Best Math Apps & Websites for Remote Learning


The COVID-19 pandemic has made its impact on the daily activities of people around the world. For one thing, a number of restrictions have affected the educational authorities, most of which had to switch to a remote teaching format. Let’s take a look at some of the top math learning apps and websites to help you diversify your ordinary lessons.

Distance Education is Not a Problem Anymore: Top-20 Cool Math Apps and Sites 

Here are some well-tried-and-tested good math learning websites and math learning apps for kids in our opinion to help you or your kids keep up with the school program during the pandemic.

1. Math Karate

Created by our own team, this math app is intended for use in American elementary schools as well as by parents who want to work with their children on their own. The interface of the solution provides convenient web tools for collaboration between teachers and students.

math app karate for kids

Thanks to vibrant visualization and color cards, children can quickly master new material and complete algebraic tasks (inequalities, equations, etc.).

2. ABCya!

ABCya! is among the top math interactive learning sites for education that features gamified assignments for elementary school children (till the Sixth grade). Many of the tasks comply with the Common Core State Standards Initiative

For instance, Math Bingo deserves special attention - it helps make routine math lesson tasks much more fun. ABCya! is deemed a truly engaging, fun solution by many users. This learn math website even acquired the Parents' Choice Award in 2014.

ABCya math learning sites for kids

3. DimensionU 

DimensionU, as a leading developer of educational video games for learning math and language, helps boost students’ intellectual achievements. The company offers a whole range of games that help reinforce over 400 math skills, as well as an online reporting tool to help teachers manage the curriculum. 

Students learn in an immersive, dynamic, and competitive virtual environment available online and on mobile devices.

4. AplusMath

Initially, AplusMath is a math learning website, but for convenience, you can download the respective math app on your smartphone or tablet. This project was designed to help students improve their math skills interactively. For that, such sections as "games" and "flashcards" are especially useful. 

There is also a section where the teacher can create worksheets on various topics from the algebra course. First, you choose one of the sections, then set the sheet parameters (in particular, the number of exercises displayed on the sheet). As for games, there are well-known games like MATHO and Hidden Picture.

5. Mathmateer

Created by the Freecloud Design team, this app teaches kids math through space missions. Besides the main tasks, there is also a fun game with three difficulty levels. In addition, users can choose from 15 heroes who become their guides to the cosmic world of mathematics. 

mathmateer math app for kids

According to the developers, the application is intended for children 9-11 years old. A significant advantage of this math game app is that it is well-protected from unauthorized content - no purchases, no access to social networks, no collection of user data.

6. Dragonbox algebra

This is one of the best apps to learn mathematics designed for kindergarten children from 5 years old who can learn various mathematical actions in a simple and playful way. First, children learn to move the cards to escape the dragon, figuring out in the process how to find the value of X from the equation. The math application has 10 levels, 200 riddles, support for more than 10 languages, including English and German. 

In 2012, the solution won the award as the best math educational app. It was developed by a former math teacher and is considered one of the good examples of play and learn combination.

7. Operation Math

This math learning app has a thoughtful plot. The game begins with explaining the main goal - to stop the machinations of Dr. Odd. After that, you can go to training or immediately start the game. The training involves three levels of difficulty. Each mission consists of an action selection (e.g., multiplication) and a task description. 

Since the tasks are colorful, exciting, and more playful than ordinary math lessons, children are better engaged and less distracted. The solution ultimately immerses kids while efficiently honing their task solving skills. Operation Math app has received several awards and was named Parents' Choice and The American Association of School Librarian's Choice.

8. IXL

IXL math website is a real catch for schoolchildren and their teachers. The platform offers theory lessons helping to easily master even the most difficult topics of advanced mathematics. The theory can be consolidated using examples of varying complexity. 

The remote learning math website has a very convenient and intuitive interface, a huge number of various training programs and recommendations, as well as detailed statistical information about the material covered. Each topic is described in detail with examples and pictures.

9. Open Middle 

Open Middle math learning website is intended for students of the K-12 curriculum and is designed primarily for children to learn how to solve math equations that are presented in the form of comprehensive schematic graphics. 

This solution successfully combines a game format and teaches children useful skills in the exact sciences unobtrusively. 

