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There is no denying the fact that Magento is one of the most powerful platforms available today for development of e-commerce website and running business in the Internet. However, certain extensions are needed in order to make the platform stronger in specific areas. Thankfully, there are a number of Magento extensions available in the market to allow business owners to better serve customers and enjoy better conversion rate and excellent administration.

Here’s a list of the top 10 best Magento extensions available in the market today.

1. Multivendor marketplace

As the name suggests, this module allows you to convert a basic e-commerce website into a marketplace with multiple vendors. In short, this module allows you to turn your website into a platform where multiple sellers are allowed to sell a variety of products. This allows customers to choose from a variety of products, compare prices, compare various product features and also give reviews and ratings to different sellers.

Sellers are also allowed to manage their products easily. They can also customize their store. The admin has a variety of options for controlling the marketplace, for managing orders, for setting customized commission rates, for managing reviews, managing products and inventory among other things. It has a number of useful features but further add-ons are also available in the marketplace to enhance the overall experience.


  • Allows anyone to become a seller on the marketplace
  • Each seller gets a separate profile with company logo and company banner
  • Buyers are allowed to give reviews to sellers
  • Admin has the ability to create custom templates
  • Admin has the ability to approve or deny any seller
  • Multiple language support

As far as its price is concerned, it currently retails for $349. It is compatible with various community editions.

2. AJAX Cart

One of the biggest problems with the native add to cart solution in Magento is that visitors are transferred to the product page each time when adding products to their cart. This breaks momentum as the visitor is forced to go to the next catalogue page or come back to the previous page if they want to continue shopping. Needless to say, this also affects the conversion rate and this is where this particular Magento extension comes in.

It offers a pop-up that allows customers to specify different product options and allows them to add various products directly from catalogue pages to their cart. Simply put, it helps in maintaining the buying momentum and improves the overall conversion rate.


  • Allows customers to add products to their cart without the need for page reloads.
  • Makes buying convenient for buyers
  • Products in the pop-up come with brief product descriptions, product review numbers as well as ratings
  • There are four different animation types and various elements such as custom activity indicators, add cut in emissions and pop-up alignment can be customized for a unique look
  • Individual dialogue boxes can be set up for particular customer groups or for particular products.

This product currently retails for $99 and it is compatible with both enterprise and community edition. You will need to check the extension page on the marketplace to find out whether it is compatible with a particular version of your Magento store.

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3. Social login

magento extensions social login

As the name suggests, it allows buyers to sign on the website with various social network accounts including Twitter, Facebook and others. It is true that the registration functionality on Magento websites is easy but it has been observed that most customers prefer to register only when it’s needed. Also, most users do not want to create another login and password.


This particular extension removes the friction and makes the registration process more fluid. Almost everyone has an account on one or more social networks. Allowing customers to log into the website with their preferred social network account helps in increasing the number of registered visitors. It allows store owners to increase the conversion rate as it gives them the ability to reach potential customers even if they haven’t bought anything from the store yet.


  • It offers the ability to users to register through one of the eight social networks
  • Allow the shop owners to choose specific places for authorization buttons
  • Website owners are free to change the order of various buttons
  • It also comes with various options for icons and buttons

Currently, it retails for $40 and it is compatible with various versions of community edition.

4. Mega menu

The native menu in Magento is good but does not offer attractive customization options. This is where this particular extension for Magento shines. It allows you to convert the main navigation into a really attractive layout and you have a number of styles and layouts to choose from. It even allows the website owners to create a completely customized navigation bar displaying categories, sidebar, footer, header, subcategories and a variety of other elements.

Simply put, this particular extension offers friction-free navigation experience to users. Website owners can easily sort different product categories and subcategories in a variety of menu styles. It does not affect the site load time.


  • Offers option for full width as well as half-width menu
  • Admin can directly manage the design
  • No coding knowledge is necessary as for creating different mega menu styles
  • More categories can be displayed
  • A contact form can be created in the mega menu
  • User-friendly

It currently retails for $79 and it is compatible with different community versions.

