12 Best Progressive Web App (PWA) Templates 2021-2022


Software templates hold a special place in our hearts in this digital prevalence. Besides them being a convenient tool that saves tons of time when building an app for a new business or transforming an existing one, templates make us feel like we’re in a store, choosing a candy. And a current variety of website and app templates sure does help that feeling.

The same goes for progressive web app templates. PWA’s popularity skyrocketed during the last couple of years due to a widespread realization that this combination of the native app’s feel and the web applications’ functionality and accessibility is highly efficient and reduces the development costs. This, in turn, led to the spread of a large array of application templates.

With PWA development, you can quickly have an application that is much more compatible with both iOS and Android devices, any browser, yet without the need to rush for the latest update. Moreover, ready-made themes and templates are an opportunity to accelerate the development even further. They can even be a more exact fit if you’re creating a simple solution, such as an e-commerce app or a blog.

Below is a comprehensive list of the twelve best progressive web apps templates 2021-2022, followed by a short overview of each theme. Let us commence!

Table of contents

WPLMS Learning Management System Template

Rabix PWA HTML Mobile Template

ScandiPWA - a PWA Template for Magento

Joomla Progressive Web Application Template

Ionic 5 - A Food Delivery Template

Advance PWA PrestaShop Template

Azures Mobile and PWA Template

Finapp - Wallet & Banking Template

PWA Template for WooCommerce

NewsTime - News App WordPress Template

Zak - Multi-Purpose PWA Template

Mobilekit Template


With over 25,000 sales, WPLMS is a WordPress PWA template for online learning. Both students and teachers can benefit from this resilient solution that has almost instant loading, real-time data updates, and can work offline even without the Internet, which is one of the many benefits of progressive web apps.

WPLMS has numerous different course adjustments and features that can accommodate nearly every video player and media uploader, as well as all popular browsers. It is the most advanced WordPress PWA theme for the education industry, covering everything from the teacher and student dashboards to front-end courses.

Priced at $75.

Rabix is a Bootstrap PWA template with an easily customizable shop layout, Bootstrap 5 support, and a clean code. Priced at $12 with free updates, this theme offers 23 pages of colorful and modern commerce style, paired with various fonts and speed optimization. The latter is essential for PWA success.

Made with HTML 5 & CSS 3 and having cross-browser support, Rabix is a multipurpose PWA e-commerce template that is most suitable for product-heavy online stores (electronics, clothing, furniture, jewelry, makeup, etc.) that want to create a lasting impression. 

This Magento PWA template is an open-source theme that is arguably considered the fastest solution to get your Magento 2 store transformed into a progressive web app. The setup time is unbelievably quick and requires only a few commands without any additional software to get your store up and running.

ScandiPWA is also the one you’re searching for if you’re typed in “progressive web app template free download” into your search bar. That is impressive, considering the amount of support you’re about to receive - there are over 30 video tutorials on YouTube, more than 100 guides and tutorials, and numerous community members on Slack and forums.

How to Implement PWA in an e-Commerce Store?

This Joomla PWA template from ExtensionCoder is a super-fast extension that will help you make your Joomla site installable on any mobile device without any coding. This template is a perfect solution for those who want to make their websites both profitable and engaging for customers.

The template comes with push notifications support, a customizable application icon and name at the admin end, multiple theme colors, and a splash background with various transitions. You also won’t need to constantly update the solution or use an app store account.

The template has a paid download, contact the developer for all inquiries.

Priced at $29, Ionic 5 is a bundle of three web app templates necessary for food delivery - a user app, a restaurant app, and a delivery app. These fully functional templates can be set up in multiple languages and support series of restaurants with various menu options.

Other useful features include:

  • live demonstrations of each template;
  • an addition of reviews for food, drivers, or service;
  • addresses accessible from geo-locations, plus live location tracking;
  • multiple payment options - cash or PayPal, etc;
  • thorough documentation and installation guides.

Advance PWA is a PrestaShop template PWA that supports all the functionality you’d normally expect from a PWA. However, beware that not every feature is supported equally on iOS, as it does on Android - for example, push notifications or the ‘Install App” functionality, which has to do with some of the specifics of iOS devices. 

This PrestaShop module is a bit pricey - 139,99€ for the first year, then 40€ a year. It is regularly updated, and even though quite comprehendible for beginners, it gives an opportunity to receive an advanced version of a progressive web app.

pwa development

Next on our list of PWA templates comes Azures from Enabled. Both mobile and a PWA kit, this template is compatible with most browsers and can work with either Bootstrap 5 or as a ready-build hybrid app with a Phonegap and Cordova version.

This PWA-ready framework has an expeditious and, most importantly, familiar code, as well as numerous customization options - footer and sidebar menus, various fonts, icons, and styles you can play with to match your brand, also a few different homepage designs, and a dark mode.

Priced at $24.

This PWA template is both HTML Mobile and PWA-ready theme for countless financial operations, including a few crypto-currency pages, such as portfolio, coin details, transactions, and exchange. You can swiftly add it to your home screen and use it as an app with impressive UI.

The latest template version also incorporated RTL (right-to-left languages) support, new settings, light, dark, and test modes. Additionally, with it being an HTML template, Finapp allows you to edit and customize the code yourself.

Priced at $24.

This next web app theme offers a lightweight PWA option for WooCommerce-powered stores owners that want to have a user-friendly application while also a secure one. It has offline support for the PWA and a low-key shimmering loading indicator.

Based on a headless architecture, this extension doesn’t need to be constantly updated and allows your e-store to look and feel like a native app. It was built on top of the React.js library to make it even more powerful and flexible.

Priced at $89.

PWA for Shopify Stores Using Angular

This PWA design template is for news applications and it supports Android, iOS, and desktop versions with one source code. It’s a combination of WordPress data source and Flutter framework developed by Google, allowing for the easiest setup with app configurations.

NewsTime has loads of typical and also highly specialized features for news apps that will be especially valuable for WordPress blogs, magazines, and news websites. The template is priced at $29 with all future updates being free.

pwa templates

Our penultimate theme is called Zak - a multipurpose premium UI app template with front-end designed using Materialize Framework. It makes your project ready to be transformed into a PWA and has reusable UI components, plus over 130 prebuilt pages.

Priced at $24, Zak theme will most likely benefit the following web app projects:

  • Customer Relationship Management;
  • Music and social media;
  • Blogging or freelancing;
  • University;
  • Hospitals;
  • E-commerce.

And the last one on our list is Mobilekit - a PWA-ready Bootstrap 5 Based HTML Template for business or personal projects. It has a clearly organized and understandable code that makes it really easy to integrate into a progressive web app.

Mobilekit has incredibly fast support and detailed documentation that was made with developers’ needs in mind. You can use it to build either a mobile website, an application or a PWA. The extension is priced at $24 with lifetime free updates.

We hope our collection of templates helped you find the one that matches your requirements. Reach out to our team if you want to create PWA templates yourself or if you’re curious about E-learning PWA. Here are also some new and exciting PWA examples for you to sort through while you consider native to PWA migration.

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