Mate of Mine

Web Classified Application

Empowering greatness in social circles

Business doesn’t have to be hard, difficult and boring. People can do business and make money while having fun and socializing. The Mate of Mine is a project that seeks to employ the use of Facebook to create a local directory where family and friends can come together to showcase their talents and skills.

Post a job and let friends who can get the job done send in a quotation. There is a need to grow beyond the point where people only post funny pictures or gossip on Facebook. It’s time to build up a professional reputation online and get endorsed by people on the friend’s list.

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  • Category, keyword and geographical location enabled job search
  • Email notification of new business posts that fits your business description
  • Personalized terms and condition
  • MySQL
  • Zend framework
  • FB API

What Our Customers Say

Alyson Constance
Owner, Friendly Poker
Thank you for the amazing work, Multi-Programming Solution your work ethic speaks for itself. I am continually impressed by the results you produce. With the highly skilled professional team, I have no hesitation in recommending Multi-Programming Solutions above all.
Vladimir Doroshenko
Director of IT-department, Kinoland
The final products delivered by Multi-Programming Solutions satisfied all project stakeholders with both their aesthetic quality and functionality […] The project allowed us to optimize financial gains by excluding third parties from the online payment chain. Thanks to Multi-Programming Solutions, the site works on all types of devices. By creating our mobile applications with Cordova, the cost of creating and maintaining mobile applications has been reduced. It was evident that they were very interested in the project, not only as a team providing development services but also as end-users of this service […] their team invested a part of themselves in the development of the cinema network for their city.
Uygar Turantekin
The automation software provides an excellent solution to the print-on-demand business, processing around 80% of the company’s revenue and transforming the previous manual business model. The team was creative and skilled, while also managing the work well.
Philippe Doring
CEO, Armani
Multi-Programming Solutions helped deliver a product that the end client is pleased with. Their process was organized and timely despite national holidays and were determined to eliminate misunderstandings. They also had no issues delivering source code when requested, which makes them trustworthy.
Stephen Giblin
Owner, Gaming Company (Elite Poker)
The launched game was well-received on social media, which is attributed to Multi-Programming Solutions’ years of experience in the gaming industry. The project team is efficient and responds almost immediately to messages.
Markus Sender
The new website regularly receives over 300,000 visitors per day and maintains all services with no down time. Multi-Programming Solutions continues to guarantee consistent pricing, timely deliverables, and regular accessibility throughout this long-term engagement.
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