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What is Adaptive Learning Tech and Education?
The way people study is continuously evolving. Instant access to data significantly transforms how, when, and where they gain knowledge. Many educational institutions and companies have recently applied adaptive learning technology empowered by artificial intelligence.
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The Specifics of Developing Cross-Platform Applications
Nowadays setting up of any business to the Internet proceeds according to the following scenario: first, the company launches the site, then it is adapted for mobile devices, and if traffic is increasing, it makes sense to gain a foothold among the owners of mobile gadgets, and the company releases the application.
How to Be Successful on Etsy: Effective Tips
If you are a designer, artist, photographer, writer, knitter, soap-maker or just a person who loves to create in his spare time and make something inspiring with his own hands, then Etsy is for you!
How to Launch an App: Steps to Be Successful
Launching an app is a great idea, but it’s not that easy as we supposed to think. The majority of mobile applications don’t generate revenue because companies aren’t ready to be competitive.
Best 5 WooCommerce Wishlist Plugins
Sales companies and online shops struggle to make their customers not just browse the site but buy their items. Among the most effective tools to drive more sales are WooCommerce wishlist plugins.
Cross-Platform vs Native App Development: Which is Better?
This approach comparison between native and cross-platform is important because they both come with their own sets and advantages and drawbacks, which makes them suitable for varying business objectives.
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