Benefits of Using Mobile Apps in the Education Sector


Only a few years ago, one of the main parenting problems was convincing your child not to be distracted from homework by playing games on a smartphone and whatnot. Today, however, thanks to the rapid development of e-education, a huge variety of applications that turn the tables around have appeared.

How exactly do e-education applications help schoolchildren, students, their parents, teachers of schools and universities cope with the avalanche of information everybody needs to teach and learn in an efficient manner?

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Use of Mobile Apps in Education

7 Benefits of Using Mobile Apps in Education

Developing Training Applications

Advantages of Mobile Apps Over Websites


Up to date, practically every family can afford a mobile phone, on which you can download an educational application. The market for mobile apps for education is growing at an incredible rate. And although there are already a huge number of diverse species, more and more new ones appear every year.

According to Statista research, educational apps are the third most popular apps in the Apple App Store right now. This explosive level of popularity was certainly pushed by the pandemic that obliged many students and schoolchildren to switch to online education. Applications helped to adapt to an unusual form of education, and have remained faithful helpers in this field.

How Much Does It Cost To Build an eLearning App

Use of mobile applications in universities

Not many people today question the importance of educational apps anymore, especially since students do not part with their smartphones for a minute. This is a great opportunity to make the learning process interesting, engaging, and memorable.

Here are just a few superficial benefits of mobile learning for both students and teachers:

  • Lectures pre-recorded by teachers in advance - students can watch the educational material when it suits them. Some students are lagging behind in active learning and the repeated viewing of recorded lectures can help them improve their academic performance.
  • Students have many distractions during their campus life. This is where push notifications can play an important role. They can serve as efficient reminders to do homework in time, not miss a lecture, workout, etc.
  • An important block of information is displayed in applications in real time: pupils can track shuttle buses, changes in the schedules of events, and whatnot. With the help of applications, the administration can also readily inform students about updates and various situations that take place on the campus.
  • Applications are used by universities to extra valuable data that helps analyze the major issues in students’ educational progress and behavior. Large mobile app companies are using Big Data technologies to identify subjects that are difficult for students to understand.

Using mobile apps in the classroom

If you thought that educational apps are only used by college and university students and professors, then this is not the case. Mobile technology has burst into regular schools quite rapidly.

Here are some of the most helpful mobile apps for schools today:

  • Kahoot is a gamified application that allows students to reinforce their knowledge through play and competition;
  • Google Classroom - one of the most commonly employed school applications that help teachers distribute assignments for schoolchildren right through their phones, also conveniently leaving feedback and comments and engaging in discussions on various topics;
  • Remind - a very handy app that allows teachers to send messages in real time to students and parents. It is possible to attach files, links, and images to messages. You can easily send messages to one person, family, or an entire class.
e-learning app development

The main advantage of learning apps is that your mobile is always with you. You personally choose the time when it is convenient to study and soak up or reinforce new information. You also personally select the subject or skill that you want to master, adjust the difficulty,. and learn at a speed that suits you.

What other advantages of learning apps are there?


Mastering apps for educational purposes is much more interesting for children than reading books on the same topic, especially if an app is made in the format of playful and interactive learning. It is easier for children to perceive information by studying with the help of applications made in the form of a game. This kind of learning increases the child's involvement and often helps the child understand difficult and incomprehensible topics without any difficulties.

Thorough communication

In life, situations often arise when parents do not have the time and opportunity to come to school to talk to the teacher. The situation has changed thanks to applications where teachers can answer parents' questions at any time. It also promotes transparency in the education system.

Higher overall quality of education

After a lecture or lesson, you can view the content in the application as many times as necessary to fully understand the topic. This is very convenient and is especially suitable for children who learn the material more slowly than their peers.

Technical skills mastering

In today's labor market, there is a huge demand for specialists with technical skills, and modern applications can most efficiently help hone them. There are applications that teach children to program in a playful way, making kids follow the plot of the game. Students may learn programming languages via specialized applications without even realizing that they are engaged in the “boring affair of studying” at the moment.

Personalized education

Thanks to up-to-date applications, you no longer need to focus on a class of 30-40 people where there is no way to pay equal attention to everyone. You can independently choose the time and mode that suits only you. The application can be adjusted to suit your personal settings: time convenient for you; a difficulty that suits only you; items of interest to you.

benefits of mobile apps in education

Video lessons

Mobile technology in education is constantly being improved and developed. Various educational programs are combined with technologies that make the learning process as efficient as possible. New modern features are added to applications, such as, for instance, creating and editing video projects. Such projects arouse great interest among students and give them the opportunity to learn many useful skills that will later be useful to them in life.

Bridging the gap between schools and students

The major benefits of smartphone apps for students are that each student can get information of interest from the teacher about the schedule, grades, etc. The same goes for feedback. Many applications have online chats where you can discuss many exciting issues.

Pushing the E-Learning Envelope: Essential Features of Educational Apps

Who is studying online today? It can be a preschooler who is just learning to read, or a 60-year-old man fulfilling his childhood dream of learning French. A lot of people want to learn, but do not spend enough time on it. Mobile education makes everybody’s lives easier.

An e-education app can come in various shapes and formats:

  • encyclopedias, manuals, and guides;
  • online courses;
  • interactive gamified lessons for kids;
  • testing and exam-dedicated solutions.

To develop an educational application, you first need to conduct in-depth market research. We need to look at what competitors already have and offer something unique of our own that will have value and attract people.

The second stage will be the direct development of the product itself by a team of professional developers who will make the backend and frontend software for the training application equipped with all the features you need.

The last stage of development for you will be the monetization of the application. There are many options through which you can make money on the application, such as, for example, offering a paid version, placing ads, etc.

Many companies use both mobile apps and websites. All sites have to be adapted for mobile phones and tablets, however, because the world is becoming mobile and this cannot be discounted.

On top of that, there are several advantages of mobile apps over websites, including:

  • personalization;
  • simplicity and speed of notifications;
  • the ability to use phone functions;
  • offline performance.

The benefits of mobile apps in education are that they make life easier for everyone partaking in education. Perfect education conditions have long ceased to be a dream - the most convenient teaching and learning means entered every home through a regular smartphone. With that being said, it is high time you built your own educational application to grab a sweet chunk of the market audience - contact us to implement a top-of-the-line solution.

E-LearningSeptember 13, 2021
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