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Magento is an e-commerce platform that is open source and allows web developers to create a website platform.
The Magento website will enable you to sell downloadable content, physical products, and services to customers. The unique thing about Magento is that it gives the e-commerce store owner the option to control the activities performed in the online store.

Benefits of Using Magento

  • Cost-effective
  • Provides more than 50 payment gateways
  • An open source technology that offers flexible and scalable e-commerce solutions
  • Allows various discounts and promotions during check-out
  • Designed to be SEO-friendly which ensures that customers find your product online
  • Drives more revenue growth
  • Delivers a fruitful shopping experience
  • Gets to the market quickly which increases your ROI

Magento E-Commerce Development

Multi-Programming Solutions is a software development company that specializes in the delivery of high-quality e-commerce software solutions to our clients. We are an experienced Magento agency which is providing Magento development services for online store owners.

Magento e-commerce solutions developed by Multi-Programming Solutions help our clients to identify the strength of their product, and analyze key perspectives and highlight their stores on the market. We enhance your online Magento platform performance with a cloud; this enables you to analyze products, promotions, trends, and loyal customers.

Magento also supports you to react quickly to dynamic customer demands.

Magento Development Services

Multi-Programming Solutions is made up of a team of skilled developers with over ten years of experience in providing software solutions. We aim to improve the market by creating beneficial IT services, which are exceedingly effective in performance at cost-effective budgets enabling smaller businesses to take a full advantage of services and solutions we offer.

Our Magento Development services include:

Magento web designMagento web design
Magento theme developmentMagento theme development
Custom Magento developmentCustom Magento development
Migration & implementation servicesMigration & implementation services
Upload to Magento 2Upload to Magento 2
Magento support servicesMagento support services
Magento web design
Magento web design

If you are setting up a Magento Enterprise, a perfect Magento web design is essential to make visitors stay longer on your store. Multi-Programming Solutions offers appealing Magento web design that will help your business to stand out amongst others. We incorporate various elements of design into your website ensuring that your designs come out perfect, user-friendly and responsive.

Magento theme development
Magento theme development

The thorough development of the theme will allow to avoid conflicts and issues with your theme after your Magento instance get updated or a custom extension is installed. Our team of Magento experts creates themes that enable clients and customers to interact with your Magento online store successfully. We develop Magento themes with SEO capabilities and optimized scalability. We also design different types of Magento 2.0.
Multi-Programming Solutions creates interactive online stores which are the unprecedented strength of the conversion of PSD to Magento to increase the visibility of the website.

Custom Magento development
Custom Magento development

Multi-Programming Solutions develops custom Magento extensions that extend the scalability and flexibility of your online store. Our customization services provide UX and easy-to-navigate platforms enabling you to completely control the activities on your online store with add-ons and functionalities. We also customize, redesign and redevelop your Magento online store to ensure that your e-commerce site runs effectively.

Migration & implementation services
Migration & implementation services

Multi-Programming Solutions Magento experts help you migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2, ensuring a complete, smooth and successful migration of your Magento online store. We also analyze and review the current progress of the store and provide possible strategies that can help for a successful migration of your store. Multi-Programming Solutions also carries out implementation services, ranging from architecture design, discovery and launching of the latest version of Magento with consideration for B2B merchants and Magento B2C.

Upload to Magento 2
Upload to Magento 2

Adobe Company has announced the end of Magento 1 support in 2019 - any update patches or security updates will be in the hands of the merchant and no longer a responsibility of Magento as a company. Magento 2, released in 2016, will be the only supported version after the date announced. We can help you maintain your current Magento store or upgrade to Magento 2 with better support and more innovative design which is perfect for B2B markets.

Magento support services
Magento support services

Multi-Programming Solutions provides world-class Magento support services that enable you not to worry about your store effectiveness and optimisation with the support packages needed for Magento 2. Our maintenance and support services include troubleshooting and bug fixes, patches and extension, installation and upgrade, admin support and remote training, growth driven designs, integration of Magento store with your existing CRM or ERP system.

Magento Team Development: Developers & Designers

Looking for skilled specialists to hire for your Magento online store development?

Multi-Programming Solutions is the answer. We offer high-performance services to our clients making use of qualified Magento experts; our specialists have vast knowledge and experience that will make your online store stand out in a competitive market. Our Magento developers improve, build and support your online store. Whether you need frontend or backend Magento developers, we have them available to provide a perfect Magento environment for your product.

Magento Development Solution

With Multi-Programming Magento Solution we will help you meet your business goals, including mobile, email, shipping experiences and flexibility for the B2B enterprise. We have clients cut across the globe and have dominated the USA and the UK market.
Do you want to achieve a global expansion? Our Magento experts will help you build the perfect Magento e-commerce store for you which will reduce business costs and transform the customer experience.

Magento Pricing

There are differences in Magento pricing. The cost is determined by the plan you choose and its benefits. For instance, the amount of purchasing a Magento 1 website or online store increases with an addition of a new server, however, for an online environment like Magento 2, the rate is determined by the amount of incoming revenue received in your company.
In choosing the edition, always remember that your Magento e-commerce store should be user-friendly and belong all the necessary features to meet customers’ needs.

Contact Multi-Programming Solutions today for a suitable cost-effective method of building your Magento website.

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