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Online gambling business is one of the most profitable businesses in the world

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Online gambling business is one of the most profitable businesses in the world. A rapidly growing interest in online gambling, the ever-increasing disposable income of people worldwide, and an increasingly favourable legal landscape have made online gambling a highly popular entertainment option for internet users. More and more users are playing on online casinos. To meet this burgeoning demand, new online casinos and online sportsbooks are being launched left, right, and centre. Despite the intense competition that exists in the industry, online gambling continues to be a lucrative and high-margin business.

Launching an Online Gambling Business

If you want to launch an online gambling business, there was never a better time to do it than now!
That said, starting and operating an online gambling business is not easy. It can be an excruciatingly painful process. Businesses can either create entire casino platforms from scratch or obtain fully functional casino platforms from a third-party software provider. In some cases, they might have to spend weeks integrating multiple such platforms, so that they can support various games that operate only on specific casino software. Thereafter, they would be required to obtain the various online casino games from different game developers, integrate payment gateways, and add a variety of add-ons. Not to mention licensing, software development hiccups, and additional unfortunate obstacles. This entire exercise can easily take anywhere between 3-6 months, depending on the resources of your business and the expertise of your professionals in creating, obtaining, and implementing the systems.

The solution? A white label online casino solution!

What is a White Label Casino?

A white label casino is the fastest way to launch your online gambling business, and you can do it today. At its core, a white label casino is a turn-key online casino software, which comes loaded with casino games, payment methods, multi-platform support, and more. The most important advantage of white label casino solutions is that they are time-tested and have undergone rigorous technical testing. Therefore, they are bug-free, which makes for a smooth and hassle-free experience for your customers. This directly improves customer satisfaction and contributes to your revenue growth.

The best part? In comparison to a fresh online casino setup, a white label casino cost is just a fraction of it. You can be an online gambling business owner at a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of the time.

Take a Break From Business and Play!

Custom online casino businesses come with a plethora of bugs, performance limitations, and third-party software integration issues. So, when you create your own systems and offer the services to your customers, their experience will take a big hit. They might face problems with the payment, the games may behave erratically, or even prevent the players from playing the games they like. As you can imagine, these players often deposit hundreds, if not thousands, of Euros onto the casino. Such issues can send them into a panic mode and reach out for the customer care. Your customer support team will be left handling their issues and firefighting to manage the situation.

The ever-pervasive social media has made it infinitely easier for disgruntled players to wreck your brand image with just a few posts or tweets. If the dissatisfied customers share their experience online, it can cause a public relations crisis for your brand, damage your reputation, and drill your business into the ground. This is especially true for a business like online gambling, where the stakes are literally high for the players.

Moreover, running an online gambling business involved a dizzying variety of other operations like payments processing, compliances, tax payments, fraud detection, risk management, and so on. All these operations require a tremendous amount of resources and skilled talent. Businesses must also account for attrition within their organisation and find suitable talent when a highly specialised skilled talent leaves them. In addition to the cost implications of such hiring, the sheer amount of time spent on replacing such talent can be massive. Not to mention that the wrong hire can cause immeasurable damage to the company.

That’s why, it is a significantly less risky and a much smarter decision to obtain a third-party white label casino solutions that take of end-to-end business operations and allow business owners like yourselves to focus more of your attention on things that you are really good at – marketing and business development – two areas that directly create more revenue for you.

Relationship Between Software Providers and Gaming Operators

Providers vs operators

The online gambling industry involves multiple stakeholders. Software providers and gaming operators are two primary pillars on which the bulk of the iGaming industry thrives. The relationship between them is one of mutual benefit. Together, they grow and help each other grow. So, who are they and how do they work together, let’s find out.

Software providers

Software providers are the entities that supply the software that is essential for operating an online casino. This can include the casino platform that hosts the games, the casino games, the affiliate tracking and management software, and even payment processing platforms. Greenfield casino projects must obtain these individual services or components to launch an online casino, which can mean months of negotiations with each of these providers. Thankfully, there exist another class of software providers – white label casino providers.

White label casino providers already have a completely functional online casino – fully integrated with casino software, games from other providers, payment processing services, and so on. All you need to do is obtain the white label online casino and give it your branding and promote it as your own business.


Casino operators are businessmen who operate online casino businesses. They might create their gambling business right from scratch or choose to license a white label casino solution and then promote it as their own. Whichever option they choose, the difference is only in the back end. On the front end, the players won’t know whether the casino ecosystem is entirely new or a white label solution.

