Node.Js Frameworks: What To Choose And How To Use



Growing the potential outcomes of JavaScript for server-side scripts, development utilizing the Node.js system has gone to the fore among programming technologies. Node.js prompted a perceptible progression of JavaScript outside the browser, which is broadly affirmed by JS engineers.

Being directly related to technology, we already know about Node.js backend building and its capabilities in creating web applications. Due to its outstanding properties, Node.js is really popular in the community of backend engineers and technology developers. Here we describe a list of 5 best frameworks that extend the core functionality of Node.js with the latest features and will develop rapidly in 2019.

Reasons to use Node.JS

The pros of applications built on these frameworks are different, but they have something in common:

pros of applications built on node js
  • Profitability
  • Most of them are free and have open source code to use. Since this significantly speeds up the creation of an application, therefore, it reduces the price of the web application itself.
  • Performance
  • Frameworks significantly improve performance, and all because it maximally optimizes the process. Because it is easier to use frameworks with optimization and well-structured templates than writing hundreds of lines of code. You can build end-to-end web applications in real time and without third-party application servers, web servers, technologies, or tools.


  • Security

Trend JavaScript frameworks boast not only the support of a large community on GitHub, but also an iron security system.

  • Compatibility

These Node.js frameworks were written in JavaScript, so they are compatible in terms of devices, operating systems and browsers.

Node.js frameworks are really popular at the market, and in 2020 they acquired even more functions and pros. Many leading programming langs ​​are accessible on the market, but top 2020 Node.js frameworks have truly changed the building process. Companies and freelancers engaged in the development of Node.Js who are looking for different strategies to speed up web development without losing quality, pay attention to these frameworks.Big Comparison Angular vs React, Vue, Node, Ember, Knockout, Polymer and others frameworks


This is a free JavaScript project which is open-source, suitable for building multi-platform web applications. It was established primarily for the building of business apps and those which implement some special functionality. Some important facts about this framework are here:

  • It is usually used to implement data-driven APIs. This approach is utilized to make apps such as online chats, various control panels, games.
  • It works well with a variety of environments and tools for developing app interfaces. As an example, it can be used to develop applications designed for the Android and iOS platforms; Angular and React libraries are well combined with it. This suggests that a developer who chooses Sails.js will be able to integrate it into almost any application development process.
  • It supports Grunt modules such as LESS, SASS, Stylus, CoffeeScript, Pug (formerly Jade) and Dust. As a result, Sails.js is ideal for developing browser applications.
  • It integrates the ORM-library waterline.js, so that it supports universal tools for working with various types of databases, protocols, third-party APIs. This facilitates interaction with various storage systems.
  • It’s a Node.js web development framework which is vastly utilized in website design. For example,  the site of Verizon is created on its basis.


Hapi.js is an open-source framework fittable for building web apps. It was created by the Walmart Labs team under the leadership of Eran Hammer. When designing the framework, the need to ensure the efficiency of web projects during the sale, which Walmart arranges on Black Friday, was taken into account. In the United States, on the days of this sale, e-commerce systems are under tremendous pressure.

Initially, Hapi used the Express framework, but it turned out that it was accompanied by too many restrictions, so the project based on it did not meet the demands for it. In the end, the Walmart team created Hapi as a standalone framework. Here are its main features:

  • Hapi.js has built-in support for databases such as MySQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL, so allows you to create static websites.
  • This server framework fits well with any library for building interfaces, such as React, Angular and Vue.js.
  • A project based on Hapi.js can be implemented as an API server, a server supporting a website or an HTTP proxy.
  • It can be used to develop real-time web applications, as well as to create services.
  • It is very famous and is often taken for large projects, e.g. the sites of Disney, Concrete, PayPal, Walmart and many others.


Express.js is a really significant for working on projects, picking Node.js up to a new stage. This is a flexible and minimalistic framework for developing time-consuming web applications and software interfaces for mobile applications.

Express framework Node.js consists of the attached properties, e.g. simplified multiple routes, database integrations, template engines, and so on. Moreover, high-quality Node.js developers can write extensions, plugins and packages for it too.

