TOP 10 Ways to Promote Your Shopify Store


ways to promote your shopify store


Do you want to learn how to earn more money from your Shopify store?  Then this masterpiece is perfect for you, imagine what it would be like for you to meet your sales goals, target and even exceed them. Perhaps you have probably tried out a few things on your action plan, but it seems not to work, if that is the case, then you need to learn how to promote your Shopify store. The first thing you have to learn about any business is that you must be consistent in creating awareness: your business and its value that it has to offer. Therefore, learning how to promote your Shopify store effectively is vital if you are determined to increase traffic to your website and make better sales.

Want to know the secret? Let’s get to work.

Shopify customer pricing app

You want to make sales and increase your shop’s conversion rate, but the truth is people are always trying to get items at lower prices. So how do you balance these and other factors when considering your Shopify customer pricing app. It is important to know that in Shopify customer price and pricing, in general, has an impact on your shop’s conversion rate and the perception of your brand. You can take advantage of your pricing to increase conversion by offering discounts to your customers based on their purchase history, discounts can also be given based on their geographical locations, and you can also provide volumetric discounts. Also, consider using the Shopify apps that can help in specific pricing. There are different types of Shopify customer pricing app such as Wholesale by Supple, customer pricing (wholesale & VIP Pricing), discounted pricing, multi-country pricing, simple bulk price editor & scheduler, etc

Video streaming and retargeting

Video streaming helps you promote your online store on Shopify, creating an eye-catching video with perfect opening and introduction, can convince your prospective customers to buy your products and services. Retargeting marketing is also used to connect with visitors who didn’t meet your conversion rate goals (this can be in making immediate purchase or inquiry). It is specific and allows you to show targeted ads to visitors that have visited your website before- as they surf the internet from anywhere in the world.  Retarget app Shopify, vantage app, kit app, etc. are the different types of apps you can use for retargeting.

Offer free shipping

Shopify free shipping, Shopify discounts, deals, offers, and coupons can be used to earn customers loyalty, increase sales and promote your Shopify store. Customer loyalty is essential especially to most retailers online, for example, the report by stitch labs shows that return customers spend an average of more than 120% throughout a year, in addition to that research shows that shipping costs are one of the reasons that discourage intending buyers to complete purchases. While offering Shopify free shipping, also reduce the requirement for the purchase, this can help to increase your number of orders. Take note of geographical locations of customers while using Shopify free shipping, if you haven’t established a strong customer loyalty.

Advertise on Facebook and Google




Facebook and Google are one of the best channels for marketing, and each has its advantages. According to word stream advertising on Facebook led to a 34% increase in brand searches on Google. While using the Shopify Facebook store ad, ensure that you use a catchy headline as keywords, and you are guaranteed clicks and possible sales conversion from the recorded 22 billion ad clicks per year. You can use any of the Facebook Ads, such as marketplace Ads; page posts Ads sponsored stories and promoted posts. You can also use the Facebook Shopify Carousel ads; this type allows you tell more stories and put up to five products, with an easy way that will enable people to click through to know more about the product. More so the Google smart shopping campaigns let you run an effective Google advertisement with the help of Google’s smart technology. Google will help you create automatic campaign ads from your Shopify store and show them to relevant audiences. The smart shopping campaigns will help analyze the results from the campaign and help you optimize the future campaign.

Promote on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most effective social media platforms for reaching your target audience and engaging them in meaningful ways to drive up your sales. As of 2018, Instagram had hit the magical 1 Billion mark when it comes to registered users on the platform. Its userbase is close to thrice the size of the Twitter user base. What makes it even more attractive is that over 70% of its users report that their purchase-decisions involved checking the products on Instagram. All the followers that you gather on Instagram are just sitting there soaking up your brand’s content until they decide they need your product. You can leverage this in several powerful ways.

When it comes to Instagram marketing, remember the 80:20 rule. 80% of all the content you post should be actually useful and engaging. Resist yourself from posting hard sales content. 20% of the content can be about your products or services. Again, the trick is to sound natural and useful; not sales-y. Optimise your account – include a link to your website, include links to your product pages when relevant, and make use of creative & professional content. People love infographics. You can also leverage influencers and promotions to achieve massive short-term results.

Leverage Pinterest

Pinterest is another social platform designed for visual content, not unlike Instagram. However, there is a vast difference between Instagram and Pinterest content. Pinterest is more of a shopping platform. Users are not there to socialise. In fact, 80% of its over 250 Million users have made purchase decisions basing their decisions, in part, on Pinterest. For this reason, you can mount hard sales tactics all over Pinterest, and your audience will love it.