Multi-Programming Solutions: Popular Choice for White Label Casino Software

The rapidly expanding iGaming industry is a stupendously attractive market for all its stakeholders. And, that includes the software providers as well. To cater to the needs of the fast-growing number of online casino operators, casino software providers are sprouting up everywhere. Some of them offer a time-tested, bug-free, and convenient online casino white label software, while many of the developers are peddling first generation software with poor performance and low-quality games. Multi-Programming Solutions has emerged as a leading software provider to reputed casino operators for several reasons. Here are some of them:

  • Multi-Programming Solutions offers a turn-key solution. Casino operators need not go looking for anything else when they have a casino platform from them.
  • Their white label solution is compatible with all the games of all the major game providers in the industry.
    With multiple casinos already using their solutions, any bugs and issues have long been addressed.
  • In addition to providing a casino platform and third-party casino games, Multi-Programming Solutions also develops custom casino games. Casino operators can order new casino games and offer them to their players. This creates exclusivity in an industry wherein almost all casinos feature the same set of games from the same set of game developers. Thanks to Multi-Programming Solutions, your casino can be truly unique and offer a unique gambling experience.
  • The white label solutions of Multi-Programming Solutions offer a high degree of customisability, so that their clients’ unique requirements can be easily fulfilled.

Advantages of Setting up a White Label Solution

A white label casino offers a variety of advantages over building your own casino from scratch. The savings are not just in terms of time, and money, but also from the business operations perspective. There are no major disadvantages of obtaining a white label solution. It is a win-win solution for the software provider as well as you, the operator. In addition to helping to run a smooth and hassle-free online gambling business, a white label casino platform offers many other opportunities for you to grow.
Here are some of the most important of them:

Outsource management. Focus on promotion

Casino operators are not software developers. They are entrepreneurs, who are good at growing their business. Their resources and energies are best spent on growing their business, rather than managing its technical aspects. That’s why they need a trusted technical partner who can take care of all the technical aspects for them, allowing them to use their talent, expertise, and time towards growing their business. This is exactly what a white label solution provider offers to casino operators.

Full suite of games and sports events

As a veteran of this industry, Multi-Programming Solutions has business relationships with all the reputed game developers in the industry like NetEnt, Microgaming, Yggdrasil, Play’nGo, Quickspin, Evolution Gaming, IGT, and others. There are the game providers whose games have a strong reputation in the industry. Seasoned players often choose casinos based on the developers whose games are available on the casino. Multi-Programming Solutions can bring all the prominent games from reputed developers to your casino.

Also, you don’t have the source the internet to offer sports markets or sports bets on various sporting events. They can be sourced in real time from third-party suppliers. Again, Multi-Programming Solutions can help set up all the sports markets on your casino in such a way that they are regularly updating.

Ease of compliance and regulatory requirements

All online casinos must acquire operational licenses for the jurisdictions where they intend to operate. Otherwise, they will face serious legal consequences. However, obtaining gambling licenses from reputed regulators is easier said than done. They have a long list of requirements that include complete financial data, thorough analysis of casino platform, analysis of games for their fairness, online security features of the online casino, and so much more.

A white label solution provider offers an expert legal team that can guide you through the process of obtaining licenses, so that you do not commit any mistakes and suffer extended delays with your casino launch. What’s more, some providers like Multi-Programming Solutions even allow you to operate your casino under their own gambling license and also manage the legal and compliance requirements for you. This way, your business is always on the legal side of things, and you can run your business without any worries.

Customer-friendly infrastructure

Convenience and usability of the casino platform are two of the most vital factors that contribute to your customers’ experience on your casino. They should be able to use convenient payment methods to deposit and withdraw money from your casino website. Also, your website must be easy to use too. Multi-Programming Solutions allows its casino operator partners to use any of its existing web templates for the front end. Alternatively, they also develop custom casino websites to offer a truly unique and fresh user experience to the players.

Moreover, the white label casino software from Multi-Programming Solutions comes integrated with all the popular payment methods to offer multiple payment options for your players. If you want your casino to support additional payment methods, they can directly get in touch with the payment processing businesses and fetch you a better deal, because of the sheer volume of business they bring them.

Responsibilities of Casino Operators

A white label casino solutions provider is strictly confined to the management of the technical aspects of the casino. The casino operator will still have plenty of decisions to make that will have long-term implications for them. Here are some of the prominent ones:

Cost of White Label solutionsCost of White Label solutions
Scope of servicesScope of services
Online & affiliate marketingOnline & affiliate marketing
Cost of White Label solutions
Cost of White Label solutions

White label solutions providers typically offer the casino operators to choose between a one-time payment and a revenue share arrangement. In the revenue share arrangement, the solutions provider takes a fixed percentage share from all the revenues generated by the casino. However, unlike in the case of the fixed fee payment, there are usually no upfront costs in the revenue share arrangement.

Scope of services
Scope of services

The scope of services offered by a white label solutions provider differs from one such provider to another. Some of them may offer licensing, games, payment methods, and so on, while others may not offer one or more of them. Operators must understand the nature of their arrangement before they sign up.

Online & affiliate marketing
Online & affiliate marketing

Marketing is key to the success of an online casino. All successful casinos rely on a variety of methods to promote their platform. They engage in organic digital marketing, PPC ads, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, competitions, tournaments, promotional offers, and more to capture the attention of their target audience and convert them into players. Customer acquisition is the core of any sustainable online gambling business.


Multi-Programming Solutions has been assisting entrepreneurs across the world set up and launch new online gambling businesses at warp speeds, so that they become operational and profitable in record times.

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