place.

  • Accounting of legal entities and individuals;
  • Bank account details management;
  • Rates and history of their change.

Contractor bonus accounting
Contractor bonus accounting

A separate dashboard for access to contractor interests.

  • Positives and negatives, i.e., bonuses and deductions;
  • Calculations in both % and $;
  • Static and dynamic bonuses;
  • Time-limited bonuses and not.

Payroll management
Payroll management

Fast and handy remuneration for your contractors and subcontractors.

  • Wage calculation based on imported Jira hours in one click;
  • Accounting of bonuses and deductions;
  • Multicurrency payroll support;
  • Automated Payslips sending to contractors;
  • Creation and distribution of signed invoices for contractors.

Contractors management
Contractors management

A convenient and flexible way to conduct payroll operations with timely notifications for contractors.

  • Payroll split into 2 or more installments;
  • Payroll merge of 2 or more salaries for one person;
  • Payroll arrears processing.

Bank accounts
Bank accounts

Streamlined connection with all relevant banking accounts via a single accounting tool for business.

  • Automated and manual transactions import;
  • Support of Wise, PayPal, HSBC, Privatbank, and more;
  • Quotes updating across all currency pairs.

Chart of operations
Chart of operations

Contains all business operations of the company integrated into the Chart of Accounts.

  • Split or merge of operations;
  • Recurring operations with and without expiration;


Centralized settlement of company operations and bank transactions.

  • Multicurrency support;
  • Multi-variant reconciliation scenarios;
  • Facilitated commission and surplus processing.

P&L report

A flexible and descriptive company Profit & Loss report.

  • Can be set for daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual reports;
  • Allows expanding expense and income items to analyze respective transactions;
  • The report can be built both on matched transactions and not.

Project-by-project reporting

  • Teams and rates management;
  • Invoice generation and sending by projects;
  • Separate P&L reports for each project.

Ways for Your Company to Adopt BOOkSTER

BOOkSTER is among the most versatile business accounting software solutions up to date, and integrating it with an existing IT environment doesn’t take much time or trouble. On top of that, BOOkSTER is a server-based solution, not an SaaS, so you get several options to buy this accounting software for small business and adopt it:

Buy code to get BOOkSTER on your server

  • Create custom features and maintain the system individually;
  • Use your own capacities to manage server and backups;
  • Get updates and fixes done by your own programmers.

Get a source code for non-development purposes

  • Gain life-long ownership of the server and code;
  • Get all timely updates and fixes;
  • Get extra personalized functionality;
  • Enjoy 24/7 monitoring and backups;
  • Switch BOOkSTER support to your own team at any moment.

BOOkSTER As Your Ultimate Management Accounting Software for Small Business

If you are seeking easy accounting software for small business, medium enterprise, or even a single project of your own, BOOkSTER comes in as a universal solution for fast and simple yet efficient financial management and accounting.

Centralize, facilitate, process, and analyze all that’s related to cost distribution in your company with BOOkSTER - the ultimate accounting software for IT companies with forward-minded workflow ambitions.


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