Casino Game Development

close attention to detail, a personalized approach, and high-quality products

Casino Game Development

It’s hard to meet a person who has never spinned the wheel or played cards. Casino games don’t lose their popularity for years because of their immortal gambling strategy and exciting experiences during the game. Since the world transformed to an IT one, casino owners started seriously thinking of online casino enterprises with stable casino software, attractive interface and many variations of games in it. The interest is quite transparent, nowadays, users prefer playing Poker or Slots sitting on the sofa or in the office during the lunch time - time is money, nobody wants to waste it.

Casino Game Development Services

Multi-Programming Solutions has an outstanding experience in casino game software development and is glad to help casino owners to expand their business frames and its functionality. We have a lot of gambling games in our portfolio so clients can see and try out the result of our work. Our casino gambling software development team involves Unity, Java and PHP developers who work side-by-side to create a stable and meaningful software solution. They construct the product architecture according to the Client’s specifications and requirements and adhere to a constant Client-Server scheme. The Client side, which is Unity one, is responsible for graphics, animations, sounds, plugins implementation, and interaction with the server, when the Server side is responsible for databases, game logics, Admin panel, security and interaction with the Client side. Our development team provide such services:

  • UI/UX design implementation;
  • Facebook plugin implementation;
  • Advertisement plugins integration;
  • Software development and deployment;
  • Additional features development;
  • Server maintenance and product support.
  • App Store and Play market publishing.

Ready-to-Use Casino Solutions

What image comes to mind when you think of high-quality development? You probably think about close attention to detail, a personalized approach, and high-quality products. We imagine the same things! That's why we know how to develop your project according to all your ideas and requirements. We have years of experience working in the gambling industry in the USA and UK. Want to launch your own game with a customized design in a short amount of time? We're here for you with ready-to-use solutions!
MPS development team has a ready-to-use casino software basic solutions for Poker and other casino games. It reduces time for development so the Client gets the product for Mac, PC, or mobile faster. Also, the developers have an opportunity to spend most part of the time for functionality implementation and customization. Our proposal allows the Client to launch his own game by creating only customized design and setting up an advertising campaign.

Other Casino Services

We have online software casino games for sale, such as Roulette, Blackjack, and Slots.


Roulette players themselves must guess the characteristics of the section, which ball to stop on, or their approximate range. It is impossible to determine the position in advance, therefore, players use various strategies and, of course, luck. The game is led by RTP which is the main part of Server side of casino software.
Multi-Programming Solutions can create different types of roulette game, e.g. multi-wheel Roulette, multi-ball Roulette, American Roulette, etc.


Each round of blackjack begins with the players making their bets, which are placed in special places called "boxes". The player's task is to win the dealer. To do this, you need to score more points than the dealer, but not exceeding 21 points.
MPS casino software development team develops European, American and Spanish Blackjack games with secure and reliable software.


Slot games are present in all casinos, both online and offline ones. The goal of the game is simple and is to get a winning combination of symbols on the screen of the reels of the slot machine.
MPS team is ready to serve the Client in building the slot game with interactive UI, rewards, in-app purchases and many additional features to gain more and more visitors daily.All these games can be implemented in a single application. Imagine how many customers you can acquire with the right promotion!

What We Offer With Ready-Made Solutions

  • Debugged, tested, and launched engines – we continuously maintain and improve developed software to prevent issues.
  • Ready for quick deployment – the Client will receive a stable, working product shortly after placing an order. Simply complete it with your customized design and begin promotion and advertising. No long-term waiting!
  • Customization – we will reskin our demo application to integrate it into your website or Facebook platform at an affordable price – contact us for help to change, add, or delete features and options in our ready-made models.
  • 24/7 support – As a sustainable software provider, we will ensure all your servers are running, with continuous improvement and implementation of new features in your software.
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