Do You Really Need a PWA?


First of all, let's figure out what a Progressive Web App or PWA is. These terms denote the existence of well thought out algorithms of using applications for the user’s benefit. PWA is the best way for developers to make their web applications load faster. Furthermore, they are more productive.

In short, PWAs are websites that use modern web standards. This is precisely what makes it possible to install them on the user's computer or device. In operation, they function as independent applications. The most famous example is Twitter, which launched as a PWA on React and Node.js.

A PWA web application works offline without the internet connection using the data cached during the last time a user dealt with the application. If you visit a website from Chrome on a desktop having the appropriate flags enabled, you will be required to download the web app.

Are Ready-Made Developments Up-to-Date? Should They Be Used?

The benefits of PWA are its efficiency, fast frequency and high quality of use. However, ready-made developments require turning the finished mobile app into a new type of progressive application. It can be a somewhat troublesome job as it requires some specific approaches. PWA itself needs to be developed from the very beginning. If you have undergone a long and challenging process of developing applications, then there is no point in leaving it, then starting it all over again.

A native web application can appear to be outdated. If you need progressive web app, what kind of work efficiency can we talk about in these conditions? Accordingly, the user needs to update the app considering the criteria shaped by a specific application development company. It is advised to create a somewhat different application practising the latest technology of the PWA. Replacing the typical mobile app with a PWA is the right decision if you don't have any ready-made developments yet. But still, if a user already has a native mobile version of the application, it will be easier to complete it.

Pinterest is among the great examples provided by companies which have released PWA. They developed a progressive web app without forgetting about a traditional mobile application.

Progressive Web Application in 2021: A Story of Success and Challenge

Should You Focus Exclusively on Mobile Devices?

A PWA is generally designed to make life easier for its users. It is the crucial point of why you need a PWA. 

The development of PWA is a happy medium between user friendliness and business efficiency. There is no need to create a PWA unless you plan to go online but focus exclusively on mobile apps. When developing progressive web apps, you are developing a single app for both Android and iOS operating systems.

Does It Make Sense to Give Access to the Application Through a Web Browser?

If you need to build a PWA, be ready to prioritize your application in the search engine. This way, your app will gain momentum and still be more convenient to buy through the app store. Your website will likely have a broad enough target audience of users. This is another critical benefit of building a progressive web app from scratch.

What About the Advanced Features of Mobile Devices?

Many advanced features of mobile devices remain useful alongside PWA. The so-called progressive web applications often do not have geolocation. Moreover, they do not work with advanced camera controls, proximity sensors, recording audio or video, fingerprint scanning, and Bluetooth functions.

If you need these features, then you should opt for mobile app development. Before you decide to go with a PWA app, note that Pinterest, for example, does not have the photography function that is present in the mobile application.

Does Reducing the Cost of Customer Acquisition Contribute to the Successful Development of the Application?

Choose a progressive web application of your own. But when choosing it, pay attention to the way you are going to promote it. In the current situation, user acquisition is complicated and very expensive for native applications. There are companies whose costs of attracting potential users worldwide have decreased after the PWA implementation. The more time and obstacles can be extorted during the process of acquisition, the better it will be. Having a PWA is important as its promotion is definitely an advantage.

How Much Does a Progressive Web App Cost?

What to Consider When Your Application Has Significant Processing Power?

In the PWA technology, the web app can be accessed offline in a limited version. Some applications can considerably help by running directly on the device and gaining direct access to its resources. PWA is the most suitable format for  large corporations with an extensive product portfolio and significant financial resources. It is also applicable for mid-sized companies with smaller offerings and more modest funds. Order PWA to deal with event websites, e-commerce platforms, educational portals, etc. 

Is the Presence of Built-in Functions a Necessity for a Specific Platform?

Similar questions on progressive web app development arise often. Use push notifications. Notify users about the existence of a personal app. Make sure that in the future, after the app has been deployed, new content with new products is added.

What information do you need to know about the built-in functions? If you plan to implement features such as access to contact lists, geofences, calendar, and more, then using your own application will be a good choice.

Does It Make Sense to Expect Better Apple Support? 

Do you need help from the support? Unfortunately, the Safari iOS UI is not up to date. PWA support is currently better in Android. For this reason, Apple supplemented support in iOS 11.3. The list of missing features is considerably extensive:

  • Lack of a web application banner;
  • No push notifications;
  • Lack of support for browsers other than Safari;
  • No splash screen.

Is PWA Worth It?

Asking PWA developers questions makes users understand the world of modern technology more profound. What we can say is that the creation of progressive web applications will simplify life for commercial purposes and business in general. This is the main reason why you should choose PWA. If you plan to create a PWA application yourself, it will be a reasonable approach to promote your services worldwide.

The most important and useful PWA features are as follows:

  • Fast loading;
  • Offline support;
  • Push notifications available;
  • Enhanced security;
  • Full-screen user interface without URLs.

If you are still not sure a PWA is right for you, feel free to reach out to us and discuss the usefulness of it in your particular case.

PWANovember 14, 2020
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