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We build engaging and secure web based gambling software for iOS, Android, and desktop devices (including Mac).

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Modern online technologies and rising web capabilities made online casinos with gambling games available to almost everybody at any time. Casino fans don’t need to visit Las Vegas every moment they want to play their favourite Poker game. A computer or a smartphone is the only thing a player needs to have to get the most exciting casino experiences.Online casino business is considered one of the most profitable and increasing industries. This area is extremely unlikely to disappear, and simply catches the eye.

Most online casino gaming providers usually concentrate on implementing purchasing features and site design, while the excellent game experience, first of all, depends on the well-developed game software which empowers the whole online casino.

Multi-Programming Solutions software development company is a trusted online game programming provider which has a team of professional engineers and designers to create a responsive and secure solution for the small or mid-sized businesses from the UK and USA.

How Does Online Gambling Software Work?

Real vs online

Online gambling differs from live gambling in a casino by several obvious factors. There is very little interaction between players and the dealer (if there isn’t any). In fact, the dealer doesn’t exist - all games are controlled by computer programs. People who played in real and online casinos say that poker or blackjack games on the Internet usually happen faster because there are no conversations between players who slow down the process.

The main difference between offline and online casino is that in an online casino, the result of a game is generated using the built-in program - a random number generator. This is a part of the game that performs only one function - it constantly generates rows of random numbers and is developed by the back-end software developer. At the moment when the player presses the Spin button on the gaming machine or spins the roulette wheel, the program takes a sequence of numbers from the RNG and interprets it as a result of the game round. However, there is an opportunity to develop a custom paytables in Slots where the win chances can be controlled via the admin panel.

From the side, it seems that there is no significant difference in what determines the outcome of the game. In both cases, it depends on random factors. However, real and online games can lead to different results. The software is not so easy to trick in comparison with live dealer. The security and legacy are the most crucial points in gambling world and in online games they’re strongly considered.

MPS Offers Online Gambling Software Solutions for Business

Multi-Programming Solutions development firm offers a wide array of gambling software solutions which are highly professional and extremely suitable to the client business idea. Our software engineers and designers can create an online casino game from just client’s idea or improve the existing software with new features and integrations.

We build engaging and secure web based gambling software for iOS, Android, and desktop devices (including Mac).

Our Services Include

Design & DevelopmentDesign & Development
Payment gateways & IntegrationsPayment gateways & Integrations
Maintenance & SupportMaintenance & Support
Design & Development
Design & Development

We are online gambling software providers who build client-server architecture. Client’s side responds for the user-game interaction and interface, animations, and graphics demonstration. We choose Unity as a technology for front-end side because this software engine allows us to make the product cross-platform. Also, the very advantage of this platform is C# language usage. This language has a great number of libraries and templates which help to save the time for development. Server side is covered with PHP and performs to do logics, calculations, hosting, all interactions with the Client side.

The essential features in mobile and internet gambling software we develop are:
  • Single -and Multi- player gameplay;
  • Bonus games and Live dealer options;
  • Profile development with Facebook authorisation;
  • Notifications;
  • Leaderboard and tutorials;
  • Payment gateways integration for desktop applications;
  • Various integration customization including social and advertisement SDKs;
  • UI/UX design for casino applications;
  • 3D casino environment and design assets.
Payment gateways & Integrations
Payment gateways & Integrations

Online casino games need to be served with accounting and purchasing features and integrations. Multi-Programming Solutions can recommend and help to customize the most appropriate payment gateways for the gaming business. We always take into account the client’s requirements, the business idea and project specifics. Also, we can integrate the product with the most famous social media platform, called Facebook, which will reveal many opportunities in promoting area. Appodeal is a reliable and flexible advertisement service we use to add skippable, unskippable, rewarded or interactive advertisements to the casino game.

Maintenance & Support
Maintenance & Support

Gambling industry is full of competitive online casinos which are trying to keep a foothold on the market. That’s why deliberate maintenance and support of launched project is a must and determines the business success. Stable server work is really important for visitors’ retention. An hour of unavailable online casino game can cause a huge loss of potential players who just skip the website which doesn’t respond immediately.
Online casino admin is a person who is responsible for server work monitoring to keep the game perform smoothly. Also, he manages the back-up server working which guarantees the safety of all the users personal data and payment information and helps the website being considered as a secure and trusted area for every player. However, reliability and security aren’t the only things which are needed to increase the number of newcomers and fans of the exact product. People are getting bored without regular updates and fresh features to level up the gameflow or get the bonuses. An online casino game needs regular improvement and advancement which is performed by a development team. MPS has everything ready to keep the good work on the client project to engage the visitors and make them stay for long.

Multi-Programming Solutions has a complex experience in developing such types of online casino game software:

  • Poker
  • White Labels
  • Other Casino Games

Our Approach to Creating Gambling Games

MPS development team believes that a fruitful collaboration can be only built on efficiency, transparency, flexibility and trust. We struggle for the high quality and uniqueness in our every project. We instruct the client in needed technical and workflow sides during the whole development process, including building, designing, testing and support.

Prices for Online Gambling Software

Real vs online

The cost of any online gambling software usually depends on the features required and its complexity but there are also several factors which the client should take into consideration before entering online casino games market. First of all, there is no chance to save the budget on creating such product. A secure and well-developed gambling online casino software with the fast operating support costs accordingly. Saving money on support services, the client risks to pay twice. Moreover, the truth is that the development cost is the least amount of money the client is supposed to invest in the project creation and improvement - the promoting side often takes a lot more. So, online gambling software isn’t one of the cheapest variants to earn money but if the owner doesn’t reduce the budget on the development and promoting stage, it will absolutely pay off.

Also, according to the project development current status, its cost may range deliberately:

  • white label. If we have a ready software engine for the game with features which satisfy the client’s needs, the game can be created on its basis;
  • from scratch. If the client has only the idea of creating an online casino game, MPS is ready to create it referring to the client requirements and preferences;
  • on the base of third-party solution. We can continue developing the product on the basis of already prepared solution but only in case of all the technical documentation availability.

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Why Choose MPS as a Gambling Software Provider?

Multi-Programming Solutions performs online gambling services for more than 10 years and knows this area inside out.
Our company aims to have a long-term partnership with clients based on mutual recognition and respect. MPS ensures that we put our heart and soul into every project we take on board.

A list of our meaningful benefits is worth reading and taking into account:

  • we have all pre-prepared software engines under our belts to reduce the development time and deliver the online game in time;
  • all our online gambling software for sale is cross-platform which makes the product flexible and easily reachable;
  • we have a close-knit and professional team which was shaped by the work complexity and years experience: we know the specifics of any casino game, its rules, the requirements for adjustment, testing strategies, etc.
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