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By 2020, the mobile app development industry is all set to breach the $100 billion mark. The top countries leading this mobile app revolution are the USA, UK, China, Japan, and India. As the internet penetration, and with it the smartphone penetration, is reaching record levels with each year, businesses are increasingly using apps to reach their audience, and control their customer-brand experiences. Buoyed by this rapid growth in mobile app development and mobile app usage, iOS has emerged as one of the most preferred platforms for businesses to create apps for. And, Multi-Programming Solutions is leading this mobile app revolution.

iPhone App Development Services & Solutions

The spectrum of iPhone and iPad users and their demographics offers exceptional growth prospects for businesses. According to multiple researches, iOS users spend as much as 2.5 times as their Android counterparts. Clearly, iOS is a more profitable platform from a business perspective. A sensational app can drive phenomenal business growth and help you breach into multiple new markets with ease. Multi-Programming Solutions transforms the dreams and visions of businesses into beautiful and easy-to-use iPhone apps. Our development services for iPhone application are uniquely geared towards creating stunning quality, responsive, and fluid-smooth apps that engage your audience, enthral them, allow them to access all useful information effortlessly, and inspire them to spend more time on your app. Our sophisticated iOS app development services make use of proven methodologies and design principles to create apps that are engaging and beautiful.

iPad App Development Services & Solutions

iOS app development for iPads requires a more targeted approach. The big screen offers substantially greater real estate for adding useful information, engaging the audience, and impressing them. This mid-segment tech between the smartphone and laptop technologies has absorbed a significant market space from these two devices and now enjoys a big niche of its own. Since its debut in 2010, a grand total of 360 million iPads have been sold, and a majority of those devices continue to be in use as daily drivers, work devices, and entertainment platforms at home. This vast and wide variety of users requires an equally versatile iOS development on iPad devices. Multi-Programming Solutions, with its unmatched expertise and experience in developing apps for iPad, can create highly scalable iPad apps that can help businesses reach a wider audience. Our iOS development solutions are designed to deliver sophisticated, cost-effective, and uber-fast apps that inspire other app development companies.

iOS App Development Software

Our iOS development team at Multi-Programming Solutions is highly versatile and has produced fabulous apps using a variety of Apple app development software. We build top-notch iOS apps on a variety of IDEs and third-party development platforms. We even use third-party drag-and-drop iOS app development tools if you need any predefined functions that you need from such parties. Our developers are also proficient in Swift programming language. However, the most successful stories that we have witnessed come from our cross-platform development services, where we make use of technologies like Unity to create iOS apps that deliver native-app level performance and end user experience. Some of the app development platforms that we use are the following:


AC platform iOS
Media platform iOS


Unity platform iOS


XCODE platform iOS

Multi-Programming Solutions takes pride in producing superior quality iOS apps that not only meet every requirement of our clients but exceed their expectations in many ways. In fact, our iOS app development services are not just cost-effective, but are designed to boost the profitability of our clients. When they plan to launch an app for other platforms like Android, Windows, or even the web, our cross-platform development approach allows them to just port their iOS app to the various platforms. This way, they not only achieve tremendous cost-savings, but also save a substantial amount of time that would otherwise be spent on app development for each platform. Perhaps, the most important benefit of our unity iOS development services is that your audience gets a unified app usage experience. So, no matter what device they are using, they will experience your brand in the same way.

iOS App Development Team

Our iOS app development services are designed to offer you end-to-end solutions for your iOS strategy. Once you get onboard with us, our team members integrate themselves to your organisation’s unique needs and get their fingers on the pulse of your target audience’s unique needs. We begin by gaining a deep understanding of your industry, market, and audience behaviour. Then, our team of designers and developers start working on creating the features and app experiences that will meet your audience’s expectations in every way. That’s just the beginning. Our team of developers and designers work in tandem with your organisation as a satellite department for your organisation. Once your app is deployed, they’ll monitor its performance, identify any customer issues, and even offer technical support to you and your audience. If you so desire, our team will get working on fixing the bugs as and when they keep popping up. At the same time, they will identify the various potential improvements that can unlock more engagement, greater customer satisfaction, and higher revenues for your business. All their efforts will eventually culminate in regular updates for the app to keep them bug-free and updated to meet the increasingly greater needs of your audience.

Multi-Programming Solutions: Excellence. Delivered.

We have been delivering futuristic, engaging, and delightful iOS apps for our clients for many years now. Our ability to deliver exceptional quality work at every stage of the development cycle from concept to deployment to continuous innovation has catapulted us to the leadership position in the international app development market. With more iOS app projects in the pipeline, our portfolio is only going to grow stronger and more impressive by the day. Join hands with us. Let us embark on a shared future, where you dream of the skies, and we’ll use our technological capabilities to help you fly.

TechnologiesApril 2, 2020
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