Why is it Essential for Companies to Keep Evolving?


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The modern IT market is full of increasing competition, growing requirements, and shifting tendencies. Well-adapted to change, the niche leaders realize that unless their business strategies evolve, they would be risking going out of date by the next financial quarter. If you are looking to be profitable and demanded long-term, you need to have a plan. 

Even if your business has grown to be firmly established in the market – the usual environment may change in the snap of a finger. This is where adaptable business growth comes in as a necessity for further market success. But let’s start from the beginning.

Important Reasons for Business Growth

There are many important reasons why your business should grow – a “healthy” commercial player is always looking for ways to expand. It’s easy to miss out on this notion. When it comes to a PoD company that already has its share of clients and works based on well-tried-and-tested software solutions, one may think that enough traction has been gained, and maintaining the achieved workflow is the farthest one should go. 

This is where you should be ready to create a detailed business plan and adopt new capabilities (we discuss our own software solution below).

Suppose you successfully launched your business 1-2 years ago. The first year was all about gradual growth, first clients, and first proper investments.

But 2-3 years pass and everything slows down. Working with clients eats up most of the time and business growth requires much more energy, time, or funds. Hiring an experienced marketer is expensive, but all you may need is a systemic approach, with analyses and roadmaps, and new powerful software.

Working out a business development plan

First off, when it comes to a business development plan, it is a document that is usually drawn up for a year. It can be edited every quarter, but it is important to reach the planned strategic goals timely.

The company’s development plan must indicate its goals, objectives, tools, algorithms for their application, and responsible employees. When your company makes its own products, you may throw the main focus on the creation of product/service, neglecting strategy and marketing tactics. 

At the same time, proper product introduction marketing may require as much as 50% of the whole budget, so this is very important to keep in mind.

The ultimate recommendation is that you should compose a detailed plan before the New Year or immediately after the Christmas holidays that will answer the following questions:

  • what goal does the company want to achieve at the end of the year?
  • what companies/partners/customers do you want to see among your clients (not only the industry and segment but also specific names);
  • what tools and communication channels should be used further on: online/offline?
  • what online channels need to be created, developed, or modernized (do the corporate website and landing pages bring enough results? They may need to be updated and/or expanded.)
  • who will generate content and be responsible for the effectiveness of digital communications? (It’s no secret that social networks and instant messengers are excellent traffic generators. To miss this opportunity to generate social traffic is very short-sighted)
  • in what areas your competitors are ahead of you? (Competitive analysis is important to help understand which company development vectors should be prioritized based on the state of the market and competitor actions.)
  • what budget is required to implement the promotion plan?

When approving a development plan, it is important to make sure it’s realizable, feasible, and that the company employees understand why you need to let business change and employ new tactics in the first place.

Integrating new software systems

Then, there are software system integrations to help streamline your business performance and accelerate its growth with the help of numerous new tools and opportunities. For instance, if you’re a PoD business that integrates a platform like PodZa, you ultimately get to:

  • Optimize communication. All employees get a centralized communication hub to share any information fast and accessibly;
  • Improve data accessibility. Again, centralization allows reaching for assets and any required data immediately, without any hindering restrictions;
  • Boost overall productivity. The above points coupled with the ultimate convenience of working with an optimized system save a lot of time and effort, letting your employees better focus on pure performance;
  • In-depth statistics. All the actions and transactions data that goes through the system gets recorded for further detailed statistics analysis;

Our Decision to Create PodZa

We have created a new Print-on-Demand platform PodZa to help PoD businesses painlessly manage workflow as well as other technologies and tools they use in their work. The platform helps printing shops and warehouse spaces that work with affiliate stores through eCommerce optimize their capabilities.

You can use it to integrate and interconnect even third-party PoD tools you prefer to use, just to keep everything systematic. The basic idea behind this project was to introduce business acceleration software to help PoD providers dynamically adapt to the shifting market conditions and watch their business grow while working with clients and establishing new partnerships.

Bottom Line – How PodZa Can Boost Your Business

Integrating PodZa, you get to evolve your business by reaching all the above-mentioned software integration benefits and more. The platform is optimized to decrease unnecessary downtimes, help employees spend minimum work time where possible, and systematize pretty much all involved business activity.

If you really want your company to grow continuously, a centralized solution is just the thing you need. Try PodZa and remember why it is essential for companies to keep evolving – if you don’t move forward, you stand in place, giving competitors a tasty opportunity to overlap you at any moment.

September 8, 2020
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