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E-Singapore Math provides students with access to high-quality instructions and a state-of-the-art technology platform that enable them to learn at their own pace and gain knowledge well beyond their grade level. E-Singapore Math curriculum includes over 800 lessons and more than 10,000 exercises and assessments. These resources are embedded into this modern instructional technology that helps motivate young students to achieve their true potential.
How to Lose Big Money by Choosing the Wrong Development Technology: MPS Case
To begin with, we need to understand what "bad technology choices" mean for development. The technology you choose to create your game or application may not suit your needs. When you start working on a project, you need to think about choosing a tech stack you want and how it fits with your business goals. You also need to be sure that the trend towards the technology you are interested in is not declining. This is important because the use of such technology can negatively affect the development and maintenance of the application once it is launched. Outdated technologies are also often not secure enough. Be sure to check if the technology tools you want to use are kept properly up to date (by the community or corporation that supports it) and well protected.
Math Karate Case Study
Math Karate - Progressive Web Application (PWA) created with the purpose of teaching preschool and older children the basics of mathematics.
Prevent Online Fraud Shopify App
MPS is developing Prevent Online Fraud Shopify App which helps to calculate the fraud risks percentage in Shopify orders. Depending on the risk level, the order is approved, needs an approval from the customer or cancelled. Embedded Shopify application integrates Prevent Online Fraud Shopify App functionality to Shopify stores via API, allows customer to setup risk level they want, displays reports and statistics in graphs.
Kinoland is a Progressive Web Application (PWA) created for the chain of cinemas. The app is intended to make the user experience smooth and friendly while tickets purchasing.
Pacejet service is an enterprise multi-carrier shipping software our client uses to manage his stores' shipping of orders. It provides a list of carries the client wants to use for his stores and calculates live shipping rate quotes using order data. MPS developed the private Custom Shipping Rates Integration Shopify application for 5 client’s stores. The application outputs on Shopify Checkout page calculated live shipping rate quotes from Pacejet in additional to flat rate shipping prices on lightweight products from the Shopify store.
Hostie - platform for Listing & Booking Accommodations The ultimate solution, that simplifies every aspect of your property management business! Hostie started as a vacation rental property manager and knows what it takes to deliver the perfect property. This is why all of Hostie properties go through verification before publishing them online.
Tuugo is a worldwide B2B and B2C directory portal that helps businesses and customers to find each other and stay connected. The mission of a project is to create and maintain sustainable bounds between companies and customers. With the possibility to evaluate every company connecting customers and businesses becomes even simpler. Every company can put an evaluation widget on one’s website. To provide the better ranking position for each company on Tuugo website, directory offers an obtainable business plan for everyone. Purchasing it means staying on top of the search for a long time. This project is integrated with the PayPal payment gateway. It makes transaction process worldwide easy and fast.
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