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How to Boost Your Business with PWA?
Companies of all sizes, from small and middle to international, have much to take from progressive web apps. They possess universality, allowing clients to interact with brands faster and easier from any browser or device, with or without a worldwide network.
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Every Web Developer Should Maintain The Principles of Cybersecurity. Here's Why
The murky waters of the Internet space can sometimes be dangerous. No one is safe from malware, fraud, and data leakage. This article will discuss the importance of cyber security for websites and how to maintain it in a highly competitive and understaffed environment. Like any other industry, the IT sector experienced a crisis during the Covid-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, the forced quarantine, raw materials supply, electronics value chain disruption, and higher inflation risks haven't stopped many entrepreneurs from restarting their businesses and moving into the world of remote work, ESG principles, and quick technological solutions [...]
Top 5 Web Development Trends Predictions That Came True in 2022
Nowadays, the web development landscape is as dynamic as ever before. That's why it's essential for entrepreneurs to always keep their fingers on the pulse and use innovation to grow business and increase revenues. During the pandemic, humanity experienced its major technological breakthrough for the first time in a century. Communication networks, robotics, augmented and virtual reality, blockchain, and artificial intelligence (AI) are improving exponentially and solving more problems in everyday life. That cheapens the cost of completing tasks while increasing capital.
How Long Does It Take to Build a PWA
As you probably already know, PWA is, in short, a type of online application that resembles native apps for iOS and Android in functionality but is installed and used straight from the browser rather than being downloaded from the app store. But how long does it usually take to build a PWA from scratch or with a slight initial nudge and assistance? Let’s find out.
Everything Personal: Making the Most of Personalized E-Learning
The global pandemic that has been wreaking havoc across the world for more than two years became fatal for millions of people and dealt the majority of national economies a severe blow. However, the impact of COVID upon industries is far from exclusively negative. In most of them, it turned into a halter upon traditional practices but, at the same time, paved the way for offbeat approaches and working strategies.
Web Authentication for Your Website: Do You Really Need It?
The protection of private data is the most pressing issue for website owners and users. Web site authentication systems are becoming increasingly popular, especially for web resources that use the personal data of their users for authentication. Multi-Programming Solutions offers to learn more about popular user authentication systems – in particular, web fingerprint and Touch ID – and the specifics of their application [...]
Following the Pacesetters: Top 10 Angular Website and App Examples
With a growing number of industries going digital, businesses get engaged in severe competition on multiple chessboards struggling to reach out to a maximum number of consumers and offer them a satisfying UX. Trying to meet their prospective clients halfway, companies aspire to create interactive websites and user-friendly mobile apps that would operate seamlessly on gizmos powered by both most popular operating systems (iOS and Android).
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