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How to promote a t-shirt brand with digital marketing?
A t-shirt with a custom print is the most popular product on the print-on-demand market. Millions of people spend their money on being original through their clothes - in particular, by finding an unusual design for their t-shirts. They also like surprising their friends with t-shirt gifts which reflect their personality the best or are a good piece of humor. So, t-shirts are a rewarding and creative business, but their promotion might be a challenge because of the intense rivalry in the market niche. There are many examples of affordable promotion of a t-shirt brand from scratch. Cost-efficiency, the inclusion of social networks, A/B testing, and cross-selling are just several promotional methods you can use for your business development. The following material will let you know how to promote a t-shirt print-on-demand business in this competitive landscape [...]
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How to Choose and Set Up Web Hosting – MPS Guide
If you are currently working on a web app or resource, you have probably already come across or about to be concerned with the question of how to choose a hosting server. In this article, we talk about that and more. In particular, about how to set up hosting server, how to make SSL certificates work, how domain names work, and other underlying nuances related to settling with a reliable web hosting for your project.
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Shopify A/B Testing – Ways to Increase Conversions & Sales Rates
  Any business out there puts a major focus on boosting sales. With that purpose in mind, whole websites with custom design and software optimization are built. But what if you have a fully-featured dedicated corporate site or landing, yet[...]
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How to Control Outsourcing Development Company?
  In a couple of recent years, outsourcing companies has gained firm positions on the global digital services market. Along with that, IT the niche of IT outsourcing grows with the pace proportional to that of the mass development of[...]
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Poker Development Process in MPS
The online gambling market continues to grow rapidly. According to Statista, its global turnover will amount to almost $59 billion by the end of 2020, which means an increase of 8% compared to the previous year. What are the reasons for such success in the virtual gaming industry? The rapid development of online gambling can be explained by the following reasons
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Gambling License and Who Can Give It
What Is a Gambling License and Why Do You Need It? The owners of virtual gambling clubs need a license - permission to carry out gambling activities to attract customers. When choosing an online casino, the player should read the[...]
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How to Prepare for the Brief with Your Software Development Team
Progress keeps on making huge leaps towards practically non-stop nowadays. A mobile phone has long turned from regular communication means to an efficient work tool. For one thing, business management in companies now actively employs various software tools to promote the brand. But where does it all start? You have been brainstorming with colleagues, coming up with how everything should look in the long run and what you will get out of it all.
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