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Learning management systems have become a new step in the educational process. They are demanded by schools, colleges, universities, and other educational institutions. In the article, we consider the most popular LMS: Moodle, Canvas, Blackboard Learn, Google Classroom, and others.

New technologies are the mandatory indicator of development that make all processes more efficient. Learning is not an exception. Modern learning management systems (LMS) are convenient tools for students, teachers, coaches, and other people interested in getting new knowledge. 

Modern students demand changes in teaching approaches. They don’t want a lot of useless knowledge. Today’s children can manage any devices, and they learn better and faster with their help. Thus, the pupils’ level of new information perception is linked to new technologies. That’s why we want to share our experience and some learning management system examples.

The latest world events have shown the necessity of developing and introducing LMS. This is all about Covid-19: the pandemic and the quarantine. These events changed the lives of most people around the world. The traditional learning system where teachers and students meet in a classroom or lecture hall has been broken. Schools, colleges, universities, different courses that already had experience of online teaching got an advantage. 

Learning management systems are a significant step in reforming education. They not only help estimate or control the learning process but also make the education system more transparent for both teachers and students. LMS motivate teachers to improve their knowledge and master new technologies to create new competitive educational products.  

LMS usage has shown that students have to work harder. They get a good experience of being more independent and responsible. LMS are useful not only for elementary and high schools but also for universities. They also help course developers to promote their business on the internet and get good money.

Let’s take a look at the best online learning management systems for schools and universities and their features. 

List of Learning Management Systems

Demand creates supply — most highly rated schools and universities are found in big cities and highly developed countries. But people want to have good knowledge regardless of location. The internet and the creation of learning management systems have given them this chance. 

These are the most popular learning management systems.


This is the most popular LMS in the world. The first modular object-oriented dynamic learning environment version was created in 2002. Moodle is a free web application that allows creating websites for learning through the internet. It is a convenient platform for interaction between teachers and pupils, lecturers and students. Moodle offers support for bulk registration and monitoring students’ progress in learning. Thanks to the flexible interface, users can design personal pages. You can use Moodle with various software. It is good for document management, interaction, and improving work efficiency. All these advantages of Moodle confirm that it is one of the best learning management system platforms. 


Canvas is recognized as one of the best LMS systems. It provides easy content integration and contains all necessary services and tools used in the teaching process. According to users’ reviews, Canvas is the most convenient, adaptive, and reliable system. For example, in a large campus location, you can implement it more efficiently and faster than another LMS. Thus it makes sense to use it for higher education. You can also use services such as Canvas Network, Canvas Catalog, and Canvas Commons.. 

Blackboard Learn

Have you heard about Blackboard Learn? We are sure that you have. It is a world-known educational platform that is flexible and reliable at the same time. It is said that Blackboard Learn popularized online education in the world. This is a rather attractive learning environment that serves to create and accumulate knowledge in various fields. This LMS’s functions are so simple that it allows beginners to easily communicate, manage content and collaborate without help. 

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Google Classroom

Do you want to make the educational process easier? Google Classroom can help you. It is one of the best examples of learning management systems for schools. First, it makes the process of exchanging files between teachers and students more convenient. Second, it allows creating, distributing, and assessing knowledge without using paper. Third, this LMS includes Google Drive and a special suite of Google services. The former helps to create and distribute assignments for students. The latter can manage presentations, spreadsheets, and various documents. It offers Google Calendar for scheduling and Gmail for ease of communication. Students can submit a task or show it to a teacher using a particular folder on the corresponding user drive. Mobile applications for Android and IOS allow sharing photos or files and monitoring every student’s educational progress. 


Do you want to create a high-quality educational program? Check out Docebo. It has a reliable content library you can use to make the educational process more interesting and informative. See the possibilities of Coach&Share and Discover. Docebo is a nice option for business and corporate training because you don’t need to combine it with other systems. 


Schoology LMS is unique in that it supports a lot of various learning environments. It provides equal access to high-quality education for all people. The most unified solution for all types of classes allows teachers to find a match for every student. Schoology has millions of users because its tools are equally useful for work at school and home. Teachers can interact with each other in a shared curriculum and with students at the same time.   


Do you live on social networks? Edmodo gives you the possibility to publish learning content, manage classes, and interact in real-time. It allows communicating outside of the official school process. Its cloud system can deal with any educational tasks. Edmodo helps teachers publish homework. Besides the ability to manage and coordinate various discussions, chats, and interviews, it also provides access to academic data for parents and supervisors. 

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Talent LMS

Are you interested in interactive learning? Then Talent LMS is a good choice for you. It has awards and positive reviews because it’s super easy to use and convenient. Course creation on this LMS is good for beginners and experienced trainers. It supports multimedia and different types of files. And Talent LMS’s customer service team is always ready to help you.  

Tovuti LMS

If you need an LMS that facilitates creation, implementation, and monitoring of your educational programs, Tovuti is the right choice. It is a unique cloud-based system that has a special course creation suite and interactive modules. You can make exciting courses and provide a personal dashboard for every student. 


This platform has good reviews because it is stable and supports every device. You can adjust the settings on your own in a few minutes. It means that all your time can be spent on creating new courses and teaching. Showbie allows organizing educational processes quickly and efficiently. Students receive deadline notifications and tasks on time. 

eThink LMS

Are you looking for an LMS to use in an enterprise, government, healthcare, charity organization, school, or a university? eThink is a fully managed solution that combines consultation, cloud hosting and implementation, and works with Moodle and Totara LMS. It caters to customers’ needs in various spheres. eThink Acadamy offers special courses for online education. 

Think up! Standard mastery system

The K-21 management platform allows improving the educational process. Curriculum Management ThinkUp! is created for pupils from grade 1 to 8. It helps smart pupils to analyze and evaluate information, find the best decisions among suggested alternatives, and become more progressive in their learning. Think up LMS simplifies reporting, assessment, and analytics. It allows personalizing the educational process. This makes it one of the top learning management systems platforms. 

Lambda suite

Are you trying to find a high-quality course on the internet? Lambda can help. The platform delivers various classes and educational programs. It is known as a flexible and multifunctional LMS that can serve all customers’ needs. It can satisfy a huge number of customers because of its convenient interface and products. We recommend using Lambda Analytics for sales optimization and safe delivery of educational courses. Lambda suite is a cloud hosting that has the best customer support. It is the perfect choice for educational institutes. 

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Chamilo LMS

What do you know about Chamilo LMS? This system is fast and easy to use. Besides, it helps customers with certificates, exams, and skill training. Chamilo has more than 700,000 registered users and allows working with more than 5000 of them simultaneously. It is safe, available, and cloud-compatible. 

Joomla LMS

Top Academic Lms considers Joomla LMS one of the best systems. It has many awards because of its reliability, convenience, and simplicity. Joomla has a vast number of functions and offers many online training tools for teachers or students. 

Let’s take a closer look at Joomla’s advantages:

  • multifunctional course builder
  • variety of user roles
  • new layout
  • testing and quizzes
  • possibility of using several payment systems
  • special tools for interaction on social media
  • convenient reporting system

Joomla allows uploading presentations, lectures, photos, videos, documents one by one or importing a whole package. With this modern system, the supervisor can check the duration and volume of uploaded learning materials and control every student’s educational process. Joomla has all the needed tools that make collaboration between supervisors and students more efficient. 

We have compiled a list of the most popular examples of LMS systems. A variety of learning management systems will help you choose the best version that suits you. History shows that investing money, time, and other resources into education helps create a better future. 

E-LearningFebruary 21, 2021
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