You can share the prices of your products, create pins and organise them into theme-based boards, and make use of brilliant imagery to capture audience’s attention there. Using organic, useful content here can help you tremendously. Create testimonial boards, giveaways, campaigns, discount promotions, and so on. These are audiences that are actively looking for great deals, and if you can convince them that you are giving them exactly that, then that’s a guaranteed sale right there.

Reddit advertising

Reddit is a non-traditional platform that offers tremendous potential for your business. It is the self-styled “front page of the internet.” It offers a massive user base that is highly active on the platform. More importantly, Reddit started supporting ads only recently, so it is not as widely used by advertisers as other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or even Tumblr. On those platforms, users have already seen every type of ad, including those of your competitors. On Reddit, your ads are fresh for the bulk of the users. Naturally, they capture attention and drive conversions. You can create an account for your Shopify store and engage audiences using it.

There are many more ways to leverage Reddit. You can find subreddits for every niche, every segment, and every topic no matter how big or small. In the right subreddits, you can find savvy shoppers looking for great deals. You have coupons? Share them here. The best thing about Reddit is that it is one of the best platforms for discovering original viral content. It’s the viral crucible from where curated content reaches other social platforms. By subscribing to the right subreddits, you can identify good content and use it to promote your business.

Engage on YouTube

Within more than 1.3 billion users, YouTube is one of the biggest social media platforms available at your disposal. It offers a multitude of creative solutions for you to engage your audience, increase awareness about your Shopify store, and drive sales. Of course, you can get started right away with YouTube advertising. You can either use YouTube search ads or YouTube Instream ads to reach the maximum number of people in a short period of time.

If you are trying to build a lasting presence on YouTube and a deep connection with your audience to turn your YouTube presence into a sustainable source of sales, then you’ll have to get more creative. For starters, you can post product unboxing and review videos. You can always leverage video testimonials from real customers. A potent technique is reaching out to YouTube influencers to discuss about your store or products, and perhaps even get them to review your product. That’s guaranteed to make a significant impact both in the short-term as well as the long-term.

SEO optimization

So many businesses use the SEO optimization to rank their website, SEO helps your store to appear on the topmost page in Google’s result. It is a measurable, repeatable process that is used to send signals to search engines; this helps in ranking your website. There are different ways to increase SEO, such as engaging Meta descriptions, properly editing page titles in your Shopify store, submitting your Shopify store sitemap to Google search console, Bing Webmaster Tools etc. for example to list your Shopify store sitemap, you have to copy the automatic generated URL of your store and submit on the Google search console. This way your Shopify store become listed.

Create expertise content for distribution

According to the 2015 B2B content marketing trends, 78% of people have successfully created high, quality, and more efficient content. To utilize content marketing effectively, you must ensure that you create informative content relevant to your targeted audience. There are various strategies that you can deploy to create expertise content for distribution. This includes creating catching headlines, using the power of words, making your content prolific; think of trending ideas and ways of utilizing them to attract people to your Shopify store, and also create visual content. Reports by buffer show that tweets with images get 150% retweets when compared to those without pictures. Most importantly make sure you have a feasible plan for content marketing strategy. This will make you curate, create a spread and monitor your content.

Link building

Link building or backlinks which is one of the fundamentals of SEO is the act of getting links from other websites. There are two types of backlinks; this includes follow and no follow. The follow backlinks are a link that helps your SEO while a no-follow backlink is a link that is not acknowledged. For example, <a href=>check this out!</a> is a follow link ,while <a rel=”no follow” href=>check this out!</a> is an example of a no follow link. In using link building, you must learn how to determine the value of links that you would like to use. The easiest way to get backlink is to ensure you have your products reviewed by bloggers especially those who are in your niche. This is the easiest way to gather backlinks to your site.

Use your Email signature

As competition increases, you need to have a unique selling point (USP) that distinguishes your Shopify stores from others. Rather than sending a plain text as an email, its better you brand a unique email template for your Shopify store. There are different sites you can customize your email templates; this includes MailChimp, AWeber, Graphicriver at an affordable cost.

Invite vloggers to review your products

Like blogging, Video logging involves putting up video contents instead of writing about. Vloggers tend to have a strong presence especially on youtube; they often advertise or recommend products to their subscribers. This method works like the speed of light, and most times guarantees high sales of your products.

Hold an affiliate contest

Shopify affiliate contest is one of the ways to get more traffic and drive sale in your Shopify store. You can promote a contest to encourage your affiliates to support you. There are various reasons why contests are essential as a means to drive engagement and revenue growth. Contest are cost-effective, they are means of engaging and keeping loyal customers, increase traffic and sales on your website, have access to products and giveaway and then allow your customers to win products which is what they love.               

Also, you can also promote your Shopify store using direct mail marketing, sharing infographic, promoting on other people’s list, creating viral videos, collaborate with influencers and thought leaders in the industry. Now is the time to win and strive for the future of Shopify prosperity!

promote shopify store


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