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How much money do you need to start a successful print on demand business?
The year of 2020 has created the preconditions for profound structural changes in eCommerce businesses: the revenues of their non-traditional segments exceeded analysts' expectations, but the costs for their development also increased significantly. Multi-Programming Solutions team has found out how the current status of the market economy affected low-cost print on demand and would like to share these details with you [...]
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Useful Tips for a Small Business: How to Lower Shipping Costs
Small businesses often face the question: how appropriate is it to compete with giants in such platforms as Shopify, Etsy, Amazon when it comes to delivery? Regardless of size, niche, and even experience, delivery to any corner of the world is what unites all eCommerce stores. The good news for the small print on demand stores is that there are strategies to reduce costs [...]
Convert Your Traditional Web App Into a Progressive Web App
Around six years ago, Google casually presented the tech world with the new type of apps and named it progressive. The purpose of PWA development is to make websites closely resemble a smartphone application with all the visual and functional perks. Since then, such hybrids acquired a substantial level of popularity and made guides like this one particularly requested. The main reason is that you don’t have to develop separate apps for different devices alongside your website or web app [...]
Where to Find Images for Your Print on Demand Merch?
With most stock photography agencies offering vector libraries, the possibilities for print on demand entrepreneurs are endless. You get an idea that can be edited and personalized at will or printed right away. At first glance, it may seem that you have two options: pay for the service or download free images for t-shirts. Don’t fall for the false statement that you can implement ideas on any product without restrictions by simply downloading free designs. Often, things are quite different: you cannot use images on several POD products without making changes and tagging the authors [...]
SEO Tips and Tricks: How to Get More Clients for Your POD Store and Increase Revenue
There is a perception that the print on demand store pays off quickly compared to other types of business and is easy to run and grow. But this is possible only if you actively work on attracting customers - the more attention you pay to SEO and marketing, create strong partnerships, and carefully select a niche assortment, the more likely you’ll achieve success [...]
How to Define Your Niche Market When Running a Print on Demand Business?
From T-shirts to backpacks, books, and accessories, you can personalize even the most casual goods with your brand's handwriting. And if it seems to you that in print on demand, all items are too typical, and there is only a way out for ideas on Shopify, then this is a delusion. E-commerce has skyrocketed to the peak of popularity, providing a personalized approach and unique products that can fully meet all population segments' demand. But how to create a POD business that would be profitable? To do this, choose the right niche that would attract a specific audience [...]
How to Lose Big Money by Choosing the Wrong Development Technology: MPS Case
To begin with, we need to understand what "bad technology choices" mean for development. The technology you choose to create your game or application may not suit your needs. When you start working on a project, you need to think about choosing a tech stack you want and how it fits with your business goals. You also need to be sure that the trend towards the technology you are interested in is not declining. This is important because the use of such technology can negatively affect the development and maintenance of the application once it is launched. Outdated technologies are also often not secure enough. Be sure to check if the technology tools you want to use are kept properly up to date (by the community or corporation that supports it) and well protected.
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