Examples of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) in 2021


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It’s amazing how quickly technology changes. Yesterday, everyone was surprised at the rapid development of native mobile applications, and today we are witnessing a new evolution. 

Progressive web applications are a product of the joint evolution of the mobile site and the native application. Many famous companies and enterprises choose a new trend to engage more users and compete the app market. Simply put, a hybrid that has absorbed the very best from its predecessors. Now, the ease of installation and opening of the mobile site and the functionality of the native application (push notifications, gps-navigation and other native functions) became united.

This technology benefits both customers and users. Such an application can be developed several times cheaper and faster than the native one, which opens up many new opportunities for small companies. For people who are using PWAs, the benefits are no less significant: it does not take up space in the phone’s memory, no need to download the app from the stores.

So, who has already checked out all the benefits of building up a PWA? Today we will show you PWA examples worth applauding!

Game PWA

These PWAs are supposed to entertain you and make you feel engaged. The advantage of PWA games is that you can play it or continue the game everywhere with any device you have at the moment.


Sudoku PWA

Sudoku is played on a square field of 9 by 9 cells. The field itself is divided into areas (3 by 3 squares). At the beginning of the game, a certain number of digits are known in certain cells. The goal of Sudoku PWA is to fill all empty cells with numbers 1-9 (one digit per cell), according to the following rules:

  1. A number can appear only once in each line.
  2. A digit may appear only once in each column.
  3. A digit may appear only once in each area.


2048 pwa

Game 2048 is puzzles for Android and IOS devices, as well as for a computer, created not by the principle of connecting identical tiles with numbers to get a tile with the number 2048. The meaning and essence of the game 2048 is to get a tile with a number 2048.

There is a scoreboard at the top of the game, and if there is a figure of 2048 or more, it will not mean that you won! Only the number 2048 received on the field will indicate winning! To win the game in 2048, be patient!

There are more examples of game PWAs, such as:

  • The Flappy Bird
  • Monopong
  • Higher or Lower
  • The Cube
  • Photopieces

LifeStyle PWA

Such PWAs are good for meeting people’s everyday needs and help them in performing different self-important tasks in different areas of their life.


Tinder pwa

This is a worldwide famous app which aims to help you meet new people or even find your soulmate. The main idea is to “like” person’s profile picture by horizontal scrolling which is given in a list of possible matches. If the person you “liked” did the same, you can start texting with him/her. Also you can add some personal information about yourself and read it about others, got premium account and have more people to see near you and so on.


Wikipedia pwa

It is a well-known source to search for any information which is used by everyone. Wikipedia is an encyclopedia where everybody can write an article. There are no formal criteria for competence for the participants. But, paradoxically, the quality of the finished Wikipedia articles is not inferior to the world’s best encyclopedias, such as, for example, Britannica. And by volume this is the biggest encyclopedia in the world – there are already more than three million articles in one hundred languages.

Other LifeStyle PWA examples are also worth checking out:

  • Twitter Lite
  • Meditate
  • Joppy
  • Split Me

Travel PWA

Book a hotel or find your way using helpful PWAs on your phone or available computer.


airbnb pwa

Airbnb is an online resource (website) that helps to rent housing from individuals around the world. Those are people who have an extra room or apartment or house and a desire to communicate with tourists / earn money, share all sorts of places for overnight stay and long-term accommodation.

They can be shared and private rooms, simple apartments, and luxury apartments, and houses, up to castles, and even tents. So everyone will find something to their liking. But in general, of course apartments or individual rooms in the apartments are offered.


ride pwa

Now you don’t need to ask people about the nearest bike stations. This app services with a map of bike stations and bike share scheme in the city you located now. It shows a number of bike available and places where you can leave it for sure. Also you can use the map to find the stations and even to see the exact distance to some specific bike place.

Also try these travel PWAs examples on your device:

  • MakeMyTrip
  • Trivago Hotel Booking
  • Wego
  • Ola

Entertainment PWA

If you’re bored or have some time to relax, you can join one of the entertainment PWAs to spice up your life a bit.


9Gag pwa

This is a Hong Kong project, dedicated to Internet memes, comics and other types of network humor. Its creator, Ray Chan, started doing the project just for fun during his free time but then it became a huge resource of funny memes and jokes which people share all over the world.


1Tuner pwa

That’s a wonderful app for listening to various foreign radio stations online. You can find any radio station and even create your own plan for listening: choose a few radio stations set the time limit and their order.

Other progressive web apps examples are:

  • SFXR
  • Spotlight
  • Audio Grooves
  • Imgur

News PWA

Don’t waste time to buy a paper or magazine. You can check daily news in your smartphone or from the PC. This is a nice chance to save money, time and sources.


Forbes pwa

Already in the first years of its existence, Forbes became one of America’s most sought-after business magazines. Most often, the Forbes brand (“Forbes”) is associated with the lists of the richest businessmen that appear periodically on the pages of the publication. Forbes delivers exclusive information, publishes high-quality ratings, objective and honest analytics, and bold investigations in the business sphere.


Climadiario PWA

It is a weather forecast app for everybody who don’t want to get cold or wet and plan his vocation accordingly. The app has weather forecast for different periods of time, and shows the temperature outside, wind condition, storms and thunder coming.

You can observe more news PWA examples:

  • Headline
  • The Guardian
  • Independent
  • Resi

Sports PWA

Can’t live without sports? Install a sport PWA according to your needs and be aware of the latest sport news, score and games 24/7.

Sports Mole

Be in the center of sports news with Sports Mole. Here you can find any fresh information about football match you’re looking forward to seeing or tennis score for the game you missed.

Foot Peek

With this app you can find all the football result of any league in Europe.

Take a look at more Sports PWA examples:

  • L’Équipe
  • Wikihoops
  • Wager
  • High Tide

Shopping PWA

Many online shops have already decided to work on PWA module to be available for people with different devices and catch a bigger audience for business.


AliExpress PWA

AliExpress is one of the biggest online malls in the world. You can find almost everything there. The main thing – to show imagination and search. The price is the main driver of AliExpress. Among the fans of the service there is an unspoken rule: do not ask each other “Why do you need this garbage?”. Weekly the campaign “Almost for nothing” starts as a part of the sale: several products in limited quantities are priced below 50 cents. In seconds they are bought up.


Alibaba PWA

Alibaba is today the second largest online sales service in China. Its target audience consists mainly of wholesale regular customers. It is beneficial to make purchases on this resource to private entrepreneurs, for whom the sale of high-quality Chinese products is an integral part of their earnings.

Experienced buyers are attracted to Alibaba by the unique simplicity and speed of delivery of the ordered goods. The main advantage of shopping on Alibaba is that the delivery of huge batches of different things is much cheaper than on Aliexpress.

More shopping PWA examples are:

  • ShoppingList
  • Walmart Grocery
  • 1800Flowers

Tools PWA

Here you can find different tools for your everyday routine and tasks to be done.

Tomatoes Work

Tomatoes Work PWA

This is a timer which helps people to concentrate on doing different tasks or assignments and get maximum of their productivity.


You can take notes on various areas of your life using such app with a PC or installing it to your mobile main screen. That’s really convenient for making lists, writing down thoughts or ideas everywhere.

 Other helpful Tools progressive web app examples are here:

  • PWA Calculator
  • QR Snapper
  • Trackybara
  • WordCounter

Final Words

Today you observed the best progressive web application examples and look through the list of its categories. We hope this information was useful for you before building a PWA for your own business. It’s time to join a PWA community and bring your business idea to the next level. Multi-Programming Solutions is an experienced IT company which can give you a free project estimation and start building your future PWA.

Contact us to get it!

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