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Enterprise Software Development Company: Solid Software Foundation Provider for Your Business

Usually collaborations, immediate information exchange and management are considered to be challenges not only for enterprises with many departments, distanced office locations and a huge number of employees but also for small businesses. Low effectiveness in workflow management can cause low productivity and quality decrease. Automatization of as many internal working processes as possible is a pressing must for companies which struggle for business improvement and income increase.

Such businesses have a need in enterprise software solutions to maintain and manage operations inside the company. Multi-Programming Solutions enterprise software development team knows and even experienced such challenges during the MPS company growth period. We understand the need in developing custom enterprise software and already got our feet in creating reliable solutions to automate our clients’ companies processes.

Our Enterprise Software Development Process

Multi-Programming Solutions couldn’t start working on building automatization tools for other companies and enterprises without managing our own internal workflow. Since our company’s first project we have made an imposing number of enterprise services. Every our enterprise software creation consists of several phases of product development:

Design and DevelopmentDesign and Development
Mantainance & supportMantainance & support

At this stage, our client manager or business analyst discuss the most essential points with the client: the problem which the product is going to solve, the requirements, and strategies to collaborate together. Also, we are to propose technical recommendations and our view on the enterprise problem solution.

Design and Development
Design and Development

Our designers start making mockups and prototypes with needed UI/UX design which suits the client's preferences and business idea. The development team builds MVP (minimal viable product) with chosen technologies. In case of client’s approval, the team continues working on the product. With the help of Agile we provide ceaseless work progress demonstration, and immediate reaction on necessary changes.


In our outsourcing development company we have professional quality assurance specialists to lead the project close to ideal. They are the first who are trying out a tool, an app or system to find crashes and bugs. Developers work in assistance with QAs to fix the issues.


The product is already fully developed, tested and debugged so in this phase we prepare the final version to be shown live. After the launching, Admin is on duty for monitoring the system lifecycle 24/7 and supporting it.

Mantainance & support
Mantainance & support

Enterprise management systems require high-quality support to omit downtime, save the productivity and keep the product updated. We value our client’s projects and ideas so take care of the product health, check out bugs during the next 30 days after launching for free. Also, our company offers further maintenance and support services and concentrate on stable product work and upgrades.

What Enterprise Software Technologies We Use

Enterprise software solutions require using reliable technologies and frameworks. Enterprise projects don’t have a set range of techs and tools to be used for their development. This fact extremely stands them out of other products by scalability, traffic and data amount and a number of users. Multi-Programming Solutions chooses languages and frameworks which enable to comprehend and suggest complex software architectures: goLang, Python, Java, Ruby, PHP, etc. for backend and Angular, React, etc. for frontend engineering.
Before starting the development, we evaluate the project scope and prospectiveness and recommend the technologies which match the product nature.

We Provide Following Enterprise Development Services

Systems for conducting and automatization of the business which are currently available on the market, aren’t always suitable for the exact client’s needs. For instance, our company couldn’t find the solution which could meet our definite demands so we created our own enterprise solutions: accounting and leave management systems. Enterprise management systems can simplify the workflow a lot and help to spend more time for the business development and improvement than collateral processes. MPS can help you in building the product which will fully meet all the requirements and solve the problem it aims to resolve. The list of services we provide is the following:

  • Enterprise solution development from scratch
  • Third-party systems and services integration
  • Maintenance and Support

Why You Need to Choose Our Enterprise Solutions

We, at Multi-Programming Solutions, are ready to go the extra mile to develop a product that will fit the client’s business. Our end-to-end services relieve the customer of responsibility to monitor and worry about the project progress. We earned the title of trusted company by our hard work and full involvement in the working process. Working in collaboration with Multi-Programming Solutions means:

  • Getting meaningful analysis to concrete the project idea and approach for its implementation;
  • Meeting deliberate strategy which reduces working errors and unpredictable concerns;
  • Writing high-quality, self-documenting code which enables future addings implementation smoothly;
  • Experiencing thorough maintenance which will keep the project on the highest level of update and convenience.
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