Best Shopify Integrations for Your E-Commerce Business


Until very recently, business was a process that required all stages, from transportation to customer support, to be done manually. But nowadays automation is gaining popularity. It helps to concentrate on the product and the website, improving their quality and your brand visibility.

Automation helps to improve the efficiency of a business. Besides, the integration of various applications gives business owners an opportunity to spend more time and money on the development of their brand instead of increasing the human staff. 

The Shopify platform is really convenient to use. By developing your online Shopify store you will get access to not only design tools (API) but also various additional applications that can simplify your work and help you promote products.

For example, after integrating certain applications into your Shopify store, you will need only a couple of clicks to control important tasks. Such apps can advertise your online store, send letters to customers, and much more. In the article, we will consider the advantages of various applications, and analyze why your business needs them.

The Benefits of Integrating Your E-Commerce Shopify Store

If you still have not decided whether your store needs an integration, let’s see the advantages you can get:

  • Time-saving. No matter how much of a cliche it is, automation saves your valuable time and allows you to spend it on business development. You will not need to manually repeat the tasks that an application can handle.
  • Optimizing employee effectiveness. With automation, there is no longer need in manual fulfillment of some tasks. Thus, you can cut the staff or redistribute the responsibilities for other areas between them.
  • Minimizing errors. Code does not make mistakes as often as a human does, which increases accuracy. The automation of the processes helps to avoid some complaints from customers on the wrong delivery address or product.
  • Speeding up. A machine copes with tasks faster than an employee. The customers will appreciate the high speed, which will increase their brand loyalty.
  • Collecting information. Nowadays, no company collects customer data manually. Automation allows you to quickly and accurately collect data about all clients who have visited your website. You can analyze their actions, the pages they browsed through, purchases, and more.
  • Managing orders. This is one of the most time-consuming tasks in an online store. It involves not only purchasing and dropshipping, but also a large number of reports and changes on the website. Customers always want everything and they want it fast, that’s why the quicker you process their order, the more satisfied they will be. Applications will help to make the process faster and more convenient.
  • Introducing changes. If you decide to change something, you will have to face a long process of your employees adapting to the innovations. The system quickly regroups and does not need training.

Shopify Marketing Integrations

Shopify email marketing integrations help the owners of online stores to run successful campaigns, collect information on the customers’ needs, and much more. Let’s see the most efficient tools:


Hubspot helps to collect customers’ information. Thus, you can analyze the loyalty of the target audience, how often consumers return after the first purchase, and calculate the average order cost on the website. With such a tool you can apply a more individual approach to the clients, divide them into specific groups, and set up special mailing. The application makes it possible to synchronize information, as well as automate the distribution of emails.


MailChimp's goal is to help online store owners manage the customer base quickly and easily. The application synchronizes all consumers' data and segments them into groups. This helps to make email and SMS notifications more efficient by analyzing the behavior of the clients on the website. Besides, MailChimp can create informational and advertising brochures, as well as distribute them. The app gives the entrepreneurs statistical reports on campaigns, which helps to analyze their effectiveness and improve some details.

Yotpo Reviews

Yotpo Reviews is for those companies that want to get a response from clients and see their opinion on the products. The application offers customers to leave a review and then places it in widgets so that other consumers could see it. It helps to understand what buyers think about the products and improve them. Besides, the app can increase sales, since recommended products become more interesting to the visitors.


GetResponse gives business owners the opportunity to increase sales and customers’ loyalty through an attractive and literate mailing. You can control it in just a couple of clicks. Such a tool will help to increase profit, automate routine mailing, and free the employees from unnecessary work. The application has more than 150 ready-made templates for business letters, registration forms, and many others. By the way, there is a tracking of users’ actions in real-time, which allows the app to give advice at the moment of purchase and respond when a customer leaves the cart.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is the best app for segmenting customers. We often do not consider how important it is to divide consumers into groups. It can be one-time or permanent clients, those who have visited the website recently and those who haven't visited for a long time. Each group needs a different approach. With the application, the visitors will receive emails with coupons and discounts that you can edit and modify, which helps to make the online store more popular and increase users’ loyalty.


AWeber segments customers too, but the list you can make is more extensive. In the owner’s account, you will find almost all the available information on the clients. There are their name, email, address, the number of orders that they made in the store, and the total amount of time spent there. All this allows you to make the most detailed segmentation and increase the efficiency of mailing. Besides, all the information in the app is relevant, since the data is synchronized every 15 minutes. Make your automation unique and get your customers interested!

Shopify Accounting Integrations

Accounting integrations simplify the work of the accountant, since all the calculation systems are gathered in one small application. There is no need to enter the data all over again: the process is automated. Let’s see our choice of top Shopify integrations:


If you want to integrate any applications into your online store, use Zapier. It increases productivity and sales, improves service through automation, provides well-thought-out marketing campaigns, and much more. Like many other integration apps, Zapier allows you to track abandoned baskets, automate the mailing, and make your communication with the clients personalized.


