Top 30+ Print-on-Demand Product Ideas for 2021



It can be a moot point but customization and outsourcing seem to be among the leading trends in modern business. People like unique personalized products not found anywhere else in the marketplace. However, to make the most of the idea, a team of trained professionals would be indispensable. After all, no matter how creative a person may be, it is very possible that they have a very limited knack for business. For such types of people, a dropshipping model may work the best and bring success by relieving them of many problems and challenges they would otherwise face by handling all aspects of the business personally.

In this respect, manufacturing the custom print on demand products is a smart business idea in which both customization and outsourcing are adjoined to let the founder’s imagination run wild while also gaining profit.

Print on Demand: the Best Way to Carve a Niche in the Online Retail Market

Best Print-on-Demand Surface Ideas

We offer you a number of print on demand product ideas that are sure to bring profit. You can put print-on-demand images virtually on anything – from pet accessories to shower curtains and clothing buttons. Yet the most popular categories for such products are:

Garments & apparel print-on-demand products

Numerous articles of clothing can be selected to place print-on-demand designs.

  • T-shirts. These are by far the biggest sale item in print-on-demand business Worn by people of both sexes and all ages, these are wardrobe basics for every person.
t-shirts print on demand
  • Dresses. Women’s apparel with modern eye-striking designs is a common favorite of the female audience of various ages.
dresses print on demand
  • Skirts. Same goes for skirts, which look truly extraordinary when added up with original prints.
skirts print on demand
  • Leggings. Prints with cosmic and abstract patterns have been a long-running trend for quite some time now.
leggings print on demand
  • Jackets. When it comes to male clothes, going bold and making regular clothing articles principally more vivid with original prints is certainly a way to go.
jackets print on demand
  • Hoodies. These can be unisex and they are always in demand, especially among the teenage audience of shoppers.
hoodies print on demand
  • Shorts. Also can go both for men and women, shorts are the Summer choice that is made brighter and more matching to the season with vivid prints.
shorts print on demand
  • There are more print on demand ideas of clothing products, such as: tank tops, raglan t-shirts, sweaters, swimwear, like bathing suits, activewear & workout clothes, coats.

Accessories print-on-demand products

Miscellaneous accessories are focused by numerous entrepreneurs nowadays, who make a living by selling uniquely designed phone cases and such.

  • Hats. Being somewhat narrower niche hats never lose their appeal. Coming in a variety of types and styles (from baseball caps to toques with bucket hats and visors in-between), hats offer a perfect item for placing creative designs on.
hats print on demand
  • Phone cases. With the advent of portable electronic devices customizing the protective cases is also becoming a trend. So exclusive decoration of a phone wallet or a laptop sleeve will show how unique their owner is.
phone cases print on demand
  • There are more print on demand ideas of accessories, such as: socks, scarves, bandanas, baseball caps, visors, bags (handbags, tote bags, makeup bags, grocery bags), backpacks, neckties, luggage accessories, yoga mats, pinback buttons.

Homewares print-on-demand products

Things you use at home stay noticeable provoking warm feelings to their owners. What are the most favored accessories for prints?

  • Mugs. They are as popular among accessories as T-shirts among apparel are. Many people would like having “world’s greatest mom” or some fancy design on their coffee cup.
mugs print on demand
  • Pillows. Not as obvious, but also an extremely popular item that people want to be originally designed. A regular pillow with a cool custom print certainly adds a level of variety to domestic routine.
pillows print on demand
  • There are more print on demand ideas of homewares, such as: towels, cushion covers, blankets, aprons, cups, placemats, cutting boards, bottle opener, serving trays, shower curtains.

Stationery & office print-on-demand supplies

The objects of this class are mainly used in offices have an unlimited potential for displaying the company’s logo or manifesting the character of their user.

  • Journals & notebooks. These are always in demand, being among the most heavily and regularly consumed supplies in the world.
notebooks print on demand
  • Greeting cards. Everyone always strives for something truly outstanding and original to design their business or greeting card. It is most unlikely that items such as these are to go out of the demand at any point in the future.
greeting cards print on demand
  • There are more print on demand ideas of office supplies, such as: stickers, calendars, envelops, magnets, wall art, canvas print, posters.
wall art print on demand
  • Pet products. Most owners love for their beloved pets to have personal items such as bowls, beds, toys, toilets, and even clothes to be originally designed. That’s where you certainly may hit the spot with your print-on-demand services.
pet clothes print on demand

Top-Selling Print-on-Demand Products

Having highlighted the most common and demanded items for print-on-demand designs above, we can safely say that the following few items will certainly keep the lead in being sought after for prints in 2020:

  • Phone cases are definite leaders, with various designs being sold in huge numbers by the minute. The market is dense yet welcoming to truly fresh and original print on demand product ideas.
  • T-shirts, as we mentioned previously, are unlikely to go out of demand anytime soon and will definitely stay trendy throughout 2020.
  • Hoodies we mentioned as well and you should put a good focus on this particular clothing item if you want to conquer the hearts of teenagers and casual wear fans with your print-on-demand solutions.
  • Fine arts prints are rapidly growing in popularity, with IKEA, among others, setting off a global trend for affordable yet vivid and eye-pleasing art.
podza print on demand

Starting a Print-on-Demand Business: Useful Tips

  • Identify your audience. It is crucial to know who you will target. If you aren’t sure about print on demand niches 2021, the following list of ideas may come in handy: fashion, traveling, parenthood, pets, virtual reality, civil rights, vegan cuisine, recycling, meditation, jobs, internet memes, southpaws.
  • Research the niche. Find out whether someone has already come up with a similar print on demand idea and try to locate unexplored areas.
  • Create mockups. It is mockups that will be crucial in your customers making their ultimate choice in your favor, so it is worthwhile to employ services of a team that can do it or use templates available on the internet.
  • Order samples. By doing this you can make sure no element of your design was lost on the way to printing upon a product. Moreover, it will let you see the product looks and feels the way you expected it to.
  • Get digital. Leverage apps integrated with e-commerce platforms to be able to upload the design of your dream and see it appear on the item you like.

How to Start a Print-on-Demand Business


By starting a print on demand business, you will be able to cull a nice income and display your creative spirit at the same time choosing almost any object as your canvas. Being low-risk, this business suits both artists and entrepreneurs who choose the shortest way to reach their customers.

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