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Each business, regardless of whether little or huge, needs viable IT support and systems so as to improve productivity in their huge corporate association. Solid and dependable IT support administrations can empower organizations to remain focused. Being cutting-edge in tech areas can really increase any conceivable IT costs later.

Organizations turn out to be highly adaptable and flexible by having updates. Customers lean toward providers that are constantly current. This shows commitment, guarantees streamlined activities and expanded dependability.

Project support is a set of services that are related to maintaining the performance of a web resource, application, or platform. The Internet is a quite changeable environment, the algorithms of search engines change, and over time, the positions achieved may change. Support is among the crucial factors to maintain the achieved position and performance of the product, and also to attract new users. 

Site and mobile app support services include many different works. These include changing various data, adding new information, adjusting the structure of the site, changing navigation, improving design solutions, placing additional modules, fixing bugs and crashes, etc.

In this article, we are going to investigate the significance of having an IT support administrations for your business.

Why is customer support important?

How important is customer service to a business today? The way you treat your customers is the direct reflection of your business characteristics and attitude towards the most valuable people in your business. This surely affects the essential pillars of your business - sales, attractiveness to new potential customers, and reputation. Your business image and qualities cannot be underestimated. If you want to position your business as a big, responsible deal in the market, efficient, reliable, promptly responsive customer support is a must.

The ultimate benefit of good customer service and one of the most important aspects of customer service is the ability and skills to retain customers - the ones unsatisfied with your services for some reason, the ones that suddenly decided to cancel the purchase but can still make up their minds, and the rest. This makes up a huge segment of retained customers that help push your business further and improve your reputation as a reliable service provider.

Thus, effective customer support service tends to motivate about 84% of customers to make a purchase exactly from your brand.

Support matters

For the product to develop, update and thus meet the optimization requirements, it is necessary to provide constant support (both technical and informational). It is also important to correct all defects, errors, and other dubious elements appearing in the work of the product.

If you once spent money on product development, but don’t carry out its promotion and support, your money was wasted. For example, the site must always be up-to-date, because the search engines respond both to the changes that have occurred on the site and to their absence. The result of the lack of support of the site may even be its disappearance from the network. After all, site owners forget not only about website promotion but also about elementary technical support – timely payment for the domain and hosting.

We, at Multi-Programming Solutions, work on E-commerce, Shopify, etc. platforms and know what most frequent problems a client can face without having development and customer support. For example, these platforms have regular API upgrades but you won’t be informed about it. Consequently, your shop or site breaks down, users won’t be able to purchase or even just log in. The longer this problem is being solved, the fewer customers use your service. With the support contract, the client reserves a set of team hours so his needs are high-priority ones. The integration will be fixed as soon as possible.

Competitors may not stand still and actively promote their business, thereby expelling your site from the top of search engines. There are attacks, crashes, and a need to update or replace texts and other information. Specialists are focused on such tasks.

Even with a minimal budget, the site gets excellent support, which allows you to:

  • Find and solve the problem quickly
  • Save the site rating, thereby keeping it in the first position in the search engine
  • Cope with hacks or attacks
  • Update, upgrade functionality
  • Delete, replace, add information
  • Retrieve visit analytics
  • get rid yourself of the negotiations with the hosting provider
  • Save the data in the backup site in time
  • Receive company email support

Multi-Programming Solutions offers two ways to support your project:

  • post-development support

This period involves fixing bugs that appeared inside the product, made by us.

  • continuous support

When the client chooses this kind of support, he reserves a set of our team’s hours for fixing bugs in development, design, and crashes, hosting, avoiding fuckups, customer support, and so on. In case of an emergency, the team works 24/7 to get the best solution. Also, monitoring of servers is round-the-clock, Admin gets a message, fixes the problem immediately. As a result, there is a minimum of downtime.

Besides, customer support is really important as a range of services that will help the user solve problems with computer hardware, software, or other electronic devices. Technical support services help users solve product-related problems. Many companies and manufacturers do not provide the user with information that can solve many problems that arise when working with products. And the absence of connection motivates users to leave it.

Definition of Customer Support: What KPIs You Should Be Tracking for Success?

Hosting or considered data management


When we enter the site address in the browser, we do not think about how the text, images, and design, come from. The page is loading, because somewhere a computer works, in which memory files with the text of the site, pictures, videos, scripts are kept. Such a computer is called a server.

The server keeps files with the contents of the site and shows them when users come to the site. The larger and more popular the site, the more resources it will need. For example, Facebook uses more than 50,000 servers.

Multi-Programming Solutions isn’t a hosting company but gives consultations about the most appropriate server for client’s project and helps to manage it.

Hosting is a paid service. It includes the rent of space on the server and its capacity. Hosting companies are called hosting providers or hosters. The task of these companies is to make your website accessible 24/7 to users. To do this, hosting providers install special equipment – control panels.