Every online store needs Quickbooks. This tool is an accounting app that allows you to track not only the number of sales and returns but also your expenses and taxes. Moreover, the application facilitates the tasks of your accountant. With Quickbooks, you can view import taxes, account balances, and much more.


Deliveries have never been this easy! TradeGecko is a platform that helps in inventory management. The app allows online store owners to control their stocks and calculate how much more raw materials they need. With the automation of such tasks, you can devote more time to business development.


The app will help you to simplify the process of orders, automate the data processing, and avoid errors. Sage synchronizes with all applications in real-time and helps to process information faster. The quicker you contact the client, the higher their satisfaction and loyalty will be. And the higher the chance that they will return to your website.

Shopify Social Media Integrations

Social media integration means that you can control all the profiles and posts in a single app. It often allows you to post one publication on several social networks at once. Let’s see which of such tools are the most effective:


One of the most popular social networks around the world will help you to attract the attention of a large number of consumers. With its help, an entrepreneur can reach over 1 million active users. Facebook is very convenient since you can configure a store or highlight certain products in just a couple of clicks. The platform is the most effective tool for spreading out information, and integration allows you to display Facebook sales on your Shopify page. Thus, you can increase the customer base, as well as stimulate clients to make a purchase.


To use Instagram effectively, integrate Instafeed into your Shopify account. It will help to distribute the products, attract new customers, and see their reviews. Just like Facebook, Instagram allows owners to increase the number of likes and subscriptions. By optimizing the hashtags and your page, you can attract the attention of consumers. At the same time, fresh and unique content can emphasize the uniqueness of your products and show them in the best light.


Sprout is a great tool for managing all the social networks and publications that belong to the company. The owner can easily work with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn messages in a few clicks. Besides, you can create a profile for each client, add notes about them, and record all available information.

Referral Candy

The application suggests the customers to recommend your online store to friends and acquaintances. In exchange, it offers small rewards of their choice. This encourages them to share reviews and opinions and gains you a customer base. Besides, Referral Candy has a convenient toolbar that doesn’t require special knowledge to use.

Shopify Sales Integrations

Sales integrations help to convert a potential customer into a real one that makes purchases. In other words, it is a CRM - customer relationship management tool. You can attract consumers with advertisements, or let applications do it for you. Let’s see the most efficient ones:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is popular with a large number of ordinary users, but it can be a particularly useful tool for business. It helps to segment the customers, analyze who they are and what they are looking for, and give you a better understanding of what you can offer them. The app also makes it possible to analyze the behavior of your audience and provide each user with a more personal approach. By seeing how your consumers interact with the site, what attracts them, and what content drives the sales, you simplify the work of the PR manager and make advertising more effective. The integration of Google Analytics can increase both your income and customers’ loyalty.


This application is suitable for your online store if you want to make consumer purchases more personalized. Salesforce helps owners to monitor customers’ behavior using AI, as well as systematically improve the website. It allows you to increase sales and run effective marketing or advertising campaigns. Besides, by analyzing the behavior of the clients, you can offer more personalized recommendations based on their wishes. Salesforce has many useful tools, and its integration into your business will affect the profit. 


Via SMS, SaveMySales sends coupons or asks questions related to a particular product to motivate customers to purchase them. Thus, the customers convince themselves that this is a good offer that is worth buying. SMS mailing is interactive and includes emojis, photos and GIFs. Integrating this application will help to reduce the number of abandoned carts, as well as increase the number of active customers.


The application automates the entire process of attracting new customers. ClickFunnels offers settings for marketing campaigns that help to redirect potential clients to your online store. It is done using attractive and captivating advertisements, which the app posts on all social networks, sends out by email, and uploads on YouTube. A click on the ad takes users to the website where they can purchase products. To collect information about users, the app offers them to fill out a form and provides unique products and catalogs as a reward.

What Should You Choose?

The integration of these applications in your Shopify can increase customers’ loyalty and interest. As the owner, you will get more profit, gain a foothold in the marketplace and become a more recognizable brand. Besides, you can analyze your audience, its needs, and use this information to further develop your company. Some applications serve the same purpose, some are unique. Some of them make the life of your employees simpler, and some completely automate the process. And there are so many of them that this is not even the whole list! With the help of these apps, you will avoid unnecessary costs and reduce the existing ones. Automation helps to make all processes fast and accurate, minimizes the chance of human error, and saves your time.

If you are not sure which applications will make your online store the most efficient, contact professionals. The Multi-Programming Solutions team will be happy to advise you. We provide Shopify integrations services and other solutions for e-commerce. 

Make more profit and simplify your work with our help!

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