10. Kids Numbers and Math Lite

The developer Intellijoy has created an math app for Android that is very useful for preschool and elementary school children. It teaches basic knowledge of mathematics in a fun way. The math game application is subdivided into several categories: learning numbers, mental arithmetic, largest or smallest number, addition and subtraction. 

kids numbers and math life math learning app

This is one of the best math learning apps available absolutely for free, but there is also a full paid version with many more categories. 

11. Lure of the Labyrinth

Lure of the Labyrinth is a math gamification solution for middle-school students. There is an engaging plot where you search for a lost pet and escape from the terrible monsters met along the way. This math distance learning application is made in full accordance with the NCTM standards.

Currently, it has already been used by more than 30 million students.

12. Math & Science Tutor

Math & Science Tutor is a great replacement for a real algebra tutor for college students. You can use the convenient interface to learn new math facts and acquire advanced skills in basic algebra, calculus, physics, chemistry, engineering, and statistics. 

When solving equations, the math app shows step-by-step instructions and errors in the calculation steps. The range of tasks varies from finding a common denominator to solving linear equations and transformations. In general, it is an excellent math solution to prepare a student for exams.

13. Prodigy

Prodigy is a free math app for middle school students (grades 1–8) that uses game elements to teach algebra. It brings together parents, children, and teachers for ultimately fun education. A feature-rich interface provides great tools for solving math tasks and tracking progress based on student’s notes.

Prodigy math app is best used in addition to the main school curriculum, especially for independent study by students preparing for math olympics and competitions.

14. iKnowIt  

iKnowIt is a great website for learning math that can help K-5 students learn and improve their exact sciences skills through animated tasks. Clear explanations and useful hints help children to practice with extra learning support.

app development company

This free math learning website is also useful for teachers - they get to easily form lists of students, assign tasks, and monitor progress in one place.

15. Zearn

Zearn is a free, web-based, self-paced math learning solution created in collaboration with Eureka Math for learners under the age of 12.

Zearn math app solution

In Zearn, you have to deal with animated characters that increase student engagement in the math learning process. Here, children solve arithmetic problems, improve their skills with the help of tutorials, and simply have fun, as if these weren’t lessons at all, but an exciting game.

16. Fraction Talks

This math learning website is the perfect choice for pupils from the 1st to the 12th grade who want to practice calculating fractions.

It can be used as part of a distance learning algebra program and present lessons on the study of fractions in a colorful and engaging format.

17. WolframAlpha

WolframAlpha is one of the best online sites to learn math for high school students who are focused on the math curriculum. Basically, this is a group of paid math tools, including calculators for physics, mechanics, and applied fields.

This advanced math solution for high school and even university students also contains tutorials with built-in dynamic models of graphs with the ability to enter any parameters and mathematical puzzles to solve for speed.

18. GeoGebra

With the help of the GeoGebra mobile math app game, you can learn to work with complex numbers, matrices, and plotting functions.

GeoGebra mobile math app game

GeoGebra features capabilities for efficiently studying geometry, algebra, tables, graphs, statistics, and arithmetic. This tool allows you to build the simplest geometric shapes, polyhedra, bodies of revolution and their sections, functions, and perform their dynamic changes with fun. Objects can be built by using the toolbar or manually entering point coordinates. 

19. Mystery Math Town 

Mystery Math Town is another great math learning app for children 6-12 years old to help improve their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills in an easy and unobtrusive way. You can download it on your Android, iPhone, or iPad device. 

The plot of this app is based on a journey through the mystery town where you need to advance through the levels and unlock new characters by solving mathematical equations.

20. Happy Numbers 

Happy Numbers is one of the most vibrant websites for learning mathematics for elementary school pupils with fun visuals and engaging cartoonish content. Children get to play and learn with their own characters - dinosaurs that must solve various mathematical problems and equations in order to hatch eggs.

Happy Numbers math app for kids

Experts point out that despite the game format, this site can still be quite tiresome for some children, so you shouldn't use it for more than half an hour a day. 


As you can see, best math apps and sites mainly use visualization and gamification to engage students in the learning process. If you would also like to create colorful, interactive web-based learning solutions, please contact us. We have already successfully implemented the Math Karate project, which we mentioned above, and we will be glad to take on your project!

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