Custom Software Solutions

Multi-Programming Solutions delivers optimized, responsive, and high-quality custom software which is aimed to execute for our clients’ businesses...

Custom Software Development Services

Multi-Programming Solutions delivers optimized, responsive, and high-quality custom software which is aimed to execute for our clients’ businesses, especially from the UK and USA, and satisfy their needs and requirements. Our custom software development company has a long-term partnership with small, mid-sized companies and enterprises.
Business owners and entrepreneurs are often looking for creative solutions to customize their product and not always they can find the appropriate one. The most common problems are:

  • there is no solution which satisfies their special needs;
  • ready solutions that might solve client's problems are expensive;
  • open-source solutions are free-to-use but full of errors;
  • open-source solutions the client found need optimization and additional development on top of it.

We, at MPS, can help to solve such problems with a complex custom software development solutions at affordable cost.


Our firm is comprised of a team of highly-qualified developers who are professionals in various fields and have accumulated experience in building custom software products with a wide array of technologies and tools. PHP is a basic and reasonable language we use for back-end development, as it allows creating scalable and reliable solutions fast and cost-efficiently. Also, our company is experienced in most popular, powerful, and efficient front-end frameworks and libraries which allow creating cross-browser solutions with next-level performance.

Frameworks back-end
Frameworks & libraries front-end
Server enviroment
Frameworks back-end
Zend Framework
Frameworks & libraries front-end
Server enviroment

Our Process and Approach

Our company believes that the quality of the work performed depends not only on the team proficiency, as this is a must, but also on their understanding of what important problems the solution will solve and what exact purposes it will help businesses to achieve. We are a custom development solutions partner who follows the idea of high effectiveness which is put in every stage of project delivering process.

These stages are essential and coherent:

Consulting, Analysis & PlanningConsulting, Analysis & Planning
Project ManagementProject Management
Design & DevelopmentDesign & Development
Quality AssuranceQuality Assurance
Consulting, Analysis & Planning
Consulting, Analysis & Planning

Our client managers hold the project discussion to hear the business idea, its purpose, the client’s high level requirements in the design and development. If project information is not enough for providing a proposal, we involve our business analyst who collaborates with the client to figure out the details of the project. On the basis of the received information, client managers in assistance with our project managers form a proposal which contains a recommended technical kit, a team composition plan, approximate development cost and expected time frame for delivery. If it’s approved, the project manager and the team dig deep into the project point and the working process begins.

Project Management
Project Management

Steady team-client communication is our considerable aim, that’s why our project managers use Agile to manage custom software solutions development, ensure regular calls with customers for features specification, and share the progress and ideas of how to make the product better. They provide regular reports on performed tasks and working progress which is provided according to the client’s request: daily, weekly or by sprint. All the working process is documented in management system Jira by every employee who is involved in it.

Design & Development
Design & Development

Multi-Programming Solutions can create a complete product that solves the specific needs of the client as well as make additional features to improve the existing product.
The project architecture is planned and structured the way the product is scalable and flexible, and can be modified in case of business changes. The code written by our front-end and back-end developers is self-documenting and commented to save transparency and distinctness of the architecture in the future.
Developers and designers work together on the custom solutions engineering that aim to automise different businesses, including e-commerce ones, for boosting effectiveness and businesses leveling up.

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is one of the most important phases in project life cycle. During this stage different testing strategies are used to ensure the system works according to requirements, without errors and is stable.
Quality assistants, at MPS, are extremely attentive to details, and won’t allow any bugs occur on live.


Multi-Programming Solutions offer custom software development solutions, determined support services which include 30-day bug fixing after the release date. Also, project source code, API instructions, admin panel, specifications, and all the information about the product creation is always saved and transferred to the client as the owner of the product. Besides, we are ready to serve the client in regular support and maintenance. The company ensures that the software is regularly updated, and can be refreshed in design or development if needed.

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