Express gives you the flexibility to use any template engine that matches signatures, any user authentication scheme, and any third-party database. It will help you determine the structure of the project directory in a way that is convenient for you.

Main features are:

  • Offbeat scripts dependent on occasions. Generally, this implies a Node.js based server never anticipates that information should become back from the API. After the call, the server continues to the following API, and the Node.js Events notice instrument causes the server to get a reaction from the past API call.
  • Exceptionally quick. Being constructed on the Google Chrome V8 JavaScript program, the Node.js library runs in all respects rapidly in code.
  • Single-threaded, but effectively scalable – Node.js uses a single-threaded model with an event loop. The Event motor enables the server to react in a non-blocking way and gives high adaptability, dissimilar to conventional servers that make constrained threads for processing requests.
  • No buffering – Node.js applications do not buffer info. Applications essentially yield information in parts.


Derby.js can be described as a full-stack framework based on the MVC template and generally utilized in the improvement of modern web applications. With it, you can create both server and customer applications. It is mainly used to create mobile applications and real-time web applications.

Initially, Derby.js bolstered just a set number of standard Node.js modules. However, at this point, its capacities can without much of a stretch be extended by outsider modules, which adds to the plan and advancement of brilliant activities. Here are some special features of this framework:

  • On account of Racer, the information synchronization subsystem incorporated with Derby.js, the engineer can exploit the parallel preparing and synchronization of information between the program some part of the application, its server part and the database. The same goes for customer and server synchronization in a progressively broad sense.
  • The framework allows you to organize your code as components using HTML templates, which are convenient to use when designing applications.
  • He has an active developer community around him, which means he can get an answer to a complex question about Derby.js, which is not disclosed in the documentation and in existing publications.
  • Thanks to the support of server rendering, this framework allows you to create high-performance web projects whose pages are loaded into users’ browsers very quickly and are well indexed by search engines.


LoopBack is a powerful framework containing built-in tools for working with the API, which makes it easy to connect projects based on it to a variety of server resources. This framework was developed by the same team that is working on Express.js. It is worth noting that LoopBack supports a good set of DBMS from various manufacturers.

This framework, due to its powerful capabilities, was chosen by the DA-14 team as the basis for the Community project (social application). LoopBack is used by the well-known domain registrar and hosting provider GoDaddy, it is used by the developer of computer security systems Symantec. Note some features of LoopBack:

  • The framework supports the ability to parse data model definitions, simplifies the design of new RESTful-APIs, which helps developers to install predefined roles at user and application levels.
  • Through the use of NPM features, it allows you to create dynamic APIs.
  • Utilizing dynamic APIs, the performance of dynamic server applications can be significantly improved.
  • The framework offers many additional components for managing files, for organizing user logins to the system through third-party projects, for using OAuth2, storage providers, and so on.
LoopBack framework Node Js


  • LoopBack applications can be deployed on traditional servers and in cloud environments.
  • Together with this framework, you can use various application interface development tools, for example – Angular and SDK for Android and iOS.
  • LoopBack has command-line tools for creating a REST-API using the API exploration tool; it supports models based on specific data schemas.
  • It allows you to quickly connect applications running on mobile devices and browsers to data sources and services.
  • It simplifies setting up user authentication and authentication.

TOP Frameworks and Tools to Build Progressive Web AppConclusion

Every project is special and has specific issues, so there is no framework suitable for all the building items. When choosing a programming language for development, consider the following factors:

  1. The nature of the documentation.
  2. Network.
  3. The status of the project on GitHub, the speed of blunder revision.
  4. A pack of assignments for which the framework is normally utilized.
  5. Arrangement adaptability.
  6. The complexity of the system.
  7. Compatibility of the framework with other tools you plan to use.

In any case, approach the solution from a rational point of view and give preference to the framework that is equipped according to your specific requirements, e.g. you need to build a web application with Node js frameworks or mobile app. Multi-Programming Solutions is always ready to support your choice and help you implement any project. Do not wait for tomorrow and contact us right now!


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