The Future of PWA and Web Apps in 2022


Although Native apps are still considered to dominate the software development world, Progressive Web Apps, or PWA, are one of the latest web app design trends. Should you use PWA to streamline your business? To address this question, let’s have a look at the future of web apps, study the main web app trends, assess the PWA pros and cons, and identify the role of PWA in the app development industry.

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Progressive Web Apps and their Main Benefits

PWA and the Current Web App Trends

The Prospects for PWA in 2022 and Beyond

Should you utilize PWA?

Is Progressive Web App the Future of App Development Industry?


PWAs lie somewhere between mobile applications and traditional mobile websites, taking the best of both worlds. In their essence, these apps are websites with additional layers of development, which enable them to work as native apps. PWAs can be accessed practically from any device including mobile and desktop and can function within a browser. 

Businesses and individual customers that use PWA can get a range of favors.

  • Universality. PWAs can serve any user regardless of the browser, as they are based on the main principle of progressive improvement.
  • Swift page loading. A significant benefit of PWA for users is 2 or even 3 times faster page loading compared to regular websites. This feature is attained through such functions as service worker caching, request processing, and more. Consequently, user experience improves, and conversion rates elevate.
  • A user has nothing to install or update. Functioning as a conventional website, PWAs require neither downloads nor updates. Unlike native apps, which need to be installed, PWAs can be opened through a browser.
  • Offline availability. PWA can work even when the internet connection is low to none, thanks to the caching information in the service worker file.
  • Little space occupied. PWAs are significantly lighter than native apps; therefore, occupy less space.

However, every advanced technology comes with certain caveats, and so do PWAs. Thus, PWA design has some limitations on platform and hardware support as well as limited access to the platform’s capabilities compared to native apps. Nevertheless, support and capabilities are continually developing to address these downsides.

12 Best Progressive Web App (PWA) Templates 2021-2022

To get a clearer picture of the software development landscape, let’s delve into the major mobile web app trends. 

The mobile app industry is on the surge as confirmed by several impressive numbers:

  • The mobile app industry made a whopping $189 billion in revenue through 2020;
  • Compared to 2015, the revenue growth comprised 450%.

The fascinating increase in the global use of mobile devices and mobile apps spurs the industry boosting.

  • Over 50% of the global web traffic comes from mobile applications;
  • The users of mobile apps spend 201.8 minutes/month on average for shopping;
  • The respective number of minutes per month for website users is 10.9 minutes/month
  • The total time spent on the internet through mobile devices has increased globally:
mobile devices

Not ready to recognize the power of web apps yet? Here are some final shots:

  • In-app purchases are gaining traction;
  • In-app advertising becomes a key driver of mobile growth throughout the coming years;
  • PWAs are conquering the mobile app development industry.

Once we have discussed the progressive web app and major trends in the web app development landscape, it’s time to take a glimpse into the nearest future of the sector. 

As stated earlier, various researches and forecasts suggest an extremely favorable environment for PWA in 2022 and further. The platform independence of PWAs together with the absence of installation issues make them extremely easy to implement. 

The positive tendencies on the PWA market are likewise confirmed by the partnership of such giant industry players as Google and Microsoft, which aims to enhance the building of PWAs with the further distribution on the Google Play app store. This collaboration opens a plethora of opportunities to create advanced, feature-rich apps and promises an enticing PWA future. 

The modern PWA trends affirm that these advanced solutions can potentially benefit companies of any size, from tiny startups to large enterprises. Once the benefits of the apps are recognized, business owners should meticulously assess their goals and needs before trying to embrace the innovation. 

The answer would be definitely ‘yes’ in several cases:

  • You need to enter the market quickly and cover all the main platforms with a single codebase;
  • You have minimum time and money for app development;
  • You want to maximize user engagement through appealing UX/UI;
  • You need an advanced tool for your marketing strategy implementation;
  • You wish to deliver your audience a streamlined and lightweight experience.

So, if you are on the fence about selecting the right app for your organization, start with considering the major factors:

  • Budget constraints;
  • Target audience;
  • Required features;
  • Main intention.

Besides, learn the basics of how progressive web app development can serve your purposes. This is the way to figure out how you can combine progressive web apps trend and the growth of your business.

8 Best Examples of Progressive Web Apps (PWA) in Retail and e-Commerce

Native-like, easy to implement, quick, and secure – PWAs are gaining a foothold in the modern app development industry. Thanks to the abundance of features, light weight, and universality in use, PWAs have become game-changers in the software development sector. Ultimately, these apps empower business owners to expand their businesses and reach out to a broader target audience.  

AliExpress, Uber, United eXtra Electronics, and more companies are reaping the benefits of PWA adoption, such as enhanced conversions, increased numbers of returned visitors, and reduced bounce rates.

The current industry trends demonstrate a fruitful ground for further PWA penetration. The upward tendencies in the mobile app sector, the rise of shopping through mobile apps, and the focus on in-app advertising make it safe to assume that progressive web apps are the future of the mobile web. 

Each company, however, should carefully assess its specific needs and goals prior to implementing PWAs. In this regard, partnering with a professional software development agency would be a smart decision, since an amateur approach can lead to poor results.

Multi-Programming Solutions is a software developer that boasts extensive expertise and experience in building PWA, including financial PWA and angular PWA. Apart from creating an application, we can also help to publish your PWA in app store. We will provide the solution designed to serve your particular needs in the most efficient manner. Having a deep understanding of each specific stage of the development process, we can avoid pitfalls and reduce costs, while maximizing value. Share your ideas with us, and let’s kick off your winning project together!

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