5. Pre-order

If an item is currently out of stock, there is no option for customers to be informed once the item is in stock. This particular Magento extension fulfills this gap and allows website owners to organize pre-order campaigns for out of stock products. This module allows owners to replace the add-to-cart button with the pre-order button for particular items.

It helps in increasing the conversion rate as buyers now have the ability to pre-order different products in advance. This extensional also allows website owners to publish custom notes for different items which allow customers to be informed when the product is back in stock.


  • Allows owners to replace add to cart button with a pre-order button for different products
  • Offers support for various product types including group, bundle, configurable and simple products
  • Allows the display of custom notifications for various products
  • Related products block also shows items available for pre-order

This extension currently retails for $89 and it is compatible with various versions of community and enterprise edition.

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6. PayPal multicurrency

The biggest benefit of operating an online store is that a business can reach customers worldwide. However, the payment experience needs to be smooth for local as well as international buyers in order to avoid cart abandonment. One of the biggest problems store owners face when serving international customers is that the base currency on the Paypal website is changed to the base currency set in a store which has the potential to confuse buyers.


This particular extension allows businesses to offer a smooth payment process for international clients as customers can pay with PayPal Express in their preferred currency and does not need to change it back to the base currency of the store.

paypal multicurrency magento


  • It offers support for multiple currencies
  • Allows owners to accept payments in various currencies from international customers
  • Allows seamless user experience in the selected currency of the buyer

It currently retails for $49 and is compatible with the community edition.

7. One step checkout

Shopping cart abandonment is a real threat and website owners should take immediate steps to reduce it as much as possible. One of the ways is to simplify the checkout process of the store and this particular extension is one of the most effective ways to reduce the shopping cart abandonment rate.

The native checkout process requires customers to go through a huge number of steps which increases the probability of abandonment. This particular extension takes care of various key issues that lead to cart abandonment and allows store owners to offer a seamless user experience.


  • It offers a number of customization options
  • Buyers can be redirected directly to a checkout page.
  • Uses Geo-IP for auto detecting country and city
  • The address fields can be autocompleted
  • The delivery date picker is inbuilt
  • Supports a wide variety of third-party shipping modules

It currently retails at prices ranging from €245 — €1685 depending on the Magento edition and choice of community and enterprise editions.

8. SEO suite ultimate

Search engine optimization remains one of the most cost-effective methods to drive customers to your store. This particular extension offers an excellent solution and incorporates everything needed for effective on-page SEO strategy.

It comes with 20 different templates for optimization of metadata along with a variety of tools for optimization of product reviews, navigation pages, and category optimization. It will also help you in solving your duplicate content issues. You will also get SEO reports allowing you to keep track of the effectiveness of various actions.

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  • Templates for optimization of category and product pages
  • Layered navigation templates
  • Optimization for product review pages
  • Optimization for category pages

It currently retails for $249 and is compatible with various community and enterprise versions

9. Daily deal

This extension allows you to attract more attention to different products in your store. Experienced store owners understand that customers are not always going to buy good products. However, running a special promotion limited in time and quantity always gets more interest from website visitors.

This particular extension offers a wide variety of features and allows the store owners to use daily deals to sell more.


  • Allows store owners to run multiple deals
  • Time and date can be set by the admin
  • Offers comparison between the discount price and regular price
  • Customizable sidebar

It currently retails for $25 and is compatible with various versions of community edition.

10. Delivery date scheduler

delivery date scheduler magento

Today’s customers want maximum flexibility. This particular Magento extension allows store owners to specify the delivery date and time as per their preferences. This particular extension allows store owners to display the available order delivery dates to the customers and offer a seamless delivery experience. It allows store owners to stand out among the competition and makes the ordering process more customer friendly.


It offers a smooth user experience and has a very simple configuration procedure.


  • Allows store owners to set the delivery schedule format
  • Set labels for delivery date
  • Set interval of days between the order and delivery date.

It currently retails for $49 and is compatible with various versions of community edition.

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