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How Much Does a Progressive Web App Cost?
According to DataReportal, in 2020, the number of mobile internet users exceeded 4.5 billion. This stimulated the growth of demand for mobile sites, which are not inferior to mobile applications in terms of page load speed and usability. The popularity of regular mobile apps, on the contrary, has noticeably dropped [...]
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Angular Mobile App Development
Angular is an essential JS framework that confidently holds second place in popularity among front-end developers after its main competitor – the ReactJS library.
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Desktop Progressive Web Apps
Modern informational technologies world resides in a constant state of movement. Fresh-new developments and fascinating ideas are springing up with an enviable frequency.
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TOP Frameworks and Tools to Build Progressive Web App in 2020
It is amazing to realize how much the development of modern technologies has revolutionized our lives. People of the 21st century seem to have totally forgotten the B.C. (that is Before Computers) era.
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Filtering in Shopify: Two Ways to Create a Product Filters
Large E-commerce stores need to provide their visitors with convenient presentation of products, especially if they are divided into collections.
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10 Features Every Print on Demand Provider Company Must Have
Print on Demand or PoD services, in essence, allow printing the required number of copies based on custom order volumes.
Why Your E-Commerce Project Needs an App
Every day, more and more users are choosing phones over computers. Mobile devices are easy to use and carry information anywhere. Still, even an adaptive version of a website is not as good as a mobile app or a web app.
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