Tuugo Case Study


Tuugo allows businesses to interact with huge numbers of customers at once, affordably and in a method that is easy to implement

130,000+Unique visitors

What is Tuugo

The mission of Tuugo was to create a sustainable link between companies and customers on both the local and worldwide levels through convenient searching and Google Maps locating. 
Also customers are constantly able to add a widget with Tuugo link to reach it and leave a review. Through and integrated PayPal payment, the bussinesses are able ti purchase a business plan for their needs, which help them remain at the top of the Tuugo website for customers to find them easily.

The Project

Business situation

The creators of an existing B2B and B2C directory based off connecting businesses with small shops with clients from the local area required a platform to make their concept into an actual website. 

Due to the scope of the project, a ready-made product was not an option, so the Tuugo team contacted us in 2009 to build a custom software solution for them.

Work process

We listened to the Tuugo team on their needs for a custom backend portal, then created a base for the software solution. We originally proposed on a 140-hout timeframe to complete the task, however as the product has successful immediately after launching, that we have now spent 10 years constantly building, maintaining and improving the Tuugo directory portal.

We continue to work closely with the directors to implement new software, programming and processes that can help the website grow further and optimizer user experience. 

The Solution

Tuugo Owner choose the perfect team for his project, as we are always working closely with him to ensure that the performance is optimized. we are dedicated to a high-quality work, which is we are constantly testing the backend and looking for improvements that can be made in the customer portal. 

Our team also regularly explores new features, functionalities and countries that can be added to Tuugo in order to better serve its clients and maximize the experience for both business and consumers. 

New Tuugo version is responsible, it works equally on all the devices. PWA and Angular enable to use a part of functionality even offline. 

We assembled a specialized team of 5 memberships the following roles:

  • Support manager
  • Full-Stack developer
  • UX/UI designer 
  • QA Engineer
  • DevOps Engineer


  • Java
  • PHP
  • MongoDB
  • Redis
  • PayPal API
  • Redmine
  • AngularJS

Goals Achieved


What started as a 140-hour project for startup, now become 10 years of continuous development of a high-powered directory portal that contains:

  • +30 472 180 companies
  • +130 000 unique visitors daily
  • +500 requests to database per second

Or custom boult-software solution is responsible from the expansion from a local business to a worldwide website that gas over:

  • +1 456 538 registered users
  • from 60 countries

Tuugo Features

Directory Portal
World class directory portal quality control and top-notch performance
Data Encryption
Confidential data encryption
PayPal Gateway
PayPal gateway for priority listing which makes the transaction process worldwide easy and fast
Maptiler Integration
Fuly Google Maps integration
Facebook connect establishment
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