Briefly describe all the features of the hosting will not work, but here are the main ones:

  • For emails

The hosting will keep letters and mail settings: spam filter settings, automatic replies, forwarding rules, contacts.

  • For sites

On the hosting keep files with the site and manage them. In the control panel, the administrator downloads and deletes files, changes the appearance of the site, monitors its performance.

  • For apps

The application needs hosting to store application files, be online round-the-clock and store user information.

  • For security certificates

If you are going to install an SSL certificate on the site, you will need a place on the hosting. There will be kept certificate files and its settings.

The certificate encrypts the contact forms on the site so that fraudsters cannot use the users’ personal data.

Types of hosting

Most often, hosting is needed for sites. Each site requires a different number of resources, so there are different types of hosting. They differ in memory size, functionality, and pre-installed software.

There are five main types of hosting:

  • Shared hosting

This is a type of hosting, in which one server is divided into many parts and rented separately. Several hundred users can simultaneously locate their sites on one server. All users use the resources of one server. So if someone uses too many resources, it will affect other sites. To prevent this from happening and everyone has equal conditions, hosting providers impose restrictions, e.g. can limit the use of RAM.

It is suitable for a business card site, a promotion page, a portfolio, a blog or a small online store.

  • Virtual private server (VPS) hosting

The virtual server has no restrictions, and it can be freely customized for your project. You can even install your software. Several virtual servers are located on the same physical server. Each of them is isolated from each other. If one virtual server consumes a lot of resources, it will not affect other users.

This type of hosting is suitable for an online store, a forum with a large number of visitors, an application or a corporate site where customers and employees have accounts or personal mail.

  • Dedicated server hosting

This is a type of hosting, in which you alone manage a whole server. In this case, you do not depend on other clients of hosting provider. Your capabilities will be limited only by the capabilities of the server itself. The administrator of the dedicated server gets full access to the software and hardware. This means that you will control the operating system and file system, and even be able to purchase additional hardware if necessary.

This type of hosting is suitable for a game server, social network, banking site, large Internet.

store or application that requires a lot of resources.

  • Cloud hosting

This is a type of hosting, in which you pay only for the a number of resources, and the hosting provider distributes them among random servers. Imagine that your site is partially stored on three different servers. Different servers also take RAM, processor power and other resources. It helps the hosting provider better distribute the load on the equipment. If later you will not have enough hosting resources, then you won’t have to switch to another tariff plan. You use the resources of several independent servers and can change the number of resources when it is needed.

This type of hosting is suitable for a media publishing site, an online store, an application or a website, which does not have enough virtual server resources.

  • Colocation

This is a type of hosting in which the user places his server at the hosting provider and pays for their service. Typically, the price includes a minimum set of services: rent and protection of space for equipment, connection to electricity and the Internet, cooling, etc.

For a fee, they can offer additional services such as data protection and backup. This type of hosting is suitable if your site consumes more resources than a dedicated server gives. Each month, paying for several dedicated servers will be more expensive than buying your equipment and renting a room for it.

How to Choose and Set Up Web Hosting – MPS Guide

Back-up against fuck-ups

The first and in fact the most significant mistake is the absence of backups. If you do not make backups at all and hope that everything will be all right, then sooner or later your data may not only suffer, but also be completely lost.

Most companies understand the importance of creating backups. But the trouble is that not many companies have an idea of what the data backup strategy should represent. As a result, they lose information, customers, and therefore money.

The essence of site backup comes down to copying databases, site files, mail, FTP accounts and many other hosting options. Simply put, we save the entire site and its settings in a separate place, and if necessary we can return the site to the version that we saved.

support create back ups

In this case, data can be copied to the current and backup (additional) server, located separately from the provider’s servers or in another data center. It is made in case something happens to the server on which the site is kept.

What are the reasons why important data may be lost:

  • server / computer crash. Trusting a single device that stores information in any case is not necessary. Every machine can break down, consequently, you can lose very important data, especially sad when it is stored in one copy.
  • program failure. Because of such problems, important information may be deleted or damaged, which cannot be restored if there is no backup.
  • intruders can damage your data or steal it for later use. This is often done with malware that infects files, and for their recovery scammers demand a ransom. Antivirus in such cases is often powerless.
  • the user himself. Due to inexperience or haste, you may accidentally damage important documents / files for you. In such a case, here is a useful backup, which will restore the lost data.

We, at Multi-Programming Solutions, create back-ups automatically and save it for minimum 2 weeks on another additional server. This is an optimal period to omit problems and stucks.


The experience of Multi-Programming Solutions in creating and supporting projects has been more than 12 years. We provide a guarantee, timely and high-quality IT business support services. Responsible support contributes to the fact that the project becomes profitable, it is always an integral leader of the top ten of search results. As a result, tens of thousands of visitors come to the resource, who later become your potential customers. By entrusting us with your project, you will immediately get rid of the possible difficulties related to updating all the necessary information, fixing it, and the actual control of the project and its uninterrupted performance.

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