Math Karate Case Study


Math Karate - Progressive Web Application (PWA) created with the purpose of teaching preschool and older children the basics of mathematics.

What is Math Karate Case Study

The Project

Business Situation
  • The program is intended both for implementation in American elementary schools and for individual buyers (parents) who can work with their children.
  • The interface provides for the interaction of teachers with classes and children.
  • The education app for preschoolers is designed for both web and mobile platforms.
  • The project was carried out according to the Fixed Cost model, which is why there is always a risk of not to make the deadlines. However, our team coped with this task.
  • The designer was third-party, and the approval of creative works often took longer than originally expected. That can delay the development process. Eventually, the result was worth it.
Technical Challenges
  • Graphql и NestJS was used for the first time
  • The first experience with adding voice acting to the site 
  • Setting up speech recognition on all devices
Work process

We have decided execute with weekly interactions. 

Fully described by business analyst issues fell into Google Document every time we negotiated part of work with Client. 

Additional features were agreed to be paid additionally.

Oleksandr Mochalov
Project Manager, Business Analyst
Sergey Ukolov
Frontend & Backend Developer
Yuri Muravyov
Marina Vasilyeva
QA Engineer
Maria Fisenko
UI/UX Designer


  • Unity
  • HTML5
  • SCSS
  • Apache2
  • Prisma with MongoDB
  • GraphQL
  • NestJS
  • Angular 10
  • Apache Cordova

Goals Achieved

  • The PWA was developed with a modest budget and saved up to 75% of the costs of a native app (both development and maintenance).
  • The PWA solution enabled users with various devices use the app simply and smoothly.
  • The app has a user-friendly simple UX design in the cartoon style.
  • The school app for math education Math Karate has reasonable user experience on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • The app takes up 80-90% less storage than usual ones.
  • Math Karate PWA has faster loading time, therefore reduces server load. The Math Karate is guaranteed not to crash or slow down when traffic is getting intensive.
  • The app can be used both for schools - many classes and teachers in different classrooms, and for private buyers - parents for their children.
  • There are either detailed class statistics and separate statistics for the child.
  • The application payment via PayPal system integrated.

Modern technologies make it possible to apply mobile learning applications for pupils and students of different ages.

Herewith, progressive web app mobile learning allows whole classes and even schools to teach and learn quickly and efficiently.

If you have an idea to create your own elearning application - contact us, we are ready to bring them to life!

Math Karate Case Study Features

Better user experience

The training program is implemented in a playful interactive manner and with appropriate edtech in order to involve children in the learning process more easily and provide adults with the best experience in online teaching.

Focusing on child

Math Karate as an education application for preschool was implemented the opportunity for a child to play either independently, or with a computer, or with another person.

Detailed Stats

Detailed learning statistics have been implemented, which are available to the teacher or parents.

Admin Interface
An administrative interface has been developed to manage schools, classes, teachers and children.
Available in Shopify Store
In our special education math learning app, has been developed a mechanism for selling an application in the Shopify store.
Web, iOS, Android apps were developed.
PayPal Payment
Payment via in-app purchases and PayPal
Speech Recognition
During exercise a child names the number that is shown in the application
math karate games
math karate screen
math karate screen 1
math karate games 2
math karate games
math karate screen
math karate screen 1
math karate